Espearite, can you help me aswell?

  • Hello espearite, I hope I spell your name right?

    I kind of need answers on these questions and I was wondering if you could help me with them? I understand that your not psychic, neither am I, just like you I just read the cards and since I´ve been 100% right then I trust so will you, I don´t belive that you have to be psychic when you got the cards talking to you.

    Is Bill or Tom the man I will spend the rest of my life with as in is he the "one"?

    What can stand in the way of a possible relationship?

    Positive/negative sideos of the relationship

    What should/can I do to make it happen?

    Also, I was wondering what it will be like for me after my makeup education has ended, will I have a fulltime job and move away from this horrible town?

    I would be so grateful for answers on these questions,and I know they are many but I am the kind of person who always has alot of questions, my teachers used to stop me when I was in school because I asked to many:P I know some think that "the one" doesn´t exist, some even told me that it is just something people say so that they got something to belive in, but I do belive there is someone you are meant to spend the rest of your life with and I am hoping it is one of them, I can´t choose between them since they both are so beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, when I look into their eyes it´s like I can see the soul. So please answer me in the ways you can. I just really need to know, they both mean alot to me and I don´t want to loose one of them if I got a chance of getting one of them. Being stuck like this isn´t that fun since I was told a while ago that I have to make a choice and it has to be the right one, but I have no clue what so ever who would be the right choice for me.

  • Hey Ms. Bella. I will have your reading to you in a while. I need some time with this one. Talk to you soon. 🙂

  • Hello Bella, I drew 6 cards for you. I did chose 1 card to describe each man, letting you decide whom is whom. There's a good reason for this. The next few cards will show why. The objective of it is to try to help you towards a decision, but it is ultimately you that must look at what is given and make a choice from it. As I mentioned with kentucker, you are free to ask me questions if something isn't clear about the reading. I did try to interpret it as best as I could.

    1. Qualities, strengths, outlook of man #1: 9 of Wands reversed. This man is finding it difficult right now to go on. When the 9 of Wands is in this position, it means exhaustion. It doesn't necessarily mean he isn't the best man. Depending on his personality, he may be looking to you to help him through this or not. He may be the more sensitive one of the two.

    2. Qualities strengths, outlook of man #2: Knight of Wands. This is a passionate, adventure seeker. He is the lady's man. He comes and goes a lot faster than the other one. The knight of wands is also a card of travel, mail deliveries and messages, so he may have something to do with this also. He wants to be "it". I think he is the feistier one of the two.

    3. What you need in order to have a quality relationship: The Hierophant reversed. You need honesty, someone who can be true to himself, and not misrepresent himself or be a shadow of himself to you or the people in his life. The Hierophant has a connection with the divine and he transmutes his connections to the masses. When he is doing this correctly, he is aligned with himself here on earth and God's will. I know it sounds mystical and spiritual, but when you are true to yourself, you are connected with the higher self/God. Your beliefs, practices, philosophies are important to you and also in a partner as well. You can disagree on things but it still does not mean a quality relationship is impossible. This is a foundation for you. I am going to get a bit literal and ask if this has anything to do with the faith you worship?

    4. What can stand in the way of a possible relationship? 7 of Wands reversed. Like The Hierophant, this card is about standing up for what you want and being able to say what's on your mind. This is a card of self-defense against any danger or threat, but maybe defense is not what is needed. The reversal tells me that there are words unspoken, communication not being made, and not being able to draw the line somewhere and set some kind of boundaries when you're in a relationship that can hinder it. It is also a card about following through, so if either the one of you can't, then this can be a problem. Ultimately the goal of this card is that you both should know where you stand with one another often. My pastor recommends taking at least an hour each week to go somewhere (i.e. a park, restaurant) and talk about what is on your mind. The more you can talk about, the better, but it doesn't necessarily need to be the goal.

    Positive/negative sides of the relationship? 9 of Cups. When it's good, it's good. You want the best for this relationship. As I was telling someone else who got this card, you have hopes and aspirations for the relationship as well as future plans. However, the negative of this could be if you're not careful, you might run off with your imaginations instead. Remember that you must remain grounded and that your expectations of a relationship should be realistic, see card #3. While it's not a crime to enjoy a relationship when its good, don't get caught up that you begin to doubt the relationship when something goes wrong. You also must give the hard times a chance to allow you both to grow as a couple.

    What should/can I do to make it happen? 9 of Swords reversed. This tells me that you shouldn't let the choice interfere with your quality of life, as it does show an environment that will not help you make a decision. There could be isolation, worry, agonizing, and anxiety involved that may allow other areas of your life to be neglected or poorly attended. Your concentration should be sharp and your mind alert. Know that you are a capable and confident person and that you DO have the power to make the right choice.

    I hope this has helped provide you with some insight. I really enjoyed your post. Thanks. 🙂

  • Bella, I just wanted to let you know that I will get to your career question tonight. Talk to you soon.

  • hi easpearite,

    how are you?

    can u shed light on my evolving situation.

    friends +- relation with guy from 4 years, now in separate states from 6 months, we like each other a lot, but he doesnt want to marry, i just want to marry him and i have conveyed my feelings. he is a very nice guy, and i would wish him to be in my life, i have kept this friendship going despite all odds, he has maintained it too....will he come around? exactly when? what should i do in the time being, after a while we r going to be in different continents till he gets a job where i am living, till then he will be in our home country....

  • Also, I was wondering what it will be like for me after my makeup education has ended, will I have a fulltime job and move away from this horrible town?

    Situation after you graduate from makeup education: 10 of Cups reversed. This card does show me that it will take some time for you to move to your ideal place. I can see you aren't happy in your community. Also, is the place you are living at a disappointment? My advice is, don't bite off more than you can chew once out of school, as much as you want to high tail it out of there. I would suggest to keep calm and find a position and place that are going to be right for you. I know it's hard finding the right place but trust your intuition, the first thoughts that come.

    What you should concentrate on to get a job: The Hanged Man. This is normally the card of Hiatus. In more detail, he is compared with Odin in the myths of the Yggdrasil tree. Odin hung himself from the tree in order to gain wisdom/knowledge as one source puts it. He allowed himself to gain another perspective and to think outside of the box. In the end, it was a sacrifice worth the trouble. This card asks you to pause for a moment of clarity to see how you can beat the competition. Observe the job market and its trends and then participate in what you want. As mentioned in card #1, don't be in a terrible hurry. Another message is to work smarter, not harder.

    Quality you should emphasize about yourself: The Empress reversed. You want to resolve any issues with creativity, nurturing, development. Giving a good impression that you can resolve issues like this is going to be key for you. This card also deals with time, so you might find you are limited here. If this is makeup artistry you are going into, the card fits what you should emphasize perfectly. Practice makes good, not perfect!

    Outcome: 9 of Cups reversed. Don't be disappointed if you don't get your wish right away or if something could have been better for you. This may be warning you that you may be intent on fulfilling your dreams at the expense of personal growth. Like Joyce Meyer says, when we want something, we want it now. Life does not always work this way. I think focusing on what you need to develop first will help you get a job you'll really like. There is strong emphasis on this.

    Bella, I hope this has helped you gain some perspective. I do wish you the best with fulfilling your dreams. Again, if there are any questions, please ask.

  • Thank you very much espearite!

    I love the reading and you gave me so much info that I needed, I really apperciate what you did.

    I only got one question, is Bill man nr 1 and Tom man nr 2? I didn´t get that one, I will take som time now and read through all of it again, and I will of course contact you if I got questions.

  • Hello again espearite!

    I got one question, can you tell me more about Tom and a possible relationship with him, like what are the potential of it lasting a lifetime and when I will meet him?

    I made my choice and it is Tom because I don´t think Bill is all the things he seems to be, I think it is a role and that the real Bill is someone else. My intuition says to me: Look closer at Tom and then compare his eyes with Bill, Tom has more soft eyes and Bill, there is something hiding inside of them, they are not as soft and friendly as Tom´s....and i don´t think I would doubt Bill this much if there wasn´t something wrong with him.

  • Hi Bella. Forgive me for being so vague about the reading. I intentionally kept cards 1 and 2 anonymous. I was thinking you could tell me who was who from their descriptions. If you can't, I'm in trouble, lol. I'm glad to hear you picked one of them though. Good for you. 🙂

    I do have one question. Are these long distance relationships? I can answer the first question, but I would rather refer you to someone else about you when you will meet him. I do not give times/dates, as I'm not experienced in these questions with the cards.

    Other than this, I can do one for you about the potential of the relationship and give you some advice from there.

  • hi espearite,

    please read my post above and do a reading for my situation as well. thanks...

  • Hello Esperiate, well I kind of figured it out myself, I looked and I used my intutition and I think you described man nr 2 correct, I belive it is Bill because, well you know the feeling you get sometimes? He is hiding something and well, the eyes says alot, I don´t know I just feel that something isn´t right with him.

    Okay, well those questions would be great to get answers on, yes they are long distance, he lives in germany and I in sweden, not that long but hey, it is enough:P

    Don´t apolopgize, I read it through a couple of more times and well, it is kind of obvious who is who. I mean I should trust my instincts right? And if they say: Bill is hiding something, there has always been something with his eyes:S

  • Sorry to get back to the both of you so late, my life has been a bit hectic.

    @ Bella - You picked Tom, right? I just want to make sure I've got the right guy before I start. 🙂

    @ drgagannagi - Hi, I will be doing a reading for you after Bella's.

    Talk to you both soon.

  • thanks esp...ill wait.

  • Hello!

    Don´t worry, is everything okay with you?

    Yes, I picked Tom, I mean I should trust the instincts right? Not that I know that much about them, but he seems safe and sweet, bill mystical and something hiding in they eyes:S

    Thank you so much and espearite, take your time don´t rush or something like that, i can wait until you got the time

  • espearite

    God I am so sorry for this but does feister mean agressive? Because I know Tom can be a little agressive sometimes, hmm now I´m really confuesed because I have never seen or heard anything about Bill being agressive, though I have heard it about tom, maybe it is a bad idea to choose him?

    I thought this through now and I don´t want to risk being with a agressive man, so I choose Bill instead. I´m sorry about all the trouble this is causing but what you said about man nr 2 have I heard before, even though he doesn´t come of as a ladies man to me, more a shy guy. But anyways, it feels wrong now to choose Tom, Bill is the one I pick instead and that I would love a reading on instead.

    I apologize a thousand times about this but my head hasn´t been on my shoulders and I haven´t been thinking clear.

    I switch my pick from Tom to Bill.

  • @ Bella: Hi, everything is starting to come together, Bella. Thanks. 🙂 I have your reading, but the reading came out a bit strange to me at first. About the Knight of Wands, it means that this person is out to get what he wants, and usually makes an attempt to go after it, so yes, it does mean he is aggressive. He takes action rather than thinks things out. He is the most dynamic and daring out of all the knights. Okay, onto your reading, I drew 7 cards for you tonight. If you have any questions, please ask me.

    1. How you see the journey, what you expect from it - 5 of Cups. This isn't making a lot of sense to me right now, but you feel like you need to do some work with this guy at the moment. There are some feelings of regret here. Why? This is generally the card of losing something, more than what is left behind. In spite of the spilled milk, you must learn to pick up the pieces. Try to adopt a positive attitude because this card shows you how you look at the situation. Say to yourself, my cup is half full (not half empty)!

    2. How he sees the journey, what he expects from it – 6 of Cups. I see him expecting to be alone, remembering the fond times but able to move on if should need to. He is a pensive type of person, meaning he reflects deeply on his relationships and experiences.

    3. What you get from the journey, the reality – Eight of Pentacles reversed. You would both need to resolve issues of where you stand, the roles you'd both play in the relationship. Bringing some clarification to this would be a must. At times it will feel confusing to be with this person and he may feel confused by you. This is generally the card of purpose. In what ways do you serve to one another? How does it strengthen the both of you? How will it change after you become a couple?

    4. Strength you both should focus on – 7 of Swords reversed. You should both work at resolving any issues of being yourselves, in your type of thinking and in how much of that you reveal to one another. Can you both think for yourselves when it comes to being in the relationship? Can you be your own person and not get lost in the other? This is also telling me you should watch how you both communicate with one another. You either could be too open and honest, or discreet and not open enough. I am going to say that you both should focus on being open with one another since Bill has not been up front with you.

    5. Weakness you both should overcome – King of Cups reversed. This is a card of the highest ideal with regard to emotion. You should both aim for a certain level of maturity here. My advice to you is to get some advice on how to deal with your relationship. As I told one person, try to talk with each other about anything and everything. The more you can talk about, the better. Work on understanding and getting more comfortable with one another.

    6. Midway through your journey, a major development – Ten of Pentacles. Midway through your journey you will come to a period in the relationship where you both will need to be more responsible to the increasing demands it will bring. You may see that you have a lot on your plate, either financially, taking care of others, and/or health wise. Whatever this may be, it will be permanent. Look at this as a test of the relationship. You should be prepared for this change in your lives.

    7. Outcome – 5 of Swords reversed. I wish I had better news, but this suggests to me that you will arrive at a place where you need to work at the communication between you and him. Watch out for any misunderstandings. This is also the card of power struggles, either fighting the status quo or trying to keep it. Please keep in mind the advice for cards 4 and 5.

  • @ drgagannagi: Hi I have drawn 4 cards for you with regard to your relationship. If you need me to answer any questions you may have, please ask me.

    1. His intentions at present – Ace of Swords reversed. At the moment, the prospect of marriage is distracting to him. He lives his life from day to day, unable to see the future with regard to settling down if I'm correct. More or less also, he is unsure of the idea of marriage. No matter the choices we make, there is always risk involved. However, with marriage, he can avoid this risk if chooses. There may also be outside influences that may be contributing to his confusion.

    2. Where you go from here – Knight of Pentacles. This knight is about prudence, hard work, maturity, and discipline. This is the nature of where the relationship goes. I think you both will need to put in extra effort in order to survive as a couple. Making practical choices and taking it slow is a part of this card's personality. There is also the suggestion that things might get a bit routine, so spice things up. Watch out for time, as the two of you might be wishing for more of it together. If you both work, you will need to plan around this carefully.

    3. The destiny of your relationship – The Sun. The destiny of your relationship is one that nourishes the two of you eventually. You both grow from it in positive ways. I want to say that you do marry, but I am not psychic. I can only describe what a card shows me. There is a strong indication though that there is joy at this relationship's final outcome.

    4. What you should do – The Hierophant reversed. If you believe in prayer, I would advise you to pray for what you should do about wanting to be married. This card is about being connected with God, having a set of beliefs with which guide you in your daily life. Once you are connected in this way, you can determine what is the best course of action.

  • hello!

    Wow, that wasn´t exactly good news, okay so he is not agressive in the way that he is like, using violence and stuff?

    Hmm, I am just gettting more and more confused, but I didn´t really understand, is Bill the one that I should spend the rest of my life with or should I choose Tom instead?

    If you were me, what would you do? Because the reading about Bill wasn´t that hopefull, it seems like I will be trapped in a way or something similar, I just want a happy relationship, not one where we fight and aren´t honest with eachother, I need someone who is himself all the time.

  • Hey Bella, as far as I know, there could be a broad range of meanings like that for the Knight of Wands (from assertiveness to aggression). However, to me, the upright position does focus on the good qualities of the person rather than the not so good ones. It tells me the state the person is in at the time of the reading, as well as the likelihood of their general nature.

    I am sorry for the confusion my reading has caused. However, I can tell you that if I were you in your position, I would be patient. Meanwhile, I would ask myself what I wanted in someone and go from there. I would provide myself with the time to see who it is I want, without the fear of losing one or both. Knowing yourself better will help. The more you know yourself, the better an idea of who you want comes. Also, you said these were long distance relationships, I would also take this into consideration. This is the most information I can personally give without overstepping myself. I hope this doesn't sound too confusing to you. Ultimately, you can be directed towards a choice, but no one can truly make it for you.

  • Hello!

    Regret, well I don´t know if he is the one I should choose, maybe that is why?

    Hmm, can I just ask you two more things?

    1. What kind of feelings did you get when you read the cards for me, both the 1st time on both of them and then this last one?

    2., Did you get the feeling of there being someone else instead of them?

    3. Is there anything I should do to make this happen that I can do now?

    I know longdistance-relationships aren´t the ideal but I am planning om moving to Germany next year if I can find a job so...but there are long-distance relationships that have worked out, I read the blog of one girl being here in sweden and her boyfriend in australia for a whole year, now they live togehter in australia and didn´t meet for a whole year...

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