Where are all the Aquarians?

  • I don't get along with Scorpios. I might just hate them with a passion. Sex with em is gooooood. hahah

  • Heavenlybod, I know exactly what you man. I cannot not stand Scorpios myself. I think they are such liers Cannos stand a lier....

  • Please excuse my spelling, S O R R Y . And I am saying that all Scorpios are that way, jus t the ones I have come into contact with. We just don't get along with them all and they are not one ..

  • ditto.

  • Well I wouldnt call them all Liars. There's much privacy in this sign and a tendency for withdrawal. Considering the strong emotions of this sign, this is a technique it uses for self-protection. Activities also tend to be more clandestine, oftentimes with a manipulative element to it, as this sign's desires and drives are very strong and these individuals have a hard time saying no to them. Control of these elements is the main issue which this sign has to face so that it can grow emotionally and spiritually. As a result of these communicational hang-ups, problems may arise from it assuming things about other people, instead of openly inquiring about them. Strong Uranus influences can rebalance this some by adding more boldness and wildness to the personality, however this may cost the individual dearly as Scorpio tends to be poor in diplomacy. A Sagittarius Mercury can also open the person a bit more.

    Although they do not necessarily purposefully set themselves out to be, the complex nature of this sign tends to bring a great controversial facet. This sign has some tendency for being heavy-handed and manipulative, a result of a naturally overbearing personality, strong desires and obsessive mentality. There is a certain tendency to do things in a rather controversial manner, as it tends to be poor in diplomacy unless Venus is strong in the chart. They feel things so intensely that it is difficult for them not to enter altercation. In its essence it can be somewhat rowdy and crude, but is often influenced by strong social pressures to moderate its outer demeanor. It tends to be demanding, sometimes even annoyingly so. Some may find them somewhat tough to love, as there is a certain roughness in the Scorpian character. Similarly, they can be poor in awareness of hurt they cause some people, and be baffled when someone treats them badly, seemingly out of the blue. Part of this is caused by issues of ineffective communication. Nevertheless, Scorpios can be amazingly protective of their close ones and be ready to go to extreme lengths for them. They may make great sacrifices for their family and friends, and in a good chart are even capable of acts of great selflessness. A prominent Venus, especially a non-Scorpio one, can do much to alleviate many of the negative influences. A strong Neptune influence can also soften the character somewhat and highten the self-sacrificial facet.

    Scorpios are all about control, they need to be in control at all times. To be out of control is very threatening, even dangerous to the Scorpio's psyche, when they control, they feel safe, and so are Aquarians. Thats a head butt. Scorpios are very weary about trusting anyone, a person needs to gain their trust and this gets built up over time and once all the 'trust tests' have been passed, while us Aquarians are generally more sharing. However I know that as much as I share, I have twice as many shadows that arent known to the world and MOST aquarians do. Scorpios love deeply and intensely.

    Underneath the cool exterior, and secrets, energies and emotions are constantly flowing. Scorpios are very emotional, their emotions are intensified, both good emotions and bad. While us Aquarians are more analytical about everything including our emotions. Another head butt. Scorpio's are very weary of the games that other people try to play and they are very aware of it, and we Aquarians play games, lol. DONT EVEN TRY TO DENY IT. Scorpios tend to dominate and control anyone that lets them, or anyone that they find weak, and us aquarians dont stand for that to well. The person that a Scorpio respects and holds close to them is treated with amazing kindness, loyalty and generosity.

    On the outside, a Scorpio has great secretiveness and mystery. This magnetically draws people to them, especially someone like me (aquarian) that is drawn to mystery. They are known to be controlling and too ambitious but only because they need control for this makes them feel safe, as it does us. The ongoing lesson in life for Scorpio signs, is to channel their powerful energy into positive goals and not succumb to the darker forces in life such as manipulation and greed, they will then have great success in their life and have a clean, happy conscience and a circle of friends they can trust and hold dear to them.

    Try not to be so Hard on our Scorpio friends. They are dealing with alot inside that head and heart of theirs. Ive been lucky to find two Scorpios in my life that will be my friends for life, but Ive also dated and known other Scorpios who were a little darker and could have strangled. Keep an open mind, because that's whats us brilliant, eccentric, wild, ingenious Aquarians are known for. 🙂

  • OK Aqua, I will keep an open mind.....

  • HB... did my chart... funny thing... no Gemini in my chart..but I have Taurus and Pisces... I have two sons... one is a Taurus, the other... a pisces... okay that is freakin me out.

  • HB, your right it seems like we are very much alike. My b'day sis 1/23, but I know nothing about sun and moon. How about you?

  • You know, there is a certain allure with the scorpios I have come into contact with. But it gets boring VERY, VERY fast with me. I'm into the trill and chase and all but after the catch....FORGET IT!!! These people are way tooo emotional for me. And cancer's are the same way. My best friend of 20 years is a pieces and my GOD, would give my right arm for her but have had many, many difference of opinions. And Worthy1248 that's why us Gemini's are good for you. We are GREAT at parties while you Aqua's stay quiet and more reserved. We are the life of the party and help bring you into that environment. We help calm the Water so to speak 😉

  • Hmm, I dont know about being reserved or quiet at a party.... Usually yea, I dont like to draw attention to myself but by the end of the night, the party is around me and Im usually the center of attention. I just cant help being so clever, witty, charming, brilliant and well me, oh and I diffidently humble. LOL. Oh and @birdiebee I know what you mean about your chart and your kids, Im Aquarius sun, Libra moon and Leo rising, but I have alot of Gemini and Taurus in my chart. My three kids are Gemini, Libra and the last was a Taurus. Also in my family we tend to be born in certain signs. However Aquarius and Gemini's in our family are rare. I was the only Aquarian untill this year actually when my neice was born three days before my birthdate. And my daughter is the only Gemini in our family too. Virgos, Leo's, Libras, and Scorpios are more common in my fam. Love and Light, Namaste

  • This is gonna sound very contradictive of me, as even i have wondered many things about geminis.. (but i wonder about a LOT of things ha ha)... I dont understand why the answers are so important in trying to 'figure' them out ?

    Why not live in the question and just be ?

    See, i have a really random 'thing' going on with my gem boy, but i love it. I know that if he would give in too easily to me, i would not appreciate him. And i know he adores it inside when i let him closer to me... he's so cold and distant with me though. But i kinda like that. (hahah kinda)

    It makes it a lil more comfortable to take things at MY pace, rather than his (in the beginning he was so full on, i was so cold and would not accept his advances, i'd go major hot and cold with him, it confused even myself). And then he suddenly comes round, and is full of mush. And back again he goes to being his cute distant self ❤ hahahah

    Infact, i read on this forum just a few seconds ago, that theres a gem out there interested in a certain aqua ? ...hehe aquarius ignores you...when theyre major into you. and then all of a sudden when you least expect it, you will suddenly see a completely different side...a more mushy playful side 😛

    Notice a lil similarity trait going on there between gems and aquas ? 😉

    There may be lots of other potential interests around us....... but you know the one that you're most fond of, even if you won't admit it :).

  • ethereal I take it your an aqua?? well im a gemini and im having the same hot/cold, yes/no, wats going on, situation with my aqua and its driving me insane. im pretty much ready to give up but when I do ugghhh aqua runs back when i ignore and they act all nice and sweet and I get dragged back in 😞

    I dont understand aquarians. Honestly. And you guys think GEMINIS are difficult HA!, try dating YOURSELVES!!!

  • Gemi13 I like that. Try dating yourself. Are we really that bad? You know we are so compatible 🙂 We Aqua's and Gemini are so much alike. So just Love Us :). You will be fine.

  • @Gemi12 : yep correcto, aqua here 🙂

    Ahhh i know, we are, aren't we !

    That is why i kinda looked forward to dating a gem this time, and when i first met mine, he said to me "omg we're SOO alike, but thats why it scares me 😕 "

    my reaction was "omg we are, but thats why this is gonna be so fun heh"

    hahah exactly what worthy1248 said !

    (Hey Gemi13, i'm kinda suprized you dont have a few 'distractions' as it were... do youu ?!

    I knew a 13th june gem before, and she alwaaaays had 'distractions'. Although maybe that was just her.. hmmm.)

    See this is why i disagree with some people that are all like "i hate game players. blahblah".

    Telling you, just like everybody else, its a wall, and if you get past that, then you deserve allll our attention, and you won't ever forget it ! We really just want someone who will love our confusing bad side, as well as the good, and mesh real good with our mentality, yet still keep us on our toes 😛

    Oh and she runs back because ..(maybe its just me) we have a thing for grumpy lil faces that ignore us cause we knooooow we can charm them so easy with all our mush ! How do you say no to our persistance !??? Especially since you know that we're not ALWAYS like that 😛

    That said, gems are soo good with words <3333 Ahhh can you humour it ? I mean, can you see the chemistry when you step back from your situation ? The cold aloof thing may also be to do with when shes freaked out too much by her own emotions, and she needs to 'think straight'. I have a confession actually. Ekk.

  • Yes we are very persistance and we diesect or examine to much. Aloof, YES. Ethereal27 you are so accurate.

  • When i first met my gem, i really liked him and he wanted to see me every single day since. I told him straight up that the fact im even bothering to see him everyday is quite something cause i can only deal with small doses usually, if it were anyone else i had jusssst met.

    But then he slowly started getting sooo full on, tasking me if i thought we could possibly be soulmates and how strongly he felt for me, that he couldnt understand it. I thought to myself "Its only been 2 weeks, don't try to play me, i'll play you harder or just forget you. go away."

    I felt he was saying lots of nice things and treating me like every other girl he had gotten used to meeting, and repeating himself like a broken record. To spend time with him, it would to leave me in such a wierd state, almost overwhelmed and confused i guess ? I hated it ! And i'd back off from him, completely stone cold. !

    He told me i was a complete flirt with everyone .. and that he kinda had a problem with that but understands im having fun and he would do the same anyway so its no point discussing it. So we didnt lol. It really took a long while after that, for us to "mesh". So i figured he does have a slight problem with it..

    Then there was this constant unsure-ness like what you're currently going through.

    Anyway.. the confession is.. when he was soo full on with me in the beginning, i let my brain take over. I decided hey if hes playing games, i'm gonna call this out. i just repeated everything he said to me, back at him but worded differently..and told him i didnt wanna stick around whilst he seems unsure of himself, maybe he could do with the space to figure things out.

    And guess what.. he called and called, i ignored and ignored. And he backed off completely. hahahaha ammmazing. i got my space back. When we did talk again, we both agreed to be friends and it was like we were just "normal" again lol except for..would you believe, suddenly he started treating me like i was the one with the huge crush on him, even though not long before, he had told me he was close to really falling for me hahahah.i told him i'd just pretend hes gay.

    It gave me lots of space to just get rid of that 'anxious' spell. Ahhh ... felt good. It helped to put things into perspective, actually. We were both trying to work each other out soo much that we stopped having our usual 'fun' and hanging out etc. So try to maintain your friendship side with your lil aquarius. Seriously, thats our comfort zone. And it'll be good for the two of you. Appreciate all communication in all forms, its the little things that matter. 🙂 Don't forget that.

    Especially since both of you have been so hot and cold with each other, its gonna feel like a never ending cycle, and well i guess it already does feel that way..

    I already feel your confusion slightly.. cause you kinda don't wanna make a wrong move and for it to all backfire on you hey.

    I'm just about to txt my gem boy and let him know how my day went lol

    Well.. not all the details.. ugh ex libra pretty much did what i advised you to do.. grab her and kiss her. Reaaaaaalllllly awkward. That reminds me, don't worry about her ex. She most likely won't get back into him. He should enjoy the attention, She's just showing him what he can't have anymore. But she probably will keep him as a friend.. Aquarius usually love staying friends with their exes 🙂 She probably didnt tell you cause she wants to protect your feelings and not think/feel different of her.

    Hey have you ever written her a letter or anything like that ? I heard that you geminis are quite the romantics ?;)

  • **asking

  • **Pretended hes g-aaaay,. ahh

    and don't expect to alwys discuss 'feelings' with her, just after a bit of attention. She'll come around in her own time and let the mush overflow ! Next time you're thinking of kissing her, just kiss her cheek, or her shoulder. Major butterflies 🙂

    I remember when my gem would play with my hair, or when i feel him always stare at me with a lil smile whilst i'm smiling/giggling at whatever dvd we're watching 🙂 like he enjoys making me laugh.

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