• HELLO.... well i seen you had help someone with a love issue and was wondering if you could do the same for me please......i am dating this one guy we will call him R i was just wondering if this guy will be around or is he like alllllllllll the rest???? thanks MOONRAIZ

  • Hi MoonRaiz. I have attempted a reading for you. I normally don't do these types of readings, but I decided to give it a try. Your feedback would be appreciated.

    1. How he feels about you - 8 of Wands reversed. Right now something has damped the mood for him. Usually this is the card of pure attraction when you are in the flirting stages of your romance, but here, it is reversed.

    2. Why he feels this way - 7 of Cups reversed. He feels he has a clear path to what he really wants, and his dreams [at night] are also influencing this.

    3. Where the relationship will go - 3 of Wands. Information will be revealed to you that you need. This is not only the card of patience and waiting for your reward, but it is also a card about having all the facts, doing your homework, knowing what the answers are. You will know where the both of you stand.

    3. What you should do - Death reversed. It may be hard for you to accept card #2, but you should not resist what happens. This would be the most obvious interpretation that does fit with the rest of the reading. Until something happens, don't start planning for endings.

    4. How it will come together - 8 of Cups reversed. It seems like there is resistance to letting go. This suggests that you may know how this relationship will turn out, but you are not wanting to come to terms, i.e., make a decision about it. This is because of fear.

    5. The lesson - 4 of Pentacles. The lesson here is about security. You need security from your relationship and you may tend to cling tightly to the status quo, rather than allow things move to the next stage. Don't be afraid of change. As The Captain once said, "You see these as tragedies. I see them as lessons." Learn what you can from the experience.

  • Sorry about the numbering! These are not one reading, but two separate numbers.

  • WOW.....YOU R AMAZING.....thanks sooooooooooooo much i will be taken your advive....you are right right sooo right....

  • You are welcome Moonraiz. I wish you the best.

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