Pisces and Aquarius -forever or forget it

  • need readings please me2-26-53 ...his 2-20-54. Is this a karmic connections?

    will he ever return in my life on a regular bases or has the time come and gone. Help I need to remove this "blocks" that I have concerning this situation. Thanks

  • Both of you guys is Pisces. Aqua ends on 2-19. We have no insight on your situation. So we can't really know rather you guys will be getting back together. Sorry...

  • Hi worthy1248,thanks for reply. made mistake on his bday.his 2-10-54...mine2-26-53.do you feel any energies surrounding a connection now.

  • No I am not an expert in this area. What I would advise to you is to search thur the different Threads and find someone really good in this area. There are really good people on different sites that can heil you. I know a few of their names such as LeoScorpio, The Captain ect.. Just go thur the different sites.

  • Thanks for your advice and reply worth1248

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