Is my horoscope really mine?

  • i figured it out! sorry levine for wasting all that space of a comment...

    does anyone feel like they are not much at all like their sign?

    i do.

    according to one thing i took, "sample birth chart," i have the same sign for moon sign, ascendant, and my normal sun sign, a sign that yeah i have some likenesses, just not really... i have had more than just this sample, but this is an example..

    I'm not a pro, neither am i a complete novice.... though i dont know what could indicate it. and I'm looking for why...

    anyone out there catchin' this wave?

    ...........this is really all i got....

  • I agree, I have alot of simularities of being a Gemini yet, I can be very emotional and very sensitive at times. They say Gemini's are the life of the party. I'm not really a party person I only feel most comfortable with family and friends. I don't care to be around a whole lot of strangers especialy when drinking is involved. But when I am with people I trust I do let my hair down, dance and joke around. I also have a very strong intuitive spirit. Sometimes I can think of a person that I miss and in minutes they are calling me. I am so sensative that my daughter jokes about it. If Iam watching a sad movie, or she gives me a card she looks at me and say's Mom are going to cry?? I also like being by myself. I enjoy being home it's like having a peace of mind. I can get so caught up in everyone's issues, or struggles and helping others that I neglect myself in the process. That's when I retreat. I rest, write in my journal and fantasize about things and places I've always wanted to go and do. So funny, I guess it all depends on how other plantes where aligned when we are born and also what type of childhood we had. I was told that I was a cusp baby?? Gemini and Taurus? Thanks for starting this post, I've always qestioned my own horoscope too. Sometimes I feel, think and believe that I have a little of all the horoscopes inside me... Spooky 🙂

  • honestly i feel a little better knowing that at least one person shares this uncertainty, and it was worth the risk. i like this anonymous thing, no one can do harm.

    yeah i hear you, very well. i have a very curious instinct that ends up being an aly.

    see i have 5 leos in my birth chart thingy (which myt be wrong but still alot of leos) but i dont think im really that much like it.

    i dont like attention

    the spotlight feels so unnatural.

    im not overly optimistic or pessimistic.

    i hate drama-

    ppl around me suck me in, often making me their guidence counselor and the only way to make them leave me alone is by complying(i can bite).

    i dont think (nor have iheard from ppl who arent talking with their emotions) that i am egotistic, selfcentered or absorbed. i dont even think i have an ego to stroke. (lol)

    i spend more time watching ppl than i do really interacting with them-even that is just to go undetected...

    most of my true emotions are buried very very very deep, not worn as clothing.

    not the life of the party-i have to dare myself to speak up when i know someone is spreading broken information.

    in fact i dont really talk this much!!! but typing is fun =]

    and most of all, I HATE YELLOW!!!!!

    that last sentence was spooky-again, i felt alone before hand. i always check different horoscopes that seem to more apply, which they do. kinda feel like i have my bits and pieces of them all, my ultimate balancing scheme.

    all the time you can see how ppl's signs apply to them, and i trust what i pick up with both open and closed eyes, if ya get me. but i just otta know-why doesnt it apply????? we are all puzzle pieces in the universe, and i guess so far we make no sense in the picture sheme-thingy.

  • also, as a kinda contraicting thingy i realized i left out two things:

    the lack of socializing on my own- meaning i dont willingly socialize with ppl lik a leo should, i love the compacity to be alone.and-

    i dont express every single thing i feel or think, only unless i need a catalyst. if the other person talks, i wont have too.

  • Hi CKK,

    I do know what you mean. I'm a Leo with Leo rising and Leo in 3 more other whatchacallits. I'm just learning about astrology, tarot and numerology which I think is really cool. I'm also quiet & don't need alot of attention. I think we all need some. According to my husband, an aries, I do have the bad habit of interrupting a conversation. I just don't seem to recognize a real pause. It may be because I can't get a word in edge wise.

    I think our personalities are really influenced by our childhood. Growing up with a strict father I was told not to speak until I was spoken to. It didn't really stop me but I think it affected me. Leos are supposed to be natural leaders. A natural leader leads by example, not so much as a matter of needing it, the spot light or as a matter of control. You said others make you their guidance counselor. Well, there you go. You must be setting a good example & others want to follow your lead. You may be more of a Leo than you think. Now about the yellow thing, I think you need to give peace and yellow a chance. : )


  • nuh uh, yeelow is creepy. not quite xantaphobic, just dont like it. not into alot of bright colors. haha.

    hmm, perhaps you have a point. its annoying tho, when they (ppl) do that, and when i tell them the truth even with evidence, and they dont listen to me, then they get mad at ME. how that makes sense in their minds, i dont know.

    lol the pause thing. i know what you mean tho i dont interrupt unless they say something contradicting and i catch them on it. im sure everyone has met someone who is complaining about something but not making any sense, they just want someone to feel sorry for them.

    really i just watch ppl. thats the closest thing to a routine i have.

  • also, Astrology is interesting. I've been into it for a long time, and love learning new things with it. you'll love it. you wont believe how many things are interconnected.

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