Curses... foiled again. Or just for a while? Or for life?

  • I wanted to get opinions on the subject, or should I say subjects of "being cursed", or "having a curse on you"? I am not limiting the discussion, it is wide open as far as "curses" go, with the exception of fowl language (a completely *#%$ different subject matter LOL).

    My question does though suggest two versions. One of "being cursed", a rather Calvinistic predestination scenario indeed, this is your lot in life, or for at least an extended period of time. The second version of "being cursed", is having it done to you by another person, or an entity. Depending on your viewpoint, Jobe in the Old Testament for example, could fall under either version I suppose.

    Basically, I am asking for opinions, what people think is possible, that is the first part. And I am glad Emergence asked for a clarification, because I did not included the second part, and that is if you do believe it is possible to be cursed in any way, then what can a person do about it?

    Although, this topic is meant to be fun and interesting, it is also meant to be a serious discussion.

  • Hi BrianTristan,

    Just a few words I would like to share,

    We have no right to control others. God gave us a free will and even He will not try to control us! Therefore, we enter into agreement with the devil and demons when we attempt to control others, and when we are practicing witchcraft.

    Words have power. Words can create wars or bring peace. Words that are curses. contain a power which enters into the energy of another and causes harm. In a way, you could think of it like a virus. The energy of the words take root and then grow and spread. The words, "You'll never amount to anything," directed at a child with anger, take root. As time goes on, if the words are reinforced, the curse spreads throughout the individual and the person who receives the curse acts as if the words were true.

    I believe the stronger you are emotionally, the more able you are to repel the energy of a curse. When you feel good about yourself, you may become angry when someone tells you that you will amount to nothing, but the words do not take root.

    Although you may not be used to think of such negative statements as curses, they surround you. If you remain calm and self-confident, your energy field remains positive, your emotional strength stays strong, and you stay out of fear. You will be able to take necessary precautions, but not be immobilized by fear. Surround yourself with healthy supportive people. Learn to differentiate the truth from the lies. Open your eyes to the solution and the energy of the curse will begin to dissolve.

    I got this online,

    SPOKEN CURSES - There are two ways that we can curse another person: thought or speaking. We can pray a psychic prayer or we can speak against another person either in our thoughts or out loud. We need to be careful what we think and speak as well as what we do. The words we think or speak go out into the air and they have power to do good or evil.

    ANCESTRAL CURSES - The first curses that we can receive are those placed on us by our ancestors which include our parents. These curses come down the ancestral line and are transferred by familiar spirits that are familiar with our family ancestral sins.

    PARENTAL CURSES - The parents can curse the child in the womb, after the child is born and until it dies. This is frightening when you think about the consequences of your actions on your children. (Examples of cursing a child in the womb- conceiving the child in lust, not wanting the child when it is conceived, and failing in an abortion attempt.)

    (Examples of cursing the child after it is born include rejecting the child in some manner such as wanting a boy when a girl is born and not quickly changing their minds, cursing the child in thought or words, mistreating the child mentally, physically, spiritually or materially such as physical, emotional and sexual abuse.)

    CURSING BY OTHERS - You can be cursed by others who are evil. These include those in the grip of the Devil's worshipers, witches and warlocks, covens, fortunetellers and anyone practicing witchcraft.

    CURSING YOURSELF - Other than being cursed by others, you can curse yourself. You can do this be thinking negatively about life or keep on blaming situations instead of looking for solutions to these problems.

    Great topic to discuss. Hope my contributions helps!

    Good luck and all the best.

  • Emergence, wow, you really explained that well. So much of what you said hit home. I was one of those kids who was often mistreated or teased as a kid, in hind sight I realize even things my own father said that were not meant to be hurtful came across very much as you described. I never thought of them as a curse before you could be right. Will be interesting to read how this read unfolds.

  • Emergence,

    Wow, that is one well thought out, nicely put together post.

    My comment on your post would be, I have always found it interesting that people who are generally calm and relaxed about matters, do best.

    It sounds like a simple observation, but it has taken me years to realize who all it includes. Strangely enough that group includes such diverse people as; people who "do not really care", people who "put things in God's hands", people who "are just plain self-confident", and people who "have a talent, that is difficult for others, but they could do in their sleep".

    The key is, it is all a stroll in the park for all of them. In all cases, none of them will fail because "the tender trap of desperation, that will get you everytime", is not even in the picture. Naturally, the degree of true success, and/or accomplishment may, and probably will vary.

    It reminds me of the old adage, "God watches over babies, fools, and drunks." All of them either do not know, or do not care, and yet somehow seem to be protected. So, imagine taking that kind of relaxed approach, except with a purpose, with a conscience awareness, it has to be one of the most powerful states we can be in.

    What I have not figured out is, getting there; the remaining calm and self-confident part.

  • HI RCDreamer and BrianTristan,

    I have shared a little of my life stories in other threads and believe me, there were moments in the past that I thought I was cursed too. I was not brought up by my parents but my grandparents. All of my life, up till now, words that came out from my own mother's mouth can cut me very deeply. In her eyes, I was never the "good daughter". When I was small and throughout my teenage life, I took her words pretty seriously. I tend to believe them and let negativity surrounded me and clouded my judgement. As some says, "When someone keep on saying that you are no good, sooner or later, you tend to believe it". Well, I did. I kept pushing myself to do better in order to prove to my mum that I am someone she could be proud of. But most importantly, I didn't want anyone to blame my grandparents for who I was / am. While I was in that process, I tend to forget what a great and friendly person I was to most of my friends and what an obedient kid I was to my grandparent's eyes. I let words of one person blinded me from all positivities and left me upset for many years.

    Relocate to another continent saved me. Alone in a strange country, I worked on my self confidence. I further my studies, I bought my own home and I make new friends. No more feeling sorry for myself. I transformed into a happy and jovial person. At that moment, I realized that I have let words from my mum robbed me few years of my life, my happiness. Never will I let her or anyone do that to me again.

    It was a long process but it was all worth it. It was a big lesson in life. From then on, I try not to let anyone put me down with their words or their negativities. I know myself better. I know my self worth.

    Got this online, hope you will find these beneficial in finding your self - worth,

    We have been programmed by childhood experiences to doubt our self-worth and identify it with superficial aspects of our being. The following affirmations will be useful for reestablishing contact with our true –and-always-worthy-of-love-and-respect divine nature.

    1. I am worthy of love and respect regardless of others’ opinions or behavior.

    2. My self worth is totally independent of how I compare to others.

    3. My self worth is totally independent of any external factors such as: intelligence, wealth, appearance, talents, professional success, my children’s success, my home, being attractive to the opposite sex, making friends, disciplines, "spiritual" activities.

    4. I am worthy of love and respect regardless of the results of my efforts.

    5. I am worthy and lovable even when others are being given more attention. I am happy for others when they receive love and attention.

    6. My self-worth is within me and totally independent of whether I am loved exclusively by someone one or not.

    7. I am worthy of love and respect even when I am not perfect in what I do and even when I make mistakes.

    8. My self-worth is totally independent of how much I accomplish.

    9. I am worthy of love and respect even when I feel weak or needy.

    10. My self-worth is totally independent of whether others agree with me or are satisfied with me.

    11. I deserve love and respect even when I need to say "no" and do not respond to what I am asked to do.

    12. My self-worth has nothing to do with how much I give or receive.

    13. My self-worth is totally independent as to whether some people trust me or open up to me on not.

    14. My self-worth is totally independent of how people behave towards me.

    15. My self-worth is totally independent of how much others work or how they work or what they believe about me.

    16. My self-worth is a reflection of my divine nature and not my gender, religion, social class etc.

    17. My self-worth is totally independent of whether others recognize it or how they feel towards me.

    18. I accept and love myself as I am with my faults and weaknesses as I steadily and methodically evolve out of them.

    19. I deserve to be loved and respected exactly as I am at this stage of my evolutionary process.

    20. I am beautiful exactly as I am - just as all aspects of nature.

    21. I am a good person, a worthy person.

    22. I am worthy of love and respect regardless of how others behave towards me.

    23. I respect and love all persons (especially my parents and family) without feeling any need whatsoever to live my life according to their beliefs or values. I live my life in harmony with my inner values and beliefs.

    24. My self worth is based on my inner being, my existence itself, and my inner divine nature and on no other external factors.

    25. My self-worth is a simple function of the fact that I, as all others creatures, am a unique aspect of divine creation. My self-worth cannot be increased nor decreased. I can never be more or less worthy of love and respect than another.

    26. Although I am not perfect and have various faults, I deserve to be loved and respected as I am, just I as I love and respect others with their faults.

    27. When I do not love myself, I am not loving an aspect of divine creation.

    28. I often accept in others traits, which I reject in my self. Why?

    29. I am in a process of evolution and am attending to that process.

    30. I am an expression of Divine Consciousness in matter.

  • Well Emergence , no wonder you have me "Create a New Topic", you have much to say. Exceptionally interesting and insightful posts too.

  • Nice Emergence!

  • Oh no, "had me" not "have me". LOL My 8th grade english teacher has gone to her reward, but I am afraid, on of these nights, I will get hit with a ruler in my dreams (the teacher was a nun of course). LOL

    And just for clarification (with all these Catholic horror stories that go around), I am not sure the wood of the ruler ever made contact with anybody's skin, the rush of air was something in itself. Sister certainly made her point, and all of us (that had her as a teacher) are better people for it.

  • LOL BrianTristan -

    English is not my main language and I am sure you have noticed the grammar mistakes I have made in my post. Yours are nothing compared to mine!! 😄

    And I have nothing else to contribute to this subject, for now. I will keep following this thread though. I am interested to hear all the experiences and opinions from others.

  • Thanks bluecat123!!

  • Emergence,

    I would never know english was not your main language. I am actually shocked. You used the word "mum" so you were taught the "Queen's english" I assume. So, it is no surprise your english is as good, or better (sad to say) than most Americans (for us, not you). So take heart, if you would have not said anything, no one would ever have known.

    And as far as your grammar mistakes, perhaps Sister Camella Mary will visit you in a dream, with a red marking pen, to correct your errors. LOL Do not worry she never used the ruler on girls. You are safe there. LOL

  • I am not exactly sure where I stand on this subject of "curses" to be quite honest, so getting some points of view is quite interesting to me.

    I respect and love my Calvinist brothers and sisters, but I believe in freewill, not predestination.

    I also do believe what you give comes back threefold, seen that happen (still waiting for my threefold, LOL).

    As far as people that "put curses on others", it seems they get it much worse than that. It is like punching someone, knowing that you will have all of your limbs cut off. It is a pretty foreign concept to me. Yet, I wonder about, if it is possible to have a curse put on you, and then how do you nullify it, remove it, whatever you want to call it. So I guess I kind of believe it is possible.

    Also, my Irish grandmother read tea leaves, not sure what else, and of course never charged a cent for it when she did (people that can do such things do not charge it seems). My father, her son, joked she put curses on people, but I do not get the feeling he is correct about that, even if he meant it in jest. And I seem to feel she thought I would do go on to do wonderful things, which has yet to happen I guess. LOL Irish boys are late bloomers ya know. : D

    On my mother's side, my Great-great-grandfather, a generous and very good man, had his business partner, and one of his very own sons swindle him, and he lost both of the coal mines he owned. Not only hurting him, but also everyone he employed of course. Offers were made to break legs, even murder the guilty individuals. Being the good Catholic he was, he admonished the offers with a stern, "vengeance is mine...saith the Lord", and told those that offered, "not a hair on anyone's head was to be harmed, period, and they needed to repent for having such thoughts". The business partner committed suicide a short while later, and the son moved from town never to be heard from again. Both saddened him greatly, but he squared it as the matter was in God's hands, not his.

    In my extended family, groups of us have keep each other abreast to how everyone was doing, and when the need arose, people have been prayed for by anyone who could be informed. So, I have seen prayer do things I thought were pretty much lost causes.

    As a Catholic myself, I have seen Novenas work, undeniably work. I have seen people who should want to jump off a bridge (because of their life situation), who were people who said the Rosary daily, happy as can be, and so at peace with their life, you knew you were looking at grace.

    So, the common thread I have seen running through many posts on the site is a person's mindset is paramount, and by giving, you end up getting. There is a C. S. Lewis quote that goes something like, "if you work for heaven, you get both heaven and earth, but if you work for earth you will get neither". And that is pretty in line with what I have seen as the main theme on this site.

    The one thing that really change me was when I did a term paper on exorcism. I was given access to interview a Priest that had been in charge of exorcisms in whatever diocese he was assigned. Mind you, this is unheard of to be able to interview a person with this duty, but the Professor of the class was also a Priest, so that is the only reason why I even had the opportunity. I was not allowed to know the man's name, and was never to identify him. That was made quite clear. Of course, possession is not a curse, it is a possession, but I left with no doubt that it was quite real, and a very serious matter.

    Exorcists do not remove curses, what they do is a far more serious matter.

    But that gets me to thinking about getting people's thoughts on this topic, to also include "removing curses", and "removing unwanted entities that bother a person", but do not actually possess them. A little addition to this thread, if anyone would like to address those things also.

  • BrianTristan,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.I am trying my best most of the time.

    It is getting tougher since I am living in Europe for 10 years now and they don't speak English at all.

    So in short, only in this forum and my emails to friends back home or in USA are the only English practice I can have.

    oh no,,,,,,,not Sister Camella Mary. She reminds me of my history teacher in high school! She just love to use the ruler - girls and boys! LOL

  • Emergence,

    Forums and e-mails will keep your english skills sharpened, cause you are being forced to write out / type out everything, and when you see a mistake after you have posted it, you tend to remember it when you read it back, and it is already posted to the forums. Good practice, with a little fun tossed in for good measure. Teachers everywhere rejoice. LOL

    No english where you are at makes it harder, I am sure. But lets be thankful that all those other languages survive. It would be a boring world if everyone spoke english, and we would lose a lot of wonderful cultures.

  • BrianTristan ( I like your name btw) 🙂

    My great grandmother was a well known healer in our village during her living days. So it is pretty natural for me feeling comfortable with this subject. Before I go on further, I must emphasize that she didn't practice black magic or in anyway received help from the demons. Her blessings and healings were purely from chanting, herbs, leaves, flowers etc. She was also a fortune teller. Instead of tarot cards, she was more comfortable with normal poker cards. She chose her customers very precisely. Those who came to our house with evil thoughts to others were not allowed to step in the house at all. Just like your grandmother, my great grandmother didn't put a price on her service but it was up to individuals to give donations, whatever they could afford.

    I really wonder how she was able to find lost items by consulting her poker cards. She could tell if the item were still there to be found, stole or gone ( as in not coming back to the owner anymore). This could be done with finding missing person too. I still remember this true story that cause havoc in our village. A father of 4 small children went to work one day and didn't come back. He worked at the sea. They found his belongings in the deserted boat of his but he was nowhere to be found. Rescue team worked for days to search for his body but they gave up after a few days. This missing person's wife came to my great grandmother for help, asked if she could read for her and hope for any information of her missing husband whereabouts. My great grandmother told her that her husband was not dead or being thrown over in the sea. He left at his own free will and the chances were very slim that he would ever come back again to her and the children. My great grandmother usually told her customers it was always up to them whether to believe her predictions or not. I really felt sorry for that unfortunate wife, must be tough to be confronted with such prediction about the man she loves so much who was the father of her children. She wanted my great grandmother to cast a spell for her to get her husband back but my great grandmother refused. She said that a powerful love spell consist of black magic and she was in no way involved with that. Furthermore, it would be denying a person's free will. As much as she wanted to help this wife, she wouldn't. Instead, she sent the poor lady home with blessings to heal and prepared her an amulet to attract luck to her life and her children. Last time I heard, she already moved on and married a great guy and her missing husband was still MIA. Even today, no one knows if he is still alive or if he is dead.

    I have seen many other situations but I couldn't remember them all. After all, I was still a small child. But I remember she did help people who came to her because they were cursed ( spells casted on them; jealousy, revenge, love etc.). She was okay in removing all these spells from a person but she definitely not willing to cast these "cursed" spells on anyone.

    Well, hope this helps! Have a good day.

  • Really great posts Emergence! often we think of rebellion in the form of railing against authorities hereon earth,but never against ourselves,families,ourselves,people we tend to love...thats awesome thanks for putting in perspective which we all lose from time to time.

  • Thank you Thunder07,

    I am glad you like my posts and that they are beneficial to some people. I used to keep everything to myself because I was "programmed" not to "hang my dirty laundry outside for others to see". But that almost destroyed me as a person emotionally. Since then, I became more open about anything that happened in my life. If other people can benefit from my life experience and the little knowledge I have, I am glad. At least I know that I am doing my part in making this world a livable place for us.

    Wishing you a beautiful day!!

  • Emergence,

    I am glad you like my name, thank you very much. Interestingly enough, Brian translates into any other language (ones that uses roman characters) as Brian. I do not know about Tristan for sure, but I think it is the same thing.

    And yet another interesting post!

    Your great grandmother is exactly the kind of person I remember, when I was too young to understand of course, who did what I will just call "healing" or "prayers". It varied, sometimes it was Catholic women saying Novenas, sometimes it was one woman using herbs and chanting a prayer, and of course I have other examples (Jewish, German, and so on). Sadly, these people would mostly be gone by the time I had any understanding of such matters. They were true, dyed in the wool, ethical and honest people. And like you said, they "helped", they did not "meddle". This is also my Great-grandparent's generation, but includes some of my Grandparent's generation.

    Unfortunately, the generations that followed them, are/were filled with too many hucksters, hacks, and fakes. It is important to remember, this stuff used to be as normal as going to the shoe store when you needed shoes. It was private yes, like religion, or sex, but public too, like going to church, or having children. It saddens me to see what has happened, how it is now portrayed.

    Anyway, I am glad you told us about your Great-grandmother, and I see she removed "cursed" spells from people that needed it. Sad how what she did has all has gotten lost, isn't it?

  • Hi BrianTristan,

    I have a friend in UK who lives in USA now, his name is Tristan too. Maybe it is a typical English / Scottish name? Just my guess 🙂

    Yes, I wish I was bigger and got to learn from my great grandmother. Before she died, she wanted to "hand over" her medicinal and healing knowledge down to her children or grandchildren. Not everyone in our family were interested. I guess if you are born a healer, you just feel it in your body. If you are not, you won't take the time to learn about it at all. My grandfather didn't want the responsibility. My granduncle did learn a few chants from her ( basic stuff for medicinal purposes) but not really the "good" ones. My aunt was still a young teenage back then. She was very interested to take over but she was just too young to be learning all them. She learned healing massages technique from my great grandmother and also a few chants, no more than that.

    Me and my younger cousin are very interested in all these. Wish my great grandmother is still around to teach us. TheCaptain told me that I am good with my hands ( powerful positives energy flows). And I know that my intuition and inner feelings are very strong too. I am working on these abilities of mine. Who knows, with lots of practice, I will be able to use them in the most beneficial manner. As for my cousin, she is still trying to figure out what she is good at. She told me that she always gets vision on things that are about to happen or whenever she watches TV, she knows whats the script will be although she is watching the show for the 1st time. Each time that happened to her, she felt blackout from the real world, for a few seconds. We saw this strangeness in her too sometimes. In the middle of our conversation, she sometimes wander off ( her mind) as if she was in another world. After we called her name a few times, she will then come back to reality. She told us to repeat the conversation because she wasn't following what we just talked about, all she heard from us were noises lol. Strange girl. I think she has something special in her. Who knows.....

  • Well I will be honest I didn't read any of these except the first post but it is my opinion you can't put a curse on someone unless they believe in that sort of thing. And I do believe that you can draw to you what you think be it negative or positive. But beware karma can come back and bite you! When you wish ill will on someone else your asking for trouble. The laws of attraction. And a persons mind is very strong. The capabilities are not fully known.

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