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  • hi my name is yara and i am in a bit of a diffcult situation with my significant other.. i was wondering if you could do a reading and see what the cards say for me please anything will help i apprecate it

  • Hey mommiof2, sorry to keep you waiting. I have done a simple spread for you but I hope it will be effective and allow you some insight into your situation.

    Situation - King of Pentacles. This is a man who knows how to take care of himself when it comes to being on his own -- key word, on his own. This does not necessarily imply he is a romantic or great at pleasing the opposite sex. It does show a man who is preoccupied with his finances and anything connected to them. He understands the practical side of life well and he is looking to expand his hold on the security he wants. This tells me that this is affecting your relationship. How, I am not sure, but you may be looking at feeling neglected in some way?

    Advice - 9 of Pentacles reversed. This is a card normally about enjoying one's time alone or by any kind of enjoyment one achieves independently, a creation of some type. When reversed it tells me you are isolated and cut off from appreciating anything like this. The advice for you here is a bit odd but try to bear with me. You should appreciate more time for yourself and look at it as not being alone but time to grow. If this doesn't make any sense to you, communicate with him about how you're feeling. You want to be appreciated. Let him know this mostly by your actions, but actions that will not offend.

    Outcome - The Hermit. Again, this is a card about finding yourself, rather than looking outward for any kind of resolution. You are being given an opportunity to grow and seek answers to deep matters facing you now. Usually these are spiritual in nature and the journey is usually undertaken alone. From this, however, you may be able to deal with your situation better.

  • Thank you so much,i understand you are very busy you get quite alot of posts so no problem....See for almost 8 years i have been with the same man and we have had our problems but we always managed to stay together until recently... about 2 almost 3 years ago i went to have my cards read and the ladu told me that it was showing that his mother had did some kind of a witchcraft to keep us apart.. at that time we were separated as well it was right after i had our daughter which is now almost 3 well we managed to pull our selves out of that sticky situation and work things out ... well about 9months ago we ended up moving in with my mom while he was looking for a job and i ended up pregnant with our now 3 week old son.. things were great until about maybe 2 months later.. it seemed as if nothing was going right we argued alot, he couldnt find a job and everything started to get on his nerves. Well about 6 months ago he got so frustrated he left and i feel as if the situations are very similar grnted they are not happening in the same order but they are very similar and by very i mean very... the only thing is the time range is different... Now i am seeking the help of another psychic to help remove the witchcraft that was supposidly put upon us to keep us apart but i am beginning to have doubts about her only because everything she supposidly fixes always ends up in a regression.... and since i have given her the last payment nothing has seem to be getting better in fact i havent talked to him in a month.... so i am in a very diffcult situation especially because i want my kids to grow up with there dad in their ives and of course i also want him in my life so i only have these questions for you i hope you can answer them

    1.Is this other psychic helping me or no?

    2.Is the father of my kids still in love with me?

    3.Is he going to come back/ does he want to come back?

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