• So I met this Scorpio 4 months ago. Since i gave him my number he has always text or call me everyday then we exchanged instant messenger info and since then we also talked online every evening. He lives in another city.. 1 or 2 h by car, depends on traffic. So he started coming to my city every week, twice.. sometimes 3 times a week to see me when i was out to a club. He didnt want to drive alone so he also had to look for a friend to drive with him so he didnt have to be alone on the way back in the morning. After some time i agreed to start seeing each other, without getting serious (relationship) because i wasn't looking for one and he was not ready for it neither (also because his job would have took him away from where he lives at in the beginning of the summer), but still i let him know that i dont like to share, so if he wanted to see me it would have had to be on me and no other women. He said he didnt want to share neither because he wanted not just to have sex but to also have some type of feeling for the person.

    When we were out he always acted nice and respectful, he didnt talk to any other females, or if he did (which happened twice) they were somebody he knew for a while and were only friends to him, also he introduced them to me both times without me even asking anything. I never had to ask anything, he never gave me a reason to doubt and he always made sure i knew what he is doing. even at the club he was always staying with me and he was even telling me if he had to go say hello to some guy he knew or go o the bathroom. lol it all seemed kind of "too much" to me for a person who is not wanting to get involved seriously. But i never said anything, i never asked him questions because he didnt give me a reason to.

    He used to drive to my city to take me from home then to go back to his house and to take me back the evening of the day after. We used to see each other like that every week. And i n the meantime we always talked everyday, he always called me and text me. Sometimes he called me more times a day and we use to talk online every evening for hours. So i knew he was at his house and he was not seeing anybody else. He was also telling me his every move, like when he was going to the grocery store lol..

    So after some time he we started seeing each other once in 2 weeks.. also cause he hurt his knee and for him to drive 2 h straight was kind of hard. And i couldn't drive there to see him. So we started to see each other once in 2 weeks which was still ok, and we still talked every day and evening.

    So there was a weekend i went out with my girls and he said he was coming with some friends to the same spot and we met there.. differently from other times he didnt stay with me the whole time, which was also cool cuz he seen people he rarerly uses to see and was always around talking to these guys. I was always around with my girls too so it wasnt bad. At a certain point i didnt see him anymore and i texted him, he said he was driving home. I was like wtf, i got mad. he could of said at least bye, and thats what i told him. he replied that he didnt see me and thats why he left without saying something, i said he could have text me.. and he said he would have done it when he got home.. i called him to see if he was alone. he was. However, that freaked me out. the day after i calmed down cuz i wasnt trying to go all mad up at him on the phone at 6 am. so in the evening when he hit me up like always i told him i didnt like that and that was disrespectful. he started apologizing he said he understand and that he is so sorry.

    So i decided to let this one pass because it was his first mistake and nothing like that never happened before. We haven't seen each other since the week of that weekend. and the week after that. But like always we talked everyday and he called me often. He was also saying he misses me, my laugh and just time we spend together.

    The week after same thing, i went out with my girls and he came to this spot with his friends. He acted good in the beginning but we danced only once and for the rest of the night he stayed with his friends, we barely talked. So i decided to leave him alone and chill with my girls. I didnt see when he left and he didnt say anything to me. And the day after he didnt hit me up.. and i didnt neither because i think he is the one that has to after this. Im sure he knows i didnt like it cause last time i said something about it.

    Now i feel like ending this all up because i dont see the sense of it and i dont like this type of attitude. I let it pass once cuz it was first mistake.. but now it's too much and i have no time for bullshit like that. But I dont understand why he has to say he misses me when he didnt ask to see me for almost 3 weeks. We talked about it in the beginning, and said that we were gonna be real with each other and that if one of us decides that they want to see somebody else we would say it to each other. Cuz none of us wanted to share. I feel like he is trying to manipulate me by saying those things. Am i right??

    And also.. everything he was doing and the attitude he was having was too much for somebody who doesnt want to get involved.. the drive to get me everytime and to take me back, talking to me every single day for hours...calls... texts.. attitude when out.. he was always doing things for me.. one thing that i didnt like about him was that he didnt speak his mind. sometimes his face was totally unexpressive even when he was happy or mad.. thats so weird. sometimes it looked like he was holding back something, like he didnt want to let me know.. i dont know maybe just un impression.

    Besides that It literally seemed he was doing everything right. Now things changing... Did he loose interest? And why don't just say it??

    Anyway i decided to end this but just wanted to try and understand better this Scorpio Man. ( never had to deal with a scorpio)

  • hahahaaha! I am a scorpio guy. Ok, let me try to answer some of your doubts here. First of all, we are extreme people so that explains his daily contact with you and we love those sort of intensity.

    The reason why he acted differently when his friends are around well ....we prefer to be sweet only when the whole world is only known to both of us. We are not the type to praise you in front of the crowd, rather we prefer to whispers words of praise when you are alone with him. So we are kind of different when in crowd.

    The reason he left w/o informing you could be due to jealousy. If i did not get your full attention, well i rather not get anyway. Its like all or nothing for scorpios. He left probably sulking his way thinking that you do not need him and maybe that is his way of revenge too. And when u confronted him the second time, maybe he finally regain his control over his emotion and apologizes.

    Now, the disappearance act u may ask? ....Well this could be tricky. But as soon as you mentioned his texts abt missing you, i can be very sure that he has not lost his interest yet. Because if I do lose interest, i could hardly care less sending you text like that (all or nothing remb?). If i am right about him, i guess he got a little tired of doing the giving all the time. I suppose he wanted some sort of reciprocation on your side to affirm your feelings. You may want to do the initiative the next time round. Never leave him alone even when you have your friends with you or else he will hurt that he do not receive special attention from you over your friends. Scorpios like to be given special and constant attention especially in favor of others. They wanted to feel that you belong to him only. Your affirmation of affections is very important to scorpios, our intense nature requires an equal amount of reciprocation.

    Oh .... Scorpio never speaks their mind. They assume that you should be able to read their mind if you are truly their friend or something more. Anything that is implied makes us happier than anything that is said. We have keen senses and we always know the meaning behind your actions or words. It can be difficult i know, but that is the reason why scorpio tends to have few friends but they are sort of like telepathic friends if you know what i mean.

    We always appear cold and unfeeling but downright inside a storm may be brewing. Never trust our exterior. Well, scorpios are creatures that feels more than think, more often than not we feel too fast too much for our expression to catch up that it seems like we are trying to hold back. But actually, we just dunno how to express it, there is too much feelings going on in our head to say accurately wad we exactly we are feeling. And all sorts of feelings come on strong too....

    So why not you try taking lead and if he get the message that you really want to spend time with him, that should makes him happy.

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