So many questions, can you help me out?

  • I don't say much on this website but I have always kept it close for there are so many wise people here and so many insightful questions are asked. I find myself just reading things here time to time to pick up a little information about mystical things.

    But when reading these things I...think, questions fill my mind and I was just recently struck with a massive amount of them. Any responses would be great, thank you!

    I guess my first few questions would be about guides....

    I 'know' that everyone is suppose to have a guide...but when I see how this world is I wonder is this really true? I just...wonder do they even 'feel' anything from their guides or are they just so turned out that nothing will reach them unless they have a near death experience or something?

    I wonder, are people fated to die? Clearly everyone dies...but the people who don't die from age, are they destined to die or does it just happen? For people who die very young in life do they even get a guide? IE a baby who dies just after birth.

    I have also been thinking of animals, do they have guides? I have been wondering about their own survival. Humans keep claiming more and more land and my soul just seeps into darkness thinking of how we just take away all their homes and land for the sake of our own over populated species. Are there any forces that protect animals? How far can we keep pushing till something happens? Will these forces just let us smother them out to death? I know that things work in cycles and even species dying out is natural but still...

    I have also been thinking about Angels and Gods ect...

    I know a lot of it is based on personal interpretation but I wonder. When does your own ideal began to dramatically differ from the truth? I mean for example, the major Angels. Have definitive form and appearance, but what if I think of them way different in all aspects? Who is right?

    Can human souls turn into angels? Sometimes I think I would love to be an angel. I feel that helping people is much more satisfying than all these materialistic things. The grace and beauty of angels just captivates me. (What do you think of Angels?)

    Thank you for reading


  • I believe that life is all about God wanting to experience every type of lifestyle or situation there is and so being an angel would be part of that, although I know many people believe angels never experience human existence. But how could they deal effectively with humanity if they didn't understand them by having once been human?

    And everyone is right in their own way, from their own point of view.

  • And everyone has an inner guide(s) - but not everyone listens to them.

  • I wonder why they do no listen to them. What do you think makes people shut them out? (Thank you for responding)

  • Free will, us and our not so brilliant free will. So many times you hear that small voice guide you but we allow our minds and choices to over ride the direction we are being given. I for one am so guilty of that. I'm working on it but as my brother and I often comment, "that still small voice" could stand to be just a little louder, just a little clearer or perhaps a little more determined that we listen.

  • Just seems strange, not to do what deep down you know seems right...

    But I still wonder about other things, like the existance of animals...will any force of nature protect them from us? I feel like we are killing them by being so many and so wide spread.

  • Sometimes we get so involved with or distracted by our problems that we fail to hear the solutions that are being presented to us.

  • I have been wondering, I think I know my guide. However (this may sound silly X_X...) I'm not sure if she is really my guide or just a figment of my imagination (like a...pretend friend) she represents a lot of things about me and is almost like a angel version of me...

    I don't want to convey that I'm crazy or something and I hope you do can I tell that this figure in my mind is my true guide or just something I made up?

  • That sounds like your inner guide - your Higher Self.

  • Oh, I see...thank you very much with everything

    I feel much less confused then when I started this question session.

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