Premature births

  • I was born a preemie Dec.31, 1992

    and i was supposed to be born

    valentines day 1993

    i was born early because my mom's body didn't adjust well

    with giving birth so her blood pressure rose

    causing me to be born early so i didn't have damage to my brain.

    I'm confused because i'm not sure if i should look at the time i was born

    or when a month after they look me off of the ventilator at the end of Jan. 93

    because astrology says that usually the whole thing works when you breathe on your own.

    I understand that me being born Feb 14, 1993 wasn't in the cards for me

    but i truly do not sound like a capricorn

  • you must look your birthday Dec.31, 1992!!thats your astrology sign!!as for capicorn look also the others palcements as the moon asc they influence too.

  • mkay, i have

    asc: Taurus/gemini cusp

    midheaven: Aquarius

    moon: Aries

    mercury: Sag

    Venus: Aquarius

    mars: Cancer

    jupiter: Libra

    ( for my Dec. birth chart)

  • thats way you dont feel too much like an have only the sun there.i think you see yourself more like an aries.

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