Espearite, can you help me aswell?

  • @amaranta, coo, thanx 🙂

    @ libralady... I'm working on yours now, this is a hard one but an answer I may have! Posting soon...

  • @ libralady

    What is the energy surrounding libralady and her getting her 3 children back for good?

    3 of Swords + Eight of Swords. Though it is breaking your heart to struggle through this battle and with the way things have been going, it seems to me you have exhausted your options, as though you have no where else to turn. However, the energy does look favorable. You are in a low energy period, however. The energy you will need in order to get your children back for good will be a low energy period transitioning to a high energy one. This is also indicated for July, the time you go back to fight for your children. For now, however, the options are limited.

    How you are approaching the situation. Queen of Wands + 7 of Swords reversed. I would caution against trying to "beat" the system. You should play fair. Not saying you wouldn't, but in desperate times you should guard against anything that might prove a set back for you. The overall message here is, you are more than willing to act.

    How you should approach the situation in July. Knight of Wands. In July you will need to tone it down. You are approaching the situation beautifully as shown to me above, with much support (to your children?). You are doing this out of habit and you are seeing the situation for what it truly is, meaning you've got your eyes open. Like I said though, when July comes around, you will be on a role just play your cards right, stay cool. You need to change your perception with how you approach the situation. This will be something you might have no choice in doing but it should help the situation for the longterm.

    Outcome. 2 of Pentacles. The reading is looking like you may not be over in July, but either way, it will be a situation you may have more control over. At the very least, you will feel like you are making some progress here. I don't want to interpret it as anymore than that. But keeping it cool and being disciplined will help out as I said in the end. I wish you the best in this and I do hope your children come home with you.

  • Espearite if you are still up I have a question for you.

    I took a stab in the dark and left a message for my Exboyfriend on his answering machine.

    Basically, I told him that if he felt like talking, or going out for coffee to feel free to give me a call.

    Could you tell me his thoughts and feelings on this please??

    Thnk You.

  • Thank you for the reading it was very accurate.,.blessings to you!

  • @ st.claire, you're welcome St. Claire. I do hope you find what you're looking for.

    @ pilot007, sorry pilot but my list is closed. I will just be reading for those already on the list. I will be going back to school soon and need some time to prepare for this. Not sure if I'll be back for readings but if I am will definitely let you all know.

  • thank you espearite..Hope all goes wel with your schooling . Peace and love to you and in all things.

  • @ libralady. Thank you. 🙂

  • @Emergence. Hi, thank you for waiting so patiently. I drew some cards for you today and this is what I got...

    What you can expect this year with love - Knight of Swords reversed. The energy is neutral and cannot be worked in your favor at this time. The Knight of Swords reversed shows me that you are not ready to approach the ideal relationship without further growth. This might be in the area of communications, perception, planning, and/or knowing what you want in your heart. You might have to kiss a few more frogs before you reach the right one, or that you just take the steps or learning experiences necessary for this growth. At the very least, you meet someone who isn't ready himself. He will may need to figure out what he wants first.

    What you can expect next year - Strength reversed. You will may find it difficult next year to go on, but if you take on a more passive role, the energy should change for you and from there you will know what to do. You should not be hard on yourself if you don't find the right person or if you are having difficulties in the relationship you will be in. Try to look at any set backs as blessings in disguise, meaning turn an unfortunate situation into one that will work for you. Guard against depression and self-pity.

    Overall - Queen of Wands reversed. I think you need to look more at making yourself happy, because this Queen reversed shows me that you find it difficult. If you've found it hard to like yourself, I think now is the time to get in touch. Self-acceptance is definitely a part of this I think.

    I hope this helps, Emergence. Please let me know if anything is not clear to you. I wish you the best in love.

  • @drgaganni... hi, yours was a bit difficult too but I drew some cards for you.

    Energy. King of Cups reversed. Right now you are in a learning phase with regard to your love life. You are where you need to be, only that you need to make extra effort at finding that part of yourself, the mature, well-rounded person for the right relationship. At the very least, it shows me a need to work on yourself and finding the path you'll come to feel "right" in. I think if you take on a more passive role, and let things come naturally, the energy will change and from there you will know what to do.

    Future. The Devil + Nine of Pentacles reversed. There will be some patterns with which you will need to look closely at for the future. This concerns you and facing yourself with regard to spending needed time alone. You don't like being alone from what the nine of pentacles reversed tells me, but you will need to understand this pattern of dislike and how it happens. You may also feel like you haven't achieved what you were hoping. I think you should take some time out for you and concentrate on what makes you happy when you are alone, not necessarily with friends either.

    Will you reach some understanding that will bring you the love of your life? The Lovers + Justice. This card tells me that you will have someone in time for the future but with a decision to make. You must look very carefully at the two options. This might be between someone new and the person you are with at the time, meaning the man you have asked about before.

    What you can do for the relationship now. Four of Cups reversed + Seven of Cups. There are a lot of emotions between the two of you, ones that seem very hard to control. I just don't think the relationship will reach a point where it is what you want it to be, only what it can be at this time, meaning friendship at the most. Even then, it might be too much for the both of you? The 7 of Cups tells me that decision making is not easy right now and that either one or the both of you are confused. There is scattered energy.

    Outcome for you and the man you asked about. Five of Cups reversed. You may start to see all of this in a new light, instead of focusing on the bad that has happened. It is also a card of returning love. In whatever form it might be. You may get your old love back but at the same time, it might not be a way you'd wanted, meaning it would be friendship, but it will seem okay for you at the time. You are right to step back and let him figure things out. If he wants you, let him call you. I think you are doing an excellent job of taking the hiatus. 😉

    Okay, I hope this has helped you, drgaganni. I am signing off for the night. Have a good one. 🙂




  • Espearite I forgot to put my birth date.It's sep 11, 1980.u may need that when u do my reading.

  • Hi all, it looks like I won't be continuing to give anymore readings at this point, so I do apologize to those I did not get to on the waiting list. You have all been a friendly bunch compared to other forums! I wish you all the best. 🙂

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