Taurus & will I ever find love again?

  • Hello all,

    I was wondering If any psychic/astrologer's here can help me. I've been having a lot of confusion in my love life the last few years..Should I just give up? Am I destined to be alone? I have been very reflective lately & feel that I made many mistakes...5/8/1968

    Thank you to anyone's who has some insight...

  • oh yeah & I recently did my card layout & this is what is came up as:

    self position: Page of cups

    challenge pos.: Hanged man

    situation pos: The Sun

    Recent Past pos: 2 of wands

    Higher Power Pos: 10 of wands

    Foundation: Ace of coins

    Near future: 2 of cups

    Block: Strength

    Allies: 6 of cups

    Advice: 6 of swords

    Long term potential: Justice

    I would love some insight from anyone & much appreciated.Thanks

  • Hi lilmisbullsnap... you're tarot reading is not bad... in the challenge it's seems the hanged man want to tells you this is like a sacrifice and it's just temporary the 6 of swords might be trying to tell you to change your frame of mind, the sun its a really positive card same with the page if cups and the ace...

    I don't practice the tarot, but I'had a book for some years and remember the meaning of some of the cards...

    what I do know is that NOTHING can be so bad that you stop having hope and faith that you can achieve your hearts desire so don't give up (I'm a taurus you and also having a hard time, but you have to hang in there)

    Don't give up, never give up, leave your life, enjoy every day, smile be happy make people around you happy and success in other areas will follow!!

    Happy easter!!

    P.S. I'm not psychic or anything I just dont want you to believe that you should give up... so quit that thinking and be positive, read the thread of "questions for heaven" and it has good answers for most people questions about "what are we suppose to do with our lives" and also about "wanting love and someone with us" it can possibly have good messages and move a threat inside you and get you going 🙂 good luck

  • Thank You Happy Doc for you're positive words... I will take your advice & look on "questions for heaven" & those other threads for insight.

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