Espearite, can you help me aswell?

  • thanks esp...

    the first card u picked is exactly how he feels about marriage and the external influence is his family, they wudnoy let him be mine because i belong to different caste in their religion and i am 5 yrs older than him !

    "At the moment, the prospect of marriage is distracting to him. He lives his life from day to day, unable to see the future with regard to settling down if I'm correct. More or less also, he is unsure of the idea of marriage. No matter the choices we make, there is always risk involved. However, with marriage, he can avoid this risk if chooses. There may also be outside influences that may be contributing to his confusion. "

    there are few questions, how long do you see before he comes around and agrees for marriage, ...... i have been with him for 4 yrs now,. he is 27 , i am 33.... so i have a biological time running out but i do want this man...i love him but i am exhausted doing nothing and waiting.....

    would it be practical and wise to forget him and marry someone else? or should i wait for him...i really like him but i have been almost without a man for over 6 yrs....we both work, we dont spend much time together...., but whatever we spend is really nice..., i just wana know how much time will he take, one year, two years, five years.....

    how will he treat me after we r married..?

    will it be hard on us as a couple now and later, will life be easy or hard...

    what are the obstacles that our relationship faces till we get married..?

    are there somethings you want to advice me on regarding him....and how to keep it going...

  • Hey Bella, how are you? I've had a tiring but good weekend. That said, I'm going to try and answer your questions as best as I can.

    1. What kind of feelings did you get when you read the cards for me, both the 1st time on both of them and then this last one? While I'm not psychic, I do get a "picture" of what someone needs to work on from the cards and direct you from there. I can tell you that you would be wise to be patient about your decision, yet at the same time, if you are going to have a relationship with Tom, you are both advised to understand how the other feels with such a relationship as well as to communicate effectively, i.e., being honest, as well as true to yourselves. You can be a couple but also be yourselves. That is all I can tell you. Whether or not he will be the one for you, I would rather you seek one of the psychics.

    2., Did you get the feeling of there being someone else instead of them? Again, can't answer that one. Although I would advise you not to be disappointed should this person not be the one for you. Experience is the best teacher and if he isn't the one, then you will have a better idea of who will be in future. I'm not trying to discourage you from a decision, but help you where you might reach the right one.

    3. Is there anything I should do to make this happen that I can do now? Not too clear on what it is you are asking. Are you asking what you can do to attract the right person?

    The Star reversed. Right now you are learning to have confidence in yourself as a person, to look to something that will inspire you. It can be work you admire, parental figure, and/or a faith you practice. There is a lack of motivation, so you are needing to work on raising your energy. I believe when you do have the right energy, as soon as you learn this lesson, you can attract the right person.

    I hope this helps Bella. If something isn't clear to you, please ask. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi drgagannagi, I have not drawn much cards for you, but I think you might understand what it is I've tried to do. I hope it helps.

    Q: Hello there are few questions, how long do you see before he comes around and agrees for marriage, ...... i have been with him for 4 yrs now,. he is 27 , i am 33.... so i have a biological time running out but i do want this man...i love him but i am exhausted doing nothing and waiting.....

    A: I know the feeling. But I can't answer when he will come around because I cannot tell time with the cards. If you need this answer, you can ask one of the psychics in the psychic forum.

    Q: would it be practical and wise to forget him and marry someone else? or should i wait for him...i really like him but i have been almost without a man for over 6 yrs....we both work, we dont spend much time together...., but whatever we spend is really nice..., i just wana know how much time will he take, one year, two years, five years.....

    A: IMO, you don't need to read the cards for this one, you need an objective answer. Because we can get lost in our emotions, we end up missing other opportunities and experiences. I think you should move on. You value marriage. He does not, esp if you both are divided by cast. You want someone who values what you value. Allowing yourself to wait so long is costing you to miss out on other opportunities. Personally, I would not wait that long to have him marry me. It's not fair, esp under the circumstances. Enjoy the relationship as a friendship and look for another. You deserve to be happy.

    Q: how will he treat me after we r married..?

    A: The previous reading did show me that you both will need to find time for one another. This will affect not only him, but the both of you, as you told me you work also. This will require lot of patience and understanding from the two of you. If the two of you can overcome this first, then there can be a more successful marriage.

    Q: will it be hard on us as a couple now and later, will life be easy or hard...

    A: Again, if you take your relationship a step further, meaning when he goes to live in your country and you marry, you both will need to look at how much time you will have for each other.

    The Knight of Pentacles does show that you will need to work hard and look at your priorities.

    Q: what are the obstacles that our relationship faces till we get married..?

    A: The previous reading did show me that his intentions are not clear. You already know his feelings/thoughts on marriage are preventing one. Again, this is not a question that would require a card, but the fact you have waited 6 years. You also would need to understand that the both of you work and that you would need to find some way to spend time together. With marriage, you will need to increase your efforts.

    Q: are there somethings you want to advice me on regarding him....and how to keep it going...

    A: 6 of Pentacles reversed. You should learn to balance not only your resources (money) but also your life in terms of giving and taking. This can be in the form of time and energy, inner values, yourself. Life needs a balance of everything, yet sometimes it is not always possible. Here you can control this. You have been doing one thing for too long. Allow yourself to give and take equally, meaning you need to give back to yourself. You must look at the relationship itself and ask yourself if this has been one of balance. If not, you must be the one to decide if it can work with balance, or it cannot.

  • Espearite, hope alll is well with you, if you dont mind me butting in here i would really like a reading on my job future? thanks for the time you take for this........blessings to you

  • Espearite,

    Like stclaire, I hope that I am not butting in, but would appreciate a reading on me and my ex. Still love him but afraid that he is being strung along by another woman. And also would like to know what his feelings are still towards me and if he will ever come my way again.Also reading on an ex that I haven't seen in 20 yrs and he contacted me over the Easter holiday..Could this go any where? Still in love with the ex that I was with for over a year,been apart for 4 months. Thank you so much. greatly appreciated.

  • Hey St. Claire, long time no see. Happy to be of help. I would like to know exactly what you are asking about. Like, does this have to do with getting a job, seeking a promotion, etc.? The more specific you can be, the better I'll be able to determine what I can see for you. Thanks.

  • Hello Libralady, I will get to your reading in the order I got it (I know I sound like a recording) LOL Please bear with me.

  • Hi espearite,

    If you're still giving people readings, I would be very grateful for one whenever you have time.

    I am trying to be at a more peaceful and stable place in both spirit and mind, trying to embrace positivity and ignore the negative. I'm not sure if I'm making any progress, so if there's any insight you could provide, I'd love the hear it.


  • im , looking for a job next week i will be jobless, will i find a good job that is fulfilling and has a good respect for their employes, and when if possible,also what should i be aware of, fincially of course will i be able to keep my head above water, im am at a crossroads and confused should i continue in the same line of work, if not what line of work do you see? thank-you for being here for all of us! blessings to you i like what i do but finding decent people to work with is hard these days!

  • thank u esp..

    i would rather appreciate you do a full reading for me.

    his intentions, his thoughts for me, his motives, past present and future of our relation, the options i have if i leave him, will i find another person if i leave him.

    i would like that you do a reading for both of us and tell me what you see in our past present and future. then i will decide what i have to do.

    best to you, esp.

  • @St. Claire

    Judgment reversed. Right now it will be difficult for you to find the job you're looking for, but this suggests you should look into a different line of work. You're not feeling enthusiastic or hopeful in spite of what this job meant to you, and this can create the problem of making yourself less receptive to what you want.

    The Star. I would suggest you look to things that inspire you, whether it's related to the job or other parts of your life, such as prayer. Don't give up hope. When you feel like you could give up, keep going. They say God blesses you just before you're ready to give up. I think you should work on lifting your spirits. I think once you learn how to do this, you can attract the right job.

    The Hanged Man. To start this process, the card of hiatus shows up. You may need to moonlight for a time until you can find the right job for yourself, one where you will not only be comfortable with co-workers but one you will enjoy. This does indicate a sacrifice for something better and you will be wiser for doing so.

    Again, sorry I could not directly answer your question about what kind of job you should go into, but I think in time (card #3) you will know what line of work will be best for you. My best to you, St. Claire. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @ drgaganniโ€ฆ ok, drgaganni, you've made me step up my reading skills. I do hope this does help you in your journey to understand the situation better and that you do weigh all sides before reaching a conclusion.

    His intentions/motives โ€“ 10 of Pentacles. His intention is one of wealth on a permanent level. This obviously concerns marriage in general, having a home, children, and things that will carry on his legacy. For now, this is what his foremost priority is.

    Mind with regard to you โ€“ The Tower reversed. This suggests to me that within time you will know where it exactly it is you stand with him. If he had told you he wants to still be with you, I would not be surprised. He does not seem to want to let go of this relationship either. This card may also suggest he realizes that hardship between you but still continues to hold on. Remember, only time will tell.

    Past of your relationship โ€“ 6 of Swords reversed. You both struggled to find the solution to the problems in your relationship. Things were very confusing and there was nothing to shed any light on the problems happening to the both of you at the time.

    Present of the relationship โ€“ Page of Swords reversed. Again, attempts at gathering information and analyzing the problem are not helping. Also, be careful this is not a plan of all talk, no action. You are advised to slow down with your thoughts. The next card tells you how you might be able to help solve your current problem.

    Future of the relationship โ€“ The Hanged Man. This is the card of time out's, meaning you will either take a break from one another or will no longer be in a partnership. This will be, however, a sacrifice that either one of the both of you make in order to gain a better understanding of the situation and what you want. In that time, you turn your thoughts elsewhere.

    A. Your potential of finding a better relationship if you leave him โ€“ The Devil reversed. You will definitely learn what has been preventing you from finding the right relationship. I would say that it is a favorable energy for you.

    B. What must happen first โ€“ 6 of Wands reversed. In order for you to make any progress with finding a new relationship, you must change the way you look at yourself and the present circumstances. You are finding it hard to believe you have any kind of luck right now. It seems like when one thing goes right, two things go wrong. You also feel like you've failed yourself and/or the other person. Try not to feel this way. Eventually these times pass and it is only a matter of moving on when times are tough.

  • @ ineedtomeditate

    Nine of Pentacles reversed. You are dealing with learning to be with yourself in terms of learning to enjoy the solitude. You need to create harmony with what you are doing when you do find yourself alone. You must learn how to appreciate yourself and see the accomplishments you've achieved in your own life. Make a list of these and meditate upon them. This is a card about learning to love yourself. Another way to understand yourself is to simply meditate and watch the emotions that come first. If you are learning self-forgiveness and now would be the best time to do so. Believe in miracles because they do happen. This message is significant for you at this time. Also, do not be so concerned with keeping the status quo of a situation. Negativity also has its good points. As Froud says, you must see the good in the bad and the bad in the good. In chaos, there is opportunity.

    Let me know if this has shed some light into your situation. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Libralady, I will get to your reading as soon as I can. It's a little more complicated and will take some time to answer.

    @ Everyone. Thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to read for you all. I feel like I've made some progress with reading for others. It's definitely helped me have a better understanding of situations and how the tarot can be of help. I just ask, please be patient. Bear with me and I will get to your questions as soon as I can. I'm wishing everyone the best. You guys have all been awesome.

  • Hi espearite, thank you very much for your reading. It hit on my situation very clearly. I am in a position where I have a lot of time for contemplation and figuring out how I want to be in this world. Thank you for the advice! Good luck with everything in the future : )

  • hello espearite!

    Can you help me once more?

    I need to know what it is that the answer lies in my past, about finding the one. So apprently the answer is in my past, can you help me figure that one out?

  • thank you for reading for me, this does accurately mirror the situation.......when you can would you do a general love reading, when will i meet the,one or anything you see what will he be like? maybe you have better news take care and blesssings to you

  • @ libralady

    Hi libralady, I apologize for not getting to your reading sooner. I wanted to be thorough and address all of your questions. Although I don't answer yes and no questions too well at this point, this reading will give you an idea of what energies you are working with. I will be doing it in 2 separate readings, one for your recent ex and the second for your longtime ex. I hope these readings can provide you with some insight in making a decision. You seem like you're in the right state of mind to do so now.

    Recent Ex

    The Hermit. It looks like things between you and your recent ex are for the best at the moment. Not saying the situation is permanent, but it suggests a journey taken alone. You both turn inward to reexamine yourselves, i.e., values. This is often a much needed exploration, one the soul needs in order to learn more about what it wants. Anything that is therapeutic for the mind right now is also favorable to you.

    His feelings for you now โ€“ 3 of Pentacles. I think he feels like he wants to learn new things, have new experiences. I think you were a symbol for the starting point of this "awakening". Sorry I cannot give you a better interpretation, but this is basically what the card represents.

    The relationship with the other woman - Page of Pentacles. This is a partnership of mutual consent for some common goal. Someone is helping the other. This could be an exchange of ideas such as decision making or something like schooling. Does not necessary mean a good relationship, just that it does further your ex-boyfriend's need to have new experiences. He sounds like he wants to be helpful to this woman. I am guessing this is his nature in general? Whether she is using him, I cannot say for sure. I think some kind of emotional support is involved here.

    Destiny of the relationship โ€“ Knight of Wands. This is going to be a dynamic relationship for you, meaning that it can be a source of good and bad. For some reason, the word "on and off" comes to mind. You feel like you have trouble keeping up with it.

    You in this โ€“ Queen of Cups. You are concerned about the whole situation, not necessarily hysterical or emotionally unstable. You have a big heart. If he did come back, you would be the strong one emotionally and probably the one who gives the relationship the stability it needs. You were probably also the dominant one in the relationship? However, considering the destiny of the relationship, you aren't as compatible with it as you'd like to be. Fire and water are two very separate energies. You will always feel like you need to calm things down or feel the need for calmer experiences as opposed to the ones it gives you and those he's seeking.

    Okay, hope this helps. I'll be reading posting up your next reading later on.

  • @ ineedtomediate - Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad I could help you out in your path. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ bellasweden - You're on my list. ๐Ÿ˜‰ What's your progress if you don't mind my asking?

    @ stclaire - Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, I can do another reading for you on your love life. You're on my list also.

    I'm going to try to get to everyone's readings this week. If I don't get to you sooner then please be patient. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ttyl.

  • Thank you Espearite for the reading.. Sorry for these questions but Does he still love me? I know that you said that I was an awakening for him. When you say on and off Does that mean that we will be on again and off again with our relationship with each other ? Just trying to figure alot of things out and where do I exactly stand as far as he is concerned... Like I said sorry for the questions..While we were together, it was I don't know, have no words for it.. We never fight, had one disagreement the whole time . I enjoyed being with him and now I miss him very much..but i know if he needs this then that is what needs to happen. If you can would like a full reading on him and I . If date of birth is needed it is mine October 22 1969 and his is November 2 1971... Thank you so much for this,,

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