TheCaptain, soulmate reading please? :D

  • i taroted over and over with my Gemini friend and it told me the next relationship i have will be harmonoius and just PERFECT, so safe and happy and amazing.

    i am so curious as to who that person will be or how i will meet them or if i already know them? what vibes are you getting?

    by the way, m y birthday is april 3rd, 1996. thank you. 🙂

  • I am getting your first deep and serious relationship is some years away after you gain more maturity and understanding of what you really want and need. That is not to say you won't have relationships but they will be short term and fairly shallow.

  • Try and enjoy life and stop obsessing over guys. There's so much of this world you are missing by thinking you need someone else to help you have a good time. Appreciate the friends and family around you right now. Live in the present and let the future be what it will be.

  • Oh. i'm not obsessing, i'm just curious. thank your for your insight. 🙂

  • Are you able to know peoples soul mates. I wondered if you could help me if possible.

    A psyhic told me my soul mate was a man other then my husband. Someone who I long for for a while. My date of birth is03/19/1963. Could this be true? Can you help me? Even if this other man is Would he know? His birth is 12/23/1964 and my husband who never gets me at all birth is 06/26/1959.

    is a secure email if you can answer.

  • This post is for the Captain. I would thank you endlessly for your help.

  • Hi captain, can you read my compatibality with my partner, i'm 16th july 1973, my partner is 12th June 1976,your kind assesment of how this compatibality would be very much appreciated,thanks.

  • Hi Captain, have I yet met my soulmate, I had a past life regression a few years ago and last year I met a man who reminded me of my husband in my past life, do you think this is possible

  • Hi again, don't know if you need my D.O.B but here it is 12th April 1982, I don't know the man's D.O.B but he was born in 1979

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