Where are all the Aquarians?

  • I'm a Libra, and though I've never dated an Aqua, two of my dearest friends are. My best friend is an Aqua and though it's not something I can't really verbalize, we are connected in a profound way. I do think air signs maintain a certain chemistry. I can see how Geminis and Aquas would work, in my experience my Aqua girlfriends are far better at maintaining the space and chase that Gems need... though I think the Gem/Libra combo is one similar, Libras are just too relationship oriented in my experience.

    I too love my Aqua girls, though I have had moments where they haven't been the most sensitive to my needs but that may be from the influence of my other signs. All in all, my deepest connections (romantic or otherwise) have been with Aquarius and Gemini... and randomly Scorps, though I can't say I've experienced every sign.

  • Hi" Gemini13" i behave like too, i know why ahah i reply to you later i need to run for now, dont worry it's normal i m in love with a gemini too lol

  • Hi "Gemini13" well Aquarius are humatarian when there are a lot people around they just get distracted, i m like that a lot, it's not i dont like the person with me is just you get interested personally by everyone around you

    I told my Gemini man as soon i felt the feeling i thought i was in love with him ahaha, he didnt say anything and i keep telling him the crazy feeling that goes inside me ahaha

    i like it because he just let me be, i m just he is freaking out but he doesnt tell me

    dont worry about it, relax i m sure she like you, just be a little bite chick and you see

    but hey Gemini are harder to get that an aquarius, you guys are so complex thats why we like you in first place ahahah

  • lol yes thanks for your reply. I get what u mean 🙂

    so tell me is the "being physical" how you show your feelings?

    and what do you like about geminis so much?? sometimes I think that I would never date myself!! I would be soooo frustrated haha

    i've always liked aquas. I used to have about 6 good good aqua friends that I pretty much grew up with. I didnt know about astrology, now that I do I think back to when their birthdays are and im like OHH!! THEIR AN AQUARIUS! lol

  • wow, it is amazing the first post. I am an aquarian and my best friend is geminis and we understand each other more than I think anyother sign.

  • Hi "gemi13" well i wouldnt say i like Gemini or if i would decide to date them but it just how things are. the guy i m interesting in, it's tough he drive me crazy but because i m independent and rely on myself i keep my insanity

    the way i show my love i dont know everyone is different with that one, as soon i felt it i just told him and i keep doing all kind things to show him since

    he just look at me running around and going crazy ahahah

    i m very creative so i show him how much i love him by writing things to him anything and everything, doing video for him, record a song for him, send him some sexy pics, doing a surprise show for his birthday

    surprise him all the time, i surprise myself too how much i can do

    he never said he likes me but he always comes around at lease once the week

    i dont really care if he likes me i dont worry, i just like him and do my things

    sometimes i get tired and he do his little things to get me back in

    Gemini is not my favourite choice of partner but hey the heart choose that so

    i find my guy so difficult to get so i have up, i just do my things

    i leave him a lot space and do my things when he need me he know where i am

    i kind know he chat with other women but hey it doesnt bother me that much, i dont feel we owe each other

    i m very supportive and loyal to him but sometimes i feel he is so selfish but i think he just dont show his emotion

    thats the things with Gemini, they are very sensitive and wont show their real colour

    when we get close i know his going to pull away for at lease 3 weeks

    so far i dont know where we are going or what we are doing, i just do my things not worry abotu him because as soon i worry about him i lose my mind so it's not good

    Gemini are harder to understand that an aqua, trust me you guys are so complex thats why aqua like you because aqua are like a little scientist and gemini are complex for everyone ever for themselves , it's damn challenge with you guys and anyone need to take a deep breath

    Most the time i just want to run from him ahahahha but i cant, i love him that idiot ahahah

    i m a little mad so that work with him because he never sure what i m going to do, he never figure me out and so do i

    i change of all the time i think thats why he still around, i dont know if he likes me, he doesnt show it but he still around i told him all kind crazy things

    any other men will run but he still around i dont know why

  • but " Gemi13" is there something you want to ask more specifically?? or what to do? just ask but dont worry the more complicated person is Gemini not aqua ahahah

  • Yes Gemini's are the most complicated od all the signs, not just compared to Aqua. Star2u, you are so right. My Gemini is still around after all these yrs. I know my Gemini likes me a lot and ppl are ppl. This is their makeup with all Gemini, we try to think that is is not. Gemini's are who they are. Love them. I have a brother that is a Gemini and he is a tripp. I have two brothers that is a Libra and we are close and special to each other. My mother was a Aqua and she too was very close with my Libra brothers. She said my brother that was a Gemini was always different from the rest of her children. I tell you those DANG GEMINI'S. To know them is too love them.

  • hum i dont know if i agree with the sentence to know them is to love though because i find it's hard to love them is better leave them alone and do your own things and not expect anything from them

    i find it easy to love them less and do my own things more and leave them they space, whatever his doing chatting to other girl or move country i cool with it, i cant make him the centre of my world or they will drive me crazy so i space myself from them

  • i really cant worry about them too much and wondering where i stand witht hem because i dont think they know themself

    the guy i like i just had to be away from him and sadly in end i will have to leave him because i cant seem to get any closeness with him, we can play all those games but in end a woman need to feel she know her man and has a certain connection with him, it's hard to feel really connected to Gemini as they keep switching side

    better space yourself from it

  • Another Aqua girl here... Star2u... u r a trip, GiRRRL! Dont know ya but love ya already. I've got a question...I seem to attract all the guys I don't wanna be with but then the one I want...is all confused by me and cant handle my aqua tendencies. I seem to be attracted to Cancer males...my dad is a Cancer but not typical... and after reading this... I was thinking of the men Ive been crazy about... all cancers...it must be the challenge...I love the chase.... I guess the drama keeps me interested...anything else would be boring...

  • well "Birdlebee" yes Aqua seem to love complex partner, people that are easy to be read and give us no enigma are just not interesting enough for us

    the Things i have learn is this can also be our curse because in our quest of complexity and extremely loyalty to resolve the enigma we suffer a lot sometimes

    sometimes we dont realise we are losing the most important things in our life and thats the love and our connection with ourself

    some partner are pushing us to our limit and it seem we are getting more stuborn to stay when it's like this when we should just get out of the deal

    some of partner doesnt deserve the loyality we are giving to them

    AQuarius need to learn in their path the real meaning of love and the meaning of understanding life, there is two path of destiny here

    in my view Gemini is all their glory are the real and true partner that can match the Aquarian because of their endless complexicity

    Aquarius can lose complete interest after they resolve an enigma and move to something else, it seem this dont happen easily with Gemini, Gemini seem to bring the real need of the aquarian out because we trying with all we have to understand them and by doing this, it push us to go deal on different direction of life

    Gemini also learn from the Aquarian as the aquarian share what they find with them

    there is a real unique union here but sometimes Gemini may cross and betrayed the loyalty that the aquarian give to them with good heart and they will sabotage the relationship

  • Yes, Complex the Gemini are indeed. Us Aquariuses like to examine people under a microscope. I definitely love the Gemini because they have two sides so I can sudy the two. It never gets boring! Yeah, I feel that the femminst in me helps me to not look past my Gemini mans faults. Hehe, I can be hard on him, but the funny thing is, I think he actually likes it. He never says it but I think he likes me being feisty. Hmm. I occassionally look past his issues but he seems to not like it when I do that. He never expresses it but a little complaining or argueing seems to keep him coming or makes him try to be good for me. Hmm, but every persons chart is different.

  • The scorpio in me must make me hard on my men. haha.

  • Birdiebee, I don't know if I really like a challenge, No two aquariuses are alike though. Hmm, I do like some drama. hehe. 😉 I am shy when a guy flirts with me but then when I am left with a shy guy I usually instigate and am real flirty. Hmm. Not sure why I do that. I know a cancer guy and he is amazing but it's scrictly friends! I never had the desire for him like that and he doesn't like me like that either but maybe the Aquas and Cancers are compatible. Hmm, we do get along well so maybe there is something to you being attracted to them. The Cancer I know is very smart and he reminds me of myself sometimes. His theories, I just get him and he gets me. Hmm.... So do you have some Gemini in your chart or something?

  • Thats exactly right, no two aquarians are alike, myself (sun aquarius, moon libra, asc Leo) however, I do believe we all love a challenge. I happen to feel the dull in relationships with any sign except Scorpios, which for the life of me I cant figure out except that aha! my father was a Scorpio. That being said, I NEVER knew him. lol-- we are so unpredictable.

  • Hi all Aqua, would like to share how Aqua's are. We are very loyal to our partner, we are also very sensitive and shy. Atlease I am shy. We had a family outing 2 wks ago and was trhe center of attention. Did not like it ar all, did not really know how to handle the attention. It makes me fill so uncomfortible and uneasy. We had ppl here from out of town and would have loved for ot to be the other way around. I don't know if it's because I was the younger sibiling or not. It just makes me fill so uneasy and I try to direct the conversation or attention on my older sister who is Beautful,outgoing and just a people person all around. She is Gorgeous and she is also a Pisces, we get along just great.

  • HB...I don't know if I have gemini in my chart... how would I know? Im Jan. 31 1974 born at 937am. Kinda knew at all this. It is definitely fascinating.

  • google natal chart calculator and enter in your birth info on a site that has a natal chart calc and whalla!

    Worthy, you sound a ton like me! Okay so maybe just two aquariuses are alike. But no more! lol, Haha I'm more naturally beautiful than my Virgo sis. I am the younger. I love my Virgo sissy! i HATE attention too!

  • I try to direct attention on my sis too sometimes. hehe. You and I must have somewhat similar charts.

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