Tarot readings

  • I think more people should get into Tarot.

    If you have some tarot cards lying around get yourself a good definition book and start learning yourself. Its a great hobby and can really help you out with situations and problems and if you don't have one, go and buy one as soon as you can. God helps those who help themselves right? Anyways I will try to do as many readings as I can and I'm sorry if I can't answer all your questions. But i really think everyone has it in them, you just have to practice. good luck and enjoy!

  • I hope you can answer my questions, it would be appreciated

  • oooh yes. lol

    Can you do a reading for me please? there are two situations that are plaguing my mind right now.

    1. Will I soon have a paying job that I enjoy and can support myself with?

    2. Will the man I love come back to me? Is he the one for me?

    Thank you so much for doing this!

    I have cards and books but I always get so confused as to what the outcome means. Especially if the card does not relate to the question. I never feel like I have gotten an answer.

  • Kezza333, Yes, I would like a reading. Im interested to know if there will be any changes comming. I have concerns about selling our buisness. Thank You, And many blessing to you.

  • Hi Kezza

    Am i likely to move anytime soon ? Thank you.

  • Thanks for the offer Keeza, whatever you see is fine. Thanks so much!

  • Keeza

    I'd love a reading, thank you. I do have tarot cards, but I was told that you're not supposed to read them for yourself? I read for family sometimes, but still go by the books. I'll keep practicing though.

  • kezza333,

    would you like to do mine please? anything at all, whatever you can tell me.

    I subscribed to a few tarot cards online, very beneficial I must say.

    Been practicing it whenever I have some questions playing in my mind.

    It really helps though.

    I will get the real cards soon!

    Thanks in advance.

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