A reading please?

  • Hey I would love to get a reading. My dating life is practically non-existent and I seem to attract all of the guys that I don't want.. My name is Courtney and my date of birth is 2/11/93. Appreciate it!

  • hi courtney

    no worries my dear. you will meet someone wonderful. guys your age can sometimes be silly. Heck, guys my age can also be silly. just so you know you will meet someone and have a wonderful life together, kids and all. concentrate on your schooling, nursing seems to be the career for you. go for it

    blessings, and be good to your family

  • thank you:) I actually want to be an actress but yeah I know I will meet someone it just seems like I'm in a drought right now. All of the ones I DONT like want to go out with me! It's irritating after a while, but again thank you so much for your advice. I appreciate it.

  • Can you do a reading for me too? I was born 9/15/63. I have met a man with a birthdate of 10/27/59 and we are just getting to know each other- finally! I don't know what kind of feelings he has for me, so confusing. I just want to know if he is right for me or I should move on. At this point any advice/insight would be greatly appreciated. Sharon

  • songofsharon

    i really think that this guy is very nice. he has been burnt so hes a bit laid back. but what a nice guy. it will be whatever you want it to be, as you sure you really like him? He does care for you. talk about it with him.


  • Thank you! Yes, he is a nice guy and my friends had told me he is. He is very reserved with his feelings towards me. I know he likes me but to what extent, I don't know. Yes I do like him-alot. I must ask- I had a dream many years ago of a man that I was told I would be in contract with for two decades. His face and stomach were blocked purposefully but I saw his shirt and how he stood. It was unusual in that the message I was given she(spirit guide?) yelled at me so I wouldn't forget the dream and that in the paper that morning in the advice column there was reference to a "contract" joking referred by a couple as their marrige liciense. It was a direct confirmation of the dream. Is this the man I will be marrying? Sorry this is so long. I just had to get this out . Therapy I guess- LOL Best Wishes:) Sharon

  • Hi. I just want to know what my furure looks like? I have just done and started some new things. Today, while I was laying down, I found a golf ball sized lump on the right side of my abdomen. I already have alot of crap medically, but is this serious? I just spent $90 on a blood pressure meter. I need to watch that too now especially since I just found out I have MS. I have that, a broken back, and I smoke. What else? Will my daughter be ok irregardless of what happens to me? I will do what I can but I can't do everything anymore.

  • sharon

    i think he is the one

  • sylvanna

    i do not answer serious questions about health. please seek professional medical advice. your daughter will be fine. please stop smoking and all other bad habits.

    blessings and prayers

  • I am going to alot of Dr.s and I will quit smoking. I just want to ge well spiritually as well. Even if my health is bad, I want to be good spiritually. I want/need that light in the dark. I just want to be sound in every aspect. That is what I wanted to know about my future. Will everything work out to where everybody is happy and at peace w/ themselves?Despite all the chaos in my life, I feel relatively calm and peaceful. I just wanted to know if it will stay that way. Will I be able to make my daughter happy so she is not negative and mean all the time? I just want to know, what can I do to make the lives that matter to me, better?

  • Hi there.. Can I ask about my recent? My DOB is 9/29/76, his is 10/23/83... I felt an immediate DEEP connection between us.. I believe I have met my husband but Im so scared. He backs off the comes back, I back off then ask for space to get my head right...

    HELP please

  • May I please have a reading? My date of birth 10/13/50-his 6/25/58.

    Thank you so much.

  • Hello TwinSoul, it is very gracious of you to do readings for people. Thank you very much, this will bring you good karma!! I would like for you to do a reading for me, please. I am single at the moment, not really worried about a boyfriend right now. My interest lies in my financial state. Can you forsee what the future holds for me? I would really appreciate it. My dob is 12-11-1969.

  • OMG Thank You so much Twinsoul:) You have no idea how much this means to me. Many blessings to you Songofsharon

  • How rude of me... Twinsoul, thank you for taking the time to read my request, let alone decide if you want to fulfill it 🙂 I don't want to come across as selfish. I thank you

  • dear sylvanna

    there is a spiritual counselor on this site called " the captain " She will be able to put you in the right direction. start a new thread


  • missyk

    hi, you have the potential to earn more money. Trust in your intelligence. Move yourself forward. Real estate.


  • jackalanto

    tall, really tall. handsome and sweet. On his way sorry you have to wait till July. worth it


  • JCHC

    hahahaha. stop it, both of you. Get married and stop wasting time. lol. you will both be so happy together. you will bring family together and peace will enter the grooms family. The whole thing is a blessing. send us a wedding photo and updates


  • opalten

    the two of you are good together. you will lock horns, but he two of you are a great match. why do sense great space between you. I also feel that you are angry ... so whats up?


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