Scorpio man has frozen me out ! help :(

  • Hi guys, oh well, same old stories with me and my ex ( scorpio). I'm not sure how we exactly ended but the last conversation we had over msn was that " RIGHT NOW ITS JUST NOT THE TIME, DON'T THINK THAT I'M NOT INTERESTED OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT, I GUESS ITS JUST NOT THE TIME ". Oh well before tihs all started we had a fight ( before i was being a bit stupid ) to him and it has pushed him away for nearly a week. I was angry and frustrated with his no reply ! so i changed my relationship status on facebook as SINGLe ! and thats when he replied and said that i was an idiot for doing so. Before this all started, he was depressed and had too many issues going on in his lives but still managed to call me once a day and tried to maintain our relationship as well as his own issues, though promising that in a couple of weeks everything will go bak to normal. It was new year and i was very angry at him...and thats when the fight started. We never had a fight before ( we were together for 2 months ). Everytime we are together the chemistry and the connection is so strong and we never once fight no matter what. When we did fight it was all over the phone , texts ! which is bad. ..anyway , when it was supposed to be our thrid monthsary , we hvae not yet discussed what we should do now, he told me that he will call me the next day which was our 3 months, and i said ok. Coz i said to him on the text that i'm sorry and i still wanan be his girlfriend. Stupid me, shud have known that making a scorpio man jealous won't work but still did, i went to the beach with male friends from work on that day and when he called, he can hear all the noises at the back and said " what the fuck ( he doesn't usually swear to me" and i said its just my friends sorry, and he said he will speak to me later !!!

    when i called back he didn't answer the phone !!! and ignored me again. The next day i texted him saying that i wanna talk to him about evrything and wants him to come online. He then came online, and said that right now is just not the time as he can't give me the time i deserve as a partner, he loved being wif me but just not the time. I agreed and respected his decision though was hurt.

    ...after about 2 weeks of nothing from him i cudn't wait but go to his palce just to say hello. as soon as he saw me, he smiled and was blushed... he kept smiling and i askedh im why he's smiling so much and he didn't answer. we were talking heaps and everythign was just the same.. it was so nice and felt so good. he asked me what i did on aussie which is when i went on a date wif this guy ( he must have found out from facebook) and i said nothing... n he said r u sure? and i said yes. .. i asked if he wanan go grab some coffee and he said, his friend was coming over but how about saturday, he will call or text me for breakfast. and i said ok ! . .. but when it was saturday. there was no call or text !! i was so hurt and furious ! wondering why wud he make such a plan but not even bothered to say if he was coming or busy when he's not usually like that. i thought he did it on purpose to hurt me. ... after that saturday.. i hear no mroe from him ..and just before valentines day i texted him asking what he's doing saying that i wanted to spend valentine wif him.. again no reply !!! 😞 so i thought to myself, this is it he's done ! just before i thought to leave evrything behind, i sent him a nice long email saying how i feel and how sorry i am for everything. It was a very touchy email, and i never once have said sweet thigns like that to him.. and yes i admitted in the email that i loved him..but will leaev everything behind from now.. this was about a month and a half ago... i did not again text or call from me..

    i know that this might be obvious to a lot of u that he's just not into me ?? but there's so many good memories and when we met again the last time, it was so beautiful and why did he smile so much??? and seemed very happy to see me. why did he said, just not right now when he broke up with me ?? does that mean he will never again come back t me or he will come back when he's ready to come back at full force? i'm confused. i know i'm trying hard to get over him but the connection is strong, I moved on with my life but still wondering how he is and if only i hear from him again that will be the best thing ever.. i wanna hear from you guys whether u think he will come back esp from ur own experiences. thank you ! scorpio guy is just too hard to handle but i have fallen in love with him so deep and its so hard to stop loving him...and i noe he's the one

  • When is this guys birthday? I'm just curious because I was with a Scorpio man for six years and he has many similar traits as you describe. I'm going through something very similar, but at this point in time for me I have to let him go, and it hurts me to know end. I pray that he will see the truth and the light about our situation, and that maybe one day things will change, but for now I can wait no longer. Please move forward with your life and don't look back, cause whatever is meant to be will be, and we can do nothing really to change our fate and destiny.

  • Hey is birthday is 30 of October . I have not heard from him n I still think about him though I have moved on with my life and have become a much better person .. If it's meant to be then oneday we will c each other again .. 😞 I can't deny that I wish we get bak together but that's not up to me ! Semper 1 please share ur experience !

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