Mid Life Crisis or healing of the soul?

  • Hi All,

    Thought I would throw something out there for discussion. As many of you know life has sent me many challenges over the last several years. Like the average person I have looked up and said "Hey enough is enough I can't take any more. It's just about then that more seems to come way, I've learned to consciously not say that or the old "it can't get any worse......" So in managing the challenges that have come my way I've found an almost peaceful level of existence; which to those who knew me before are very disturbed by. I've been asked is it a mid-life crisis. Are you going through the change? I heard that made you crazy not calm. How can you face so many unknowns and not being going crazy?

    Yet at this point in my life I'm more spiritual, drawn to trust that I am not in full control and hoping I can manage the curves in the path set before me. I feel very much as if I am going through a healing process, one too great to fully explain. Asking for forgiveness for past wrongs, trying to understand relationship issues better, creating a designed pattern of choice to not get angry, freak out and go nuts over "stupid stuff". it occurs to me that so many others seem to be experiencing similar processes in their lives. So I ask you, is it a mid-life crisis? I think not! Is it a healing of the soul? or is it just a learning process that makes us all a little kookier than normal? Your thoughts.......

  • Hello RC...here are my thoughts!

    You are NOT going throught a mid-life crisis...no! I am native/french and when I see people looking for answers like this one...my spiritual side answers right away. My friends think and say I'm a witch at times or say I can predict the futur...anyhow, you are gonna be just fine...your soul has matured and at the same time it is tired of fighting. You are fine! Keep learning about the true you, the child within.

    The faithfull ScorpWolf

  • ScorpWolf thanks for your response.

    Yea I was pretty sure it was no mid-life crisis, that is just the joke in my inner circle of family & friends. I know it's a process. Truthfully I was just kind of curious how others feel about it, seems like I'm not the only one (on here anyway) going through all this. Glad to hear I'll be fine.

    It kind of feels weird to revisit times in my life that altered who I am without my even realizing it. Hopefully I can reach a place where those wounds are healed and sins forgiven. Who knows what lies ahead after that.....

  • Hi RC..after a year and looking through my replies, I was wondering how are things going for you?


  • I think its related to an over all shift and growth. I have heard others speak of similar experiences and i have been going though some rather interesting house cleaning so to speak over the past year or so that is leading me to that more relaxed, peaceful understanding of situations arise rather than reacting to the outward chaos. I am still progressing, but its a step by step every day change that I am very thankful I am able to make.

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