Can I get a reading?

  • Hey I would love to get a reading. My dating life is practically non-existent and I seem to attract all of the guys that I don't want.. My name is Courtney and my date of birth is 2/11/93. Appreciate it!

  • Hi Courtney, Your dating life is non-existent because of what your body is putting out. Its like a wall all around you. Others can see this even when your not realizing it. You want to be with a good man, but your trying to hard. Your really not ready because your not over the one who really hurt you. You bring to you all the wrong ones as you say, because even if you are wanting the right one at this time, you havnt really let go of your one true love. To meet the right one or bring into you all the good ones, let go of your past, the pain, and what he did to you. When your not looking is when you will meet some-one. As they say out of the blue he will come into your life. Blessings Cathi

  • hey cathi56 can i get a reading also?

  • This post is deleted!

  • i just wanna know if im really lucky in gambling today. my dob is....sept. 12, 1957

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