I believe i saw my husband......

  • I woke up at 3 a.m. this morning and i flipped on my cell phone to check the time and saw a shadow on my wall behind me move through the mirror.

    I talked to my boyfriend about it this morning and he admitted to me that he too had seen him twice when he was visiting last weekend, but he said he didn't feel threatened or negative feelings about it, he said he felt positive happy feelings.

    Can anyone tell me what this means?

  • Dear FreeBird68,

    If you've seen the shadow and so has your boyfriend, then you can discount the wondering of it all -- was it real, etc. Once you can explain away. More than once, no.

    There are earthbound spirits who pass on but don't choose to go to the light. For whatever reasons, they are comfortable here, and it seems tied to your home or perhaps an item in the home or even you. You mentioned your husband, so you may have some gut feelings on that.

    What I always suggest is from an angel perspective...the Soul is not technically lost...just choosing to hang around. So I would just talk out loud into the room, anytime --- it doesn't have to be when you see the shadow -- and just speak from your heart and say that you've seen him and that he is not in Heaven -- he is tied to Earth, and he needs to go to the light as Heaven awaits him and he will see all of his friends and family who have passed before him. That you know he is okay, and you want his spirit to find the light so he can pursue his own spiritual growth and increase his spiritual enlightenment.

    Then I'd call Archangel Michael to come into your home, and to escort this presence home. Michael does this -- he helps those find the light who have lost their way. By your asking him to come to your home and help, he is able to come and do just that.

    Then I'd ask Michael to surrund your home with his Divine protective light to keep you and everyone in your home safe, and if there are any other wayward spirits around, to escort them home as well.

    You should feel a pretty quick "relief" or "release" when this is done.

    Angel blessings to you,



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