A reading please?

  • I took your advice, and became the Captain of the Ship. I called him this morning and asked him for either a divorce or to come home. I told him to let me know. I also told him to have his heart checked. I told him I couldn't tell how I knew just to do it. I don't know what the outcome is going to be. I don't know if he has it in him to come back or to keep running away.

  • hi my name is michelle and i have been doing everything in my power to learn about affirmations, tarot etc. I just really want to know if i will be able to help with income to my family and not just my husband bringing in the income. i would like to take on some of the stress financially for him and my family as well. do you see this as possible in the near future. or is my husband going to continue to be the only source of income and if so will it cont. to get better for him? thank you for your time, and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!!! Almost forgot my bday is 7/26/1974

  • marsc135,

    your story/situation sounds the same as mine ! I cant believe the similarities! my heart is with you. be strong !

    like you say, each day is different ! some good some bad ! sometimes i am excited for a "new" future and sometimes i want "US" back !! the only thing i can say is trust in the universe and your angels they will help - to give you strength and show you the way ! ask them for help every night it really works !!

    Take care and know all will turn out how it is meant to be ! xx

  • Spalma

    If anyone had told me I would be in this situaton, I would of told them they were crazy. I had a very good husband, he is a very good man. But something happened to him. This woman from work just kept talking to him and the next thing I new hew was a changed person. We were in florida in the spring looking at houses fro retirement. We figured if we bought it now we could have it paid off by then. Then in July my world was turned upside down. I wouldn't wish this on a dog. He just walked out and my children are grown and are heart broken over this. I can't move on. I am willing to give our marridge of 26 years another chance. But the ball is in his court right now. I do believe in Angels and whatever the outcome is I know down deep inside it will be for the best. I have lived by my vows and now it's either we try to work this out or go our separate ways.

  • marsec

    yayay bull by the horns bravo



  • michelles

    of course you will, you are very capable. there are no obstacles to your financial growth.



  • I've never done this before and it almost seems kinda rude but "bump". Can you tell me what kind of moon we had monday night or what planets were aligned or something? I have 2 posts, 1 was kinda answering you and the other was much later the same night.

  • sylvannah

    Yes , there is an astrology topic here on this site. You can ask there , I have no clue. sorry


  • Twinsoul,

    I would love to have a reading or you thoughts on my life's situation. I am trying to secure a job with the State of California. I wonder if this will happen for me soon? It would require me to move to Sacramento and but I could come home on weekends. I have a new grand baby and my daughter struggles with this baby and her 7 y/o since her man is in jail (will be in rehab for 6 mo after that).

    I know she needs my help but I NEED a job. I hope the timing is right for me, I am single so nothing else holding me back.. also I feel like my daughters partner has limited my potential relationships,

    not that they were "all that" anyway.. MR almost right, where are you 🙂

    DOB 08/29/57

  • That's ok. I have so many issues lol I would like a reading on how you see the lives of me and my daughter. We made an agreement. It sounded real good but I want to know if will stick? Tomorrow night we have a softball game the on saturday, we go to Ft. Desoto beach where I will be baptised. I am hoping that she will want to be in the light and enjoy all the love with me. I want to be happy with her. We had court today. She needs to be at school everyday on time or I go to jail. I had a constant threat like that for 17 years w/ my oldest son. I think we had a silent realization today and I am hoping we "clicked" Can you tell me (good or bad) what you see? I love her and I am giving her to God and I promise to teach her everything I know and so she can learn through me.

  • Twin Soul

    I have'nt heard from him I don't know what he is thinking don't know if i should bring it up again or just move on. I sent him a text to tell him I have his dental card and will meet him tomorrow to give it to him after work. I'll just see if he says anything. If he doesn't I 'll tell him that since he didn't answer me I know his answer is no. But I will have to move on this so I can get my own life again. I am so confused. I have been told that he will come back but in time. It's been 8 months, so far i don't know how much time needs to pass. We had a wonderful life together, at my age just don't want to start over. If you feel anything please let me know, I don't want to make a mistake. Sad thing I know he still loves me, I can feel it.

  • Twinsoul

    Ok well this is what happened. NOTHING He said he doesn't know what he wants. I even showed him the first posts between us. I told him this is the last time I am going to ask him. Still no answer. He said he will let me know. I told him he needs to talk to someone, but the macho man says he don't need to talk to anyone. I told him I know he still loves me, because I feel it in my heart. I told him he has to look me in my eye and tell me he doesn't love me anymore. Never answered, I could of had this conversation with my dog. I did tell him this was the last time I am asking him to come home. Then he told me to drive careful. This is insane. I don't know what to do.

  • marsc

    Ok you have done everything you can, so you are now free of guilt. You will someday thank him for leaving you. Hard to start over at any age. Is this the person you want to be responsible for you and your care should you not be well when you are old. NO!!!!!

    go out meet someone new. It will be within the next six months. fix yourself up, buy some new clothes. Get a new look and party on woman. Have a great rest of your life.



  • I would love to meet someone else. But the sad part is I don't know where to start. I have lost 25 pounds so far and I have let my hair grow and started wesring make-up again. But I think my husband is going to be very sorry someday, when it is to late. We were the couple that surprised everyone when I told them we were separated. i have been told to put rose quartz and fools gold in my purse, which I did. I am thank ful to you that I did this because i need closure to all this mess. I wish you good luck to in all your endevors. Thank you.

  • You need to quit letting him know you are always there. I just did with my ex. He will realize one day what he had and what he let go. In my case, for beer. Don't spend your life waiting on/ for him. You did everything you could but some men won't change. Especially when they think you will always be there no matter what they do. I am not looking for a guy (romantically anyways) I am just working on myself. Love will find you. It does always come when you are not looking for it. I was in need of alot of medical care and I am 30 lbs. underweight. He was not a man of his word. (for me anyways) and he would show more respect to a guy he just met at the bar than he did for me. Someone that did everything for him. I am worth more than that. It took me a very long time to realize my worth and I bet, you are worth more than how you get treated. Someone will appreciate you for you. I was dying quickly, couldn't wait for me to die so it would all end. Then one night, I had this dream that not only scared the h e l l out of me but, made me realize that I am a better person than how I've been treated. If he really loves you, he will contact you. Especially when he sees you are actually gonna leave. Why change when he knows that you will always be there? You deserve better. He needs the serious help, not you. Just go back to how you were when you met him (well, not exactly lol go back with more wisdom) At least now, you know what to look for. You learn from every experience you ever have. So dust yourself off and move forward. Smarter than you were before. I will pray for you. I've been joining groups and going to church. I get baptized at the beach tomorrow. Everything and all the people I talk to has been very thearapeutic for me. You don't need a man. One will come but more when you're ready. And you are not ready right now so find something you like to do. Could be anything. I like being around and talking to people. You might enjoy sewing or something. My ex didn't like to leave his house except when he was going to the bar. I have been more places this last week than I've been in 3 years.I don't know where you live or what things are like in general for you. If you don't already have one, get a dog. They will give you all the love you need. And it will give you a purpose cause they depend on you. (like small children but thay don't really change when they get older lol) Go out there and live again. I know you can do it! What Twinsoul said was true. Starting over at any age is not easy. You are not in your teens so your life will not end. LOL They say that women are like a fine wine, you get better as you age. Believe that. Get a pet and you will never be alone. I say dog because they give you unconditional love. I have alot of dogs. I feed them even when I have a hard time even moving because thay are always there for me so I should return the favor. I would get more of a large dog. Most the small ones, aren't very affectionate and no one is afraid of a small dog. You never see on the news that a person is in the hospital or dead due to a Chi Hua Hua LOL You will see you will feel better when you get away from the negativity. I am happier now that I've been for over 3 years. No man. Just me and my dogs (and my daughter but she is another seperate issue) My b-f was like a 40 yr. old child who was worse than my actual children. I don't need a guy I have to take care of to treat me like c r a p, I need an equal. Someone that will give as much as they take and dang it, I do deserve it! Just like you do. Time to take care and worry about you. He's a grown man, it will be hard for you to let go, but it sounds like you're ready. (it will never happen til you are) Take care of you. If it was meant to be, he will contact you and do whatever he needs to to get you back. You desrve somebody that will do for you. YOU are the captain so BE the captain. Take charge and don't let anyone else have control. I have faith in you and I am going through the same thing. Just in a different scenario so you can contact me back if you need anything.

  • Sylvanah

    That's where I am at a crossroads, ready to move on or go backwards. I took my vows seriously and heve raised my children. My daughter is my rock. He knows he still loves me and is torn because he likes his new life. But he is a mess. I have always been the person to fix everyones problems, even his. But I do have a new life. I have new friends and go out on the weekend. You are right about the dog. I have 2 and my daughter has one. I have a border collie, a rat terrier and my daughters dog is a jack russell who has A LOT of energy. I guess my fear is of the unknown. He has been my life, for so long. He was a wonderful husband, I never could complain about him always worked had a very good job. Was never abusuve. I guess I knew what I had, don't know if I could even love someone else. I think it's a trust factor. He was the only person that I ever trusted, now I don't know if I could ever trust someone again.

  • blessings to you

  • Hello, thank you in advance

    I have been through very much emotionally in the past 3 years. Depression, Divorce, Lost love and changes with my children and their lives as well. I have a great job through this all so I feel blessed there. I keepp going back and forth with my thoughts and want to move on. I feel diconnected and in a maze at times I know where I want to go but find it hard to get there. I know I dont need a man and I am learning about me but I long for a love a soulmate a man to share and love to feel or to just date would be ok with someone nice. Can you tell me what lies ahead for me and I have met through work e-mail he works for the same company as I but we have not met...will we meet? My birthday is 09/22/1960 and my ex husband birthdate is 02/20/1952 he is still a part of my life though it is still uncertain why? The other man I know is born 07/20/1954. thank you twinsoul...Kim

  • yellowrosekim

    Forget your ex. The guy you are emailing is very nice. give him a shot. You will have another lovely romance soon. You will get remarried. Have fun, no worries


  • Hello twinsoul,

    I would be so grateful if you could help me shed some light on a current emotional situation please? My brithdate is 5/6/1975, the issue concerns my son and his father...I am following a difficult legal path at the moment...I just wondered, are my anxieties true, am I following the right path....what will be the outcome of the situation, and will justice prevail? Many thanks for all your help in advance,

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