Scorpio Woman/Virgo Man-can I get some info please?

  • Hi,

    I would appreciate if I could get some information on a relationship between me,Scorpio woman,DOB 03.11.75 and my boyfriend,Virgo,16.09.71.

    I know I have moon in scorpio and Leo rising as well as Virgo in Venus.

    I would love to know if we can go the distance as when we get on,nothing can get in our way:-)But when we argue,it can go on and on......

  • Your sun sign and his sun sign is pretty good match. But your leo rising may be a problem here as you could appear to him as a Leo that may not be so compatible to his virgo sun. Worst still, you may have subconsciously projected an image that you did not mean to. Some characteristic of leo include prideful, a love for extravagance, attracting people of the opposing sex and etc. These may be some of your argument reasons ? You would actually need his other signs for more accurate prediction here. I am just doing the best i can with what you have provided me.

    I personally have a scorpio sun and leo moon. It can get quite difficult dealing with this two conflicting sign. Since you have it as ascendant, i think you would appear really tough on teh exterior but you are soft on the inside. I guess i have it the other way around.

  • Hi!

    I am a virgo women and am have been in a relationship for while with a scorpio man. the relationship is is one of the best I have ever had ( as far as compatibility ) . The Scorpio ..( at least the man ) I find is very giving, very helpful, but.... very prideful. They like to be asked not told. Anything you ASK them they are more than happy to do ( if it is reasonable ). They love respect, they are singled minded and don't like to be interupted once they are reading or concentrationg ( they HATE being interupted) on something. If they are talking hold your tongue...and wait. You will have your turn and being a virgo quite probably your way....But not if you don't and can't explain your side. They are not very good with money ( at least with this one ), so as a virgo, you will have to gently guide the finances or gently teach another way.Make it seem as if it was thier idea. I could go on and on.. Hope this helps!

  • Sorry OOOPS you are the Scorpio....So I will tell you about Virgo and how this Scorpio gets along with me... A lot of patience!!! We are some what introverted and require a lot of respect. We sometimes appear very cool, but underneath are very emtional, our feeling run deep. We are like a cat. If someone is consistant we will respond. Do not like emtional outburst, would rather talk without shouting very calmly. You need to have your argument ready with good sound basis. We don't like clutter ( but we can sometimes be messy ) , but will clean it up shortly ( just wait ) We are not good with details ( but can be ). We are great starters and can set something up With details ...but soon lose interest, and the details slowly go south. My Sorpio knows that and takes the reins once I've set it up. You want something from a virgo, then do it with good logic, let him think about it..and wait, Don't judge a virgo or put them on the spot or demand anything, you will be very sorrowerful. You have to use tact. Virgos Love attention and want to be the center of YOUR attention and if you cannot always do that...than at least tell him you love him and it has nothing to do with them. They understand. Never lie to a virgo..again you will be very sorry. Again HOPE this helps and sorry about the other post!!

    Cheers!!! It can work out!!

  • Thanks for both of your feedback.

    I have to laugh as my Leo ascendant is more than likely the root of alot of our troubles.

    I am not the most patient person in the world and when we argue,I do tend to shout,things can get heated which my Virgo really dislikes.He tells me to stop being so melodramatic which of course adds fuel to the fire!!!!


    I am glad you said it can be difficult to manage the 2 signs as I do think that at times too,They can cause a bit of conflict for me too!Alot of people assume I can take criticism but I tend to withdraw from them as it can be unwarranted and hurtful.


    No prob at all re mixing us up as I did say I have Virgo in Venus:-)

    I laughed out loud when I read that you like to start something but then lose interest-this is very true and I find it disconcerting as I like to see everything thru to the end(some might call it being dogmatic!I like t think of it as finishing what I start!!)

    It is food for thought anyway,good to know there are other Scorps/Virgos going out and getting on well.I'd love this to work out as we do get on really well 99% of the time:-)

    Have a lovely day & Best wishes.

  • Your so very welcome !

  • Something I have found interesting, you both have the same life path # which is 9, I cannot tell you more because I don't know your names. I will post later about the life path 9.


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  • I would be happy to tell you more. Virgos are not as open as the Scorpio. We tend to let our Scorps stand out front a little more. We are intelligent and do not like the spot light, yet we crave praise, When we get it we play it down. Though we are delighted, but you would not know it ( not REALLY how delighted we actually are ). So praise your Virgo, and you will get more and more from them. Virgos watch everything and so does a Scorpio. Just because your Virgo does not say something does not mean he is not offended,didn't see it , or think it is important and if your Virgo is offended, well...lets just say it is best to ask and check in with your Virgo on whatever you are doing. You will notice there is a change in thier behavior it is quick and it it not long so don't miss it, they will cover it up quick....but it is there and things will change if you don't check on how they feel and if they are ok with whatever. Virgo's, like the Scorpio like solitude..but not as much as the Scorpio. Your Virgo needs time alone ( or quite) time from you and everybody, for a longer period than the Scorpio. You have to motivate the Virgo, With ideas and plans, and of course the how, when, and where of it. You have to give the Virgo more information than normal. Things have to make sense to your Virgo and they need that information.They use it for things like what to wear, how many people, what kind of people, how long is it going to last etc. Not to be a pain but because they need it, so....give it to them gladly! They need it, they don't mean anything by it, so don't make a problem from it. But be careful to tell your Virgo...that if they are uncomfortable that you will leave. They will most times...say" no we will stay for a while longer" and you will endear them to you more. BUT if you tell a Virgo a time..they will be ready to go,'s best to say the afore mentioned thing ahead of time. Keep it somewhat open ended. My Scorpio knows that also and does a very good job of putting ( or the illusion) of putting me and my comfort first.He knows me pretty well AND I know what he is doing. Scorpios are very adaptable and mine puts in the effort, and that is really what is important to a Virgo..the matter how little, they see it and they appreciate it.

    Hope this understand your Virgo.

    If you have a specific question please feel free to ask. There is a lot more and goes a lot deeper for the relationship between a Scorp and a Virgo on both sides. And a lot of factors are involved.


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  • Mimi1230, your response is epic. I like that passion of yours lol. You must have liked this virgo boy a lot. He's one lucky dude =).

    I have a virgo male friend, you are pretty quite right. Although my virgo friend always denies that side of him.

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  • You have a aries moon with a scorpio sun ..... there seems to be some internal struggle on your side... haha. That is beside the point of course.

    So, i am going to do a rough reading without any books or some sort, since i am not at home. It is a pretty good match i would say with plenty of water elements here except for your fire aries and his aquarius rising that is air. I would say that this boy of yours will definitely appreciate this relationship more than you do as your rising and sun sign reaches him deep to his moon sign and sun sign on the compatible level.

    For you on the other hand, his rising sign might earn you a little ... irk towards your sun sign. However, you can be rest assured that if you know him well enough he is definitely not what he appear to be. As long as you learned how to read below his mask, the ascendant sign is hardly an issue. Furthermore, his ascendant sign will appeal to your fire aries moon anyway. So in anycase, i can see a pretty synergistic relationship here.

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  • You are very welcome anytime 😃

  • I am also a scorpio and for a long time I was in love with a male virgo friend of mine. My first mistake I now realize, was confessing my true feelings to him because he obviously could not handle that. I myself am extremely open and blunt, whereas he is very shy and reserved. I just felt this insanely deep connection to him unlike any emotion I have ever felt for a man. We are not communicating right now, which really bothers me and I don't know if he truly hates me or the idea of being with me in that way scares him silly. I have never been more confused in my life. I really want to move on, but my heart is having a hard time truly letting go. Will I ever find love and happiness?

  • hey!!

    I am a scorpio woman happily married to a virgo male. Recently we have completed 3 years of our marriage and believe me I could not be more easy and happy with anybody else than a caring Virgo. ya!! you are right that if the arguments happen then it go on and on is the favourite pastime of a scorpio and a virgo also....Scorpio tends to argue with his intuition and experiences and virgo talks logic and technical side of the matter....Sometimes i become so furious(must have heard about the scorpio rage) even i don't understand.why?..but it is my perseverance that has made me calmer now...and things solve easily...remember when a virgo is giving his views do not disturb him...hear him carefully (sometimes u can pretend also.. ha.. ha!) If you interrupt him, all his systematic speech will be disturbed and he will be either angry or nervous. Give him a lot of space to move, talk, feel, think, understand and then he will be at ease with not challenge each other...that can bring jealousy...rather help each other.

    scorpio is demanding but virgo is contended. Of course this arises some vacuum in relationship. If you are scorpio u will always find yourself passionate about every matter and will be bit surprised with the cool and practical approach of virgo is not that he is not interested in matters but it is just that he need time to analyze and then take that case you should motivate him because scorpions are stronger concerning the feelings. He will care for your dreams, pains, sacrifices and will spend time to make you happy . He will live for you because he understands the devotion and loyalty of a deep scorpio woman. what else can be more beautiful and colourful for a relation? Love and get lost!!! take care god bless you both!!!

  • I am a Scorpio woman DOB 10/31/59--Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon and Taurus rising...anyway I have had my longest sucessful relationships with not know their other influences though. Just have not had much luck lately finding a compatible relationship---BUT I moved to a whole different area of the country (Florida) 3 years sure is different here and a strong woman like myself is not exactly common....LOL--

  • Hey Zelkari could you tell me my rising signs born on 11/11/1979 in Meru, Kenya his is 9/9/1980 Magadi, Kenya. Thank you.

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