Can I have someone do a tarot reading PLZ

  • I have asked several times for a reading only to be told that someone will do it and then it never happens. Can i please get someone to do a reading that is truly interested in doing one not just saying they will and then not do it.

  • Hello Katfairy.

    So you have felt stuck in the past and it seems to suggest from your many requests for a reading that you are in need of some sort of help or clarification about your life.

    I have done a Tarot reading for you, a past, presnt and future, as you did not ask a specific question they apply generally to your life and whatever bits you can relate to I hope it helps.


    past card: The Tower:

    Possible external disruption in you life, you may have been through a bad time, experienced unexpected events. Tnere may have been surprising revelations. Learning to adjust and adapt quickly is suggested with The Tower card. You may have suddenly seen the truth about a matter , challenges and chaos are all indicated somewhere in your past. You may have felt you were responsible for this disruption, but consuming yourself with guilt is not the way to go forward and sometimes bad things do happen maybe as a test I see it, and how we react to these setbacks in life can affect more then we think. You were not responsible for these somewhat chaotic events. You may have now got rid of emtions and feeling that no longer are good for you, which is a good thing. This card indicated there is usually an outside influence or catylist which comes into your lfie to instigate those changes. You maye have felt you were not in control of a situation but your perserverance and strengh carried you through. The Tower card reminds us to welcome new challenegs in out future instead of avoiding them.

    Present: Ace of Pentacles.

    Aces are always new and the beggining of something, This is a refresing card after such a stressful card as the previous one, The Tower.

    The ace of pentacles/coins means presently in your lfie you are being rewarded or soon will be, for your efforts. If you have not already done so, you need to trust in the situation and start afresh! being grounded and realistic are important factors of this card. You have or are in the process of turning over a new leaf. Good news 🙂

    The Ace of Pentacles carries with it materilistic energy. You need to get your ideas into motion, and plants those seeds fo success. Use your skills and sense of practicality to invest for your future. The card says "act now for good results" so maybe whatever it is thats been on your mind or you have been contemplating it will be beneficial for you to move forward with this. so thumbs up for you, get going! Enjoy your current well being and remember gratitude and optimism are good things to focus upon at any time.

    Future: 3 of Pentacles:

    Okay this card is all about material gain, teamwork getting together with people, recognicion of a skill, but don't be too dependent on others opinions. Only you can make yourself happy, never forget that. Planning and teamwork are inportant factors associated with this card, so perhaps a new business idea or event will happen. Positive aspects of this card include planning, organisation and professional growth is indicated here.

    You will be able to create the right kind of environment for succes. Be proud about what you about to achieve and I wish you the best of Luck. Please Let me know if this has helped you.


  • Kezza do you think you could do a love or career tarot card reading for me?

    Thank you

  • Keeza333 I would also like a Career ( and if you have time a Love reading) also please.

    Thank You In Advance.

  • Keeza333,

    Would appreciate a reading as well when you have the time.On Love and past ,present and future as well. thank you

  • Jotoole hello there. I do see you being a materialistic person, often concerning money and prosperity, I think you are ambitious at heart. sometimes you may tend to focus maybe a little too much on that part of of life that you can sometimes neglect the emotional side of your life. Balancing these two parts of anyones life can be a tricky task but taking some time out to just think and relax and restore your balance would be healthy, maybe through taking more walks, hot baths or meditation can really help us to get things into persepctive. remember everyone needs a little "me time"

    Okay I have done a love reading for you; past, present and ffuture and also the same for career.

    The first card I pulled in you love spread is]

    Past: Ace of pentacles.

    Concerning love and relationships, the Ace of Pentacles meaning indicates stability, increased trust, stronger bonds made in a relationship.

    All about new beginnings, fresh start etc. so things may in your past have improved with a certain person. all about a reward for effort. However the down side to this may be that you could have been so focussed on material proseperity and gain that you felt safe just thinking and focusing on that that you were maybe blocking out some kind of vulrernability and this was preventing your true feelings being expressed properly.

    Present: Two Of Wands:

    This card is about having the courage to prove your point, expressing or showing what you mean. increasing your perspective on things. Maybe you have been contemplating what you desire? The contemplative figure on the card is looking out over some water, (water is emotion) standing between two staffs (wands) holding a globe in their hand. This is symbolic of making some kind of choice. Two can be a number of either splitting of power, or doublig strengh, although achievement is indicated, is emphasises our need to be certain about things and to know what our personal power is. Maybe you feel as if you can do it all.. If you feel very powerful, don't let your sense of power blind you from your true needs and intentions.

    However if your current love life is not like this maybe someone is trying to exert some kind of power over you, and you need to find the right balance, and widen your perspective. Try to think with both your heart and your head and see if this helps you.

    Future: Two of Pentacles.

    The figure on this card is trying to juggle/balance things. There is a Lemniscate around each of the pentacles that the figure is juggling. Reminding us to consider the consequeces of our thoughts and actions, this symbol represents infinity. It is a geometric symbol that is saying to you, "time and space has no end"," energy has no limits". It represents being in the eternal now.

    You may need to do serveral things at once, Adapting to relationship needs is indicated here. This card reminds us that life never stays the same. Choices, options, new developments are all things that can happen at any time and its important for you to stay flexible and be open to change. Have fun and remember to smile this card says. Look for new ways to handle old situations. Expect good, fun times ahead! Don't over-stimulate your mind or body and take time out to just relax, so you don't get exhaust yourself.

    The ship that is also show on this card is saling across a body of water. Water is the unconcsious emotion that is within us all, so use your skills to achieve what you desire, and think about where you are going. travel and change is indicated here aswell. anything above can be used to relate to you and your current partner, or someone you may meet in the future. It a posive card suggesting good happy fun times ahead. Good luck


    Past: the Hermit.

    Withdrawel is indicated here, The Hermit represents the most secretive part of ourselves. You may have been looking for answers, felt stuck or out in the cold. You may have been refusing to face the facts about something or not facing up the truth in a matter. The Hermit avoids routine, as a way of learning, he is wise and perhaps you took a break from work and as a result you listened to your intution. Taking time out from work to contemplate can cause us to be misunderstood but it can bring us to higher levels of awareness.

    Present: The Tower.

    Two major arcana tarot cards in your career reading, so career must be on your mind alot.

    This card indicates a sudden shift, a change, revelation and unexpected events occuring. The lightning strike pictured on the card of The Tower is reminding you that something needs to change, be liberated from the worn out and old and get rid of what you don't need; the emotions that are no longer serving you.

    You are undergoing a not so pleasant change right now. I believe this change is a wake-up call for you, you have been contemplating as "The Hermit" for long enough and this eruption you may be going through at the moment is to remind you that you cannot just let life go by, you need waking up to reality and this wake-up call is going to get you right back on track.

    Perhaps you refused to see the signs and the problems that have always been there. By just sitting in your tower, you felt safe, but this card remind you that ignorance is NOT bliss. The fires are blazing, people are falling from the tower, the storm is underway, while the tower just stands there. so really these changes are not so sudden if we look around, you have been ignoring the inevitable and as a result . You may feel as if you have lost control, but you have not.. you need to stay strong and keep your eye on your goal and go through the motions. Learn the lessons from this card and you will have passed the test. God's lightning strike is strong and direct and you are being reminded that your life is important, you are important and you have to go through the bad in order to make way for the new.

    Future:The Queen Of Pentacles

    Admired , loving, caring. This Royal Queen sits on her throne as a depenedable, warm-hearted and sensuous earth-mother. I see you taking a realistic view of life, feeling secure. being resourceful, creative, nurturing and having a genuine desire to help people. Do you like animals?

    You will feel a much better sense of security.

    Look within and find your nuturung side.

    We know you enjoy the finer things in life, and taking care of yourself is important. This card is reminding you to not neglect yourself or your intution. There are many imporatns sympols depcited in this card. rabbits, for being social, fast and tentative. Rams, for leaderships, determination, success and accomplishement. A Rose for new beginnigs, promise, beauty, and hope. Mountains, for attainment, challenge, realisation, journeys, accomplishment. Earth in the card is symbolic of community, wisdom, and being solid and grounded.

    Your future looks bright. I wish you the best if luck with love and career and please use you inner voice to get what you desire, You are a strong person and can get through anything life throws at you.

    Let me know if this helped in any way please.


  • Thank You Kezza it did!

    With the current relationship I am torn between making the decision to tell this person I want him in my life or that I want him completely out!

    And With work yes I did stay in a job far to long that i was unhappy with! I havebeen taking steps to speak my mind more and bc of that I am making alot of new friends. You were also right about me loving animals!

    Thank you so much!

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