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  • Hi Everyone...just curious if other Gemini females feel the way I do about relationships. I get involved, get very picky and instead of working on something worth while, I'm already looking for the next male. I never put my whole heart into something meaningful. Well, I had. I was married for 16 years and right before we broke, I admit, I strayed. I was not happy. And now almost three years later, even though I want a very profound relationship, I find myself being too critical or falling for the wrong men where I know it isn't according to the universe. I give my all to everyone in the beginning, i hurt people this way, because I back out without a thought. I'm actually a very genuine soul and I don't mean to be like this. I LOVE people. I'm at peace in other areas of my life....just not deep meaningful love relationships.

  • Schgem,

    I can't give you a reading but I have some thoughts. My daughter is a gemini and has ended several long term relationships during college, grad school & after. Several I thought would be my son-in-law. She is young and I respect the fact that she has not bent to society cultural or peer pressure to marry or have children if it doesn't feel right. She is very independent and I think many female gems are. Perhaps you should not look at your independence as a matter of being too picky. Sometimes real love comes when you're not looking. And when it feels right, compromise is easy.

  • One of my closest friends is a Gemini female... we are extremely different from each other, and I can say that I don't really like the Gemini nature(sorry!! but as a matter of fact it seems to be the sign whose way of thinking I like the least, even though they're ruled by mercury as well as my sign... but probably it's a two-sided feeling) even though this girl is a very close friend of mine, and I value her as a friend.

    (It probably helps that she has her descendant in Virgo... we are very different so we can talk about things from very different points of view, which I think is helpful.)

    Even though we're so incompatible, we still talk well to each other(though it's annoying that whenever she's drunk she starts spitting out offensive things, which unfortunately she really means)... she's got a mindset of ''I just want to enjoy life... if I ever marry, it will be when I'm old and just so that I dont spend the last years of my life alone'', which leads her to do one-night-stands with different guys each time we go out. I must say I'm not really into that kind of thinking, but I respect that it's an approach to life just like any other approach.

    She is also afraid to love at all, because then she will get hurt, she says... which is according to her why she doesn't get a ''fixed'' guy, because she would eventually end up starting to like that guy.

    PS: DON'T GET ME WRONG, I don't think gemini are bad people at heart, I am very incompatible with Gemini, but this is common to Virgo, I believe. And there are also signs that are very incompatible with Virgo(including Gemini, probably), which would also say they don't really approve Virgo's attitude toward life, just like I don't like what appears to me like it is Gemini one.

  • Thanks for responding littlelioness. I have to agree with you that I can't mistake my independence as being too picky. I do value my independence very, very much so. To a point where it is like oxygen to me. I'm not that young, 38, have children but feel I would rather be alone than settle. Sometimes, I mistake that as staying detached because of fear. But honestly, I just don't think I have met the person I want to really give myself to. Right now, I'm busy living life and when that person comes around, I will know. For the time being....I guess I will continue to kiss frogs to find my true prince 🙂

  • Hiddendiamond I understand what you are saying but I have to disagree with you. Maybe, because you are a Virgo female (I hope 🙂 ). My last major relationship was with a Virgo male and we got along very, very well mentally. He used to tell me he loved how I was whimsical, so different than he but we could hold conversations for hours about meaningful worldly issues. Thats what I love about Virgo's. My mom is a virgo and I must agree, through many rough spots I always value her opinion not just because she is mom but because I think her advice is worth listening to. Virgo's are brilliant people. They match Gemini's mental ability and are extremely rational. I think we make better friends than anything else. Yes, I understand why your friends behavior would bother you. I can understand it, why she is like that and understand why you don't see things her way. Even though we share Mercury we seem to process our information differently. I think very fast on my feet as what I have seen takes Virgo's a lot longer. But we seem to arrive at the same place just different time 🙂

  • First things first:

    I'm a virgo male, not female 😜

    Also, indeed I do notice that my friend((best friend, actually... though she annoys the hell out of me often, especially after she drinks... when she drinks she acts like I annoy the hell out of her also. Obviously I don't like to feel like I'm not liked, but don't really voice out how angry I get, I just store it inside, and wait for it to calm down)) thinks faster than me... as a matter of fact, I often get the feeling that my own thought is slower than most other signs', but it does reach further in the long run... not sure about Gemini though, because my friend is not only a superfast reader -like other gemini-, but her study, I estimate, is about 3 times as effective as mine xD meaning I have to study 3 times longer in order to understand the same things.

  • HiddenDiamond....I'm sorry. Didn't mean to call you a female 😉 Now I catch the masculine tone.

    Hey (and because I'm such a big flirt) we can be friends 🙂

    Seriously, I too am a super fast reader and I do retain things much quicker and more easily than other signs. Including my Virgo/Mercury friends 🙂 I notice sometimes, Virgo's are slow at getting jokes too. Is that normal? Just because your rational mind is always on guard?

    Thanks for your input!!!

  • Sure, why not.

    I'm not sure about other virgos, but I'm slow at getting jokes, defenitely. And I skip straight to more farfetched meanings, instead of interpreting basic things sometimes.

    On the other hand, my Gemini friend has learned to always be on guard, because since we're comfortable around each other, extremely often speak to her with double meaning. At first she got caught in all the language traps I led her to, it was so funny. And of course it looked like she got herself into the traps 😜

    Also, one thing me and my friend seemed to share(IDK if it's related to the signs) is the fact that when someone dodges a question, we notice it easily no matter how good they are with talk. Often my friend asked me something, then I'd try to go around the question, and it would inevitably lead to something along the lines of ''I asked you a simple question, just reply yes or no'' followed by ''not everything is black or white, there's plenty of tones of grey.''... I do work a bit more sophisticately though, I believe. If someone dodges a question, I pretend to not notice it, and just ask the exact same question another time 😛 If they say I already asked that, I say to their face in a pleasant tone 'yes I did, but you dodged it. Remember?'... it feels great, it's like disguising poison as sugar.

  • GREAT! Love new friends 🙂

    I also do the same thing as with questions. I'm a philosophy major so I'm always looking for deeper meaning in the questions I ask but yet will be the first one to say "Yes or No?" followed by "but there always shades of grey." My favorite example is....."Do you enjoy beating your wife or girlfriend?" Some or most questions can't be answered with yes or no. If you say yes or no it suggest you beat your sig other. Anyway, I love to debate. Became a PHL major to go into law. Maybe, one day 🙂

    But the difference between your gemi friend and I is that I'm not on guard. I'm too trusting and often will get hurt because of it. Not deeply though. I make the people around me feel great--another problem. I am the life of the party, approachable, and will talk to every person I come in contact with. This can make the people I'm with jealous or insecure because they always feel I'm onto different things. Which, maybe I am. The one thing I can say about your Gemi friend is that when we have best friends or keep people in our life is because we really do LOVE YOU. Life would not be the same without you. And we value the people close to us. We can get moody but it usually doesn't last long at all--life is too short. We NEVER hold grudges, not for long anyway. We are very scattered but focused at the same time. WE are EXCELLENT multi-taskers. I usually tell people; "even though I may exhibit chaotic traits....there is no true danger here" 🙂

    Off to work 🙂

  • Philosophy!? Amazing!!

    I remember back when I used to have philosophy classes, in high school. My classmates all were saying it's useless, but I didn't consider it useless at all.

    It was easy to get sidetracked and lose sight of exactly what you were supposed to learn in order to get good grades, since the classes themselves felt pretty much like just chilling out(always debating different subjects).

    And I think I get what you mean about friends... my friend too says that her life was more marked by her friends than by her love affairs.

    IDK about other Virgos, but I doubt they're good multitaskers... I like to focus completely on one thing at a time... it's kind of a pre-req for being meticulous 😛

    And my friend doesn't seem chaotic at all, atleast psychologically... other than the get-a-different-guy-each-time thing.

    Really, ''Never hold grudges?'' I don't know about that... might be another part of your birth chart?

    This friend of mine I talked about, and another friend of mine(male) who is also gemini, didn't talk to each other for many months, even though they used to see each other every day as we were in the game group of friends and also in the same classes at university. She finally sent him a text message saying lets be friends again, and he send a bad reply along the lines of 'it's pointless, we are incompatible people, let's stay as we are'. It wasn't until a few further months that they finally got over it.

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