Earth Chakras

  • Gaia, our earth mother, has her own life force and her own path of unfolding, separate from us, but including us.

    As we walk upon the earth, we walk upon a living being more similar to ourselves than we imagine. Just like us, the earth has both a physical body and an energetic body, complete with a chakra system identified by ancient mystics and modern scientists alike. Gaia, as the earth is called when acknowledged as a living entity in her own right, has her own life force and her own path of unfolding, separate from us, but including us. Human beings and Gaia are intertwined on every level, not just the physical, and an awareness of her chakras can help us to acknowledge, heal, and enable her on her path, just as she selflessly returns the favor to us.

    It is generally agreed that Gaia has seven major chakras distributed evenly across her body and connected to one another via two lines of energy that intersect at various points on the earth. The first chakra is located at Mount Shasta in Northern California; the second is in Lake Titicaca in South America; the third chakra is in Uluru-Kata Tjuta in Australia; the fourth chakra resides in Glastonbury in England; the fifth chakra is at the Great Pyramid in Mount of Olives; the sixth chakra is in Kuh-e Malek Siah in Iran, and the seventh chakra is in Mount Kailas in Tibet. In addition to her seven major chakras, she has minor chakras and other vortexes of energy that are significant to her life-energy system, and all these energy centers need caretaking. Just as we can heal ourselves through our own chakras, we can heal and support Gaia through hers.

    While it would be a wonderful experience to visit one of the earth's chakras, you can always participate in loving and healing Gaia wherever you are. Maintaining an awareness of the regions in which her chakras reside can be very powerful. You may place photos of the locales on your altar, sending healing energy to each of her chakras during your meditations. As you consciously connect your energy system to her energy system, the true meaning of groundedness reveals itself - it is a relationship with Gaia in which we acknowledge our calling as the caretakers of her soul.

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  • Mount Shasta in Northern California

  • Lake Titicaca in South America

  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta in Australia

  • Glastonbury in England

  • Great Pyramid in Mount of Olives

  • Kuh-e Malek Siah in Iran

  • Mount Kailas in Tibet

  • Well I was trying not to post any comments cause I have so much work I am unsuccessfully trying to accomplish, but then I seen this picture and awesome topic.

    I have been here, actually I was born about 50 miles (as the crow flies) from here. It is a poweful place. I have not lived near this area since I was about 5yrs old, but have visited the area numerous times, and Mt. Shasta a few times - skiing and hiking around the area, always alone. About 15ys ago after some family losses I went to Mt. Shasta alone again, spending a few days hiking around some of the power area's near by. One night I got a hotel room with a view of the mountain, and I knew I would be given some sort of insight. That night I had a dream that I was a small child sitting at a table with about 4 - 6 guides around me, I was eating from a bowl, and was mentally told to take in all the info I could and not to hurry as I would be told when it was time to act, so I have continued trying to gain as much insight as possible. I lived in the San Francisco bay area all that time so it was easy to connect with awesome people and groups, and gain info. About 7 yrs ago my husband decided he wanted to move to the desert here and its been difficult for me, but thanks to the www I have really learned a lot, (my work suffers, but I learn a lot šŸ™‚ ha), and I guess everyone needs there time in the desert :), Now I do feel in my spirit it is really time to get going soon, not quite yet, but soon. I am really learning a lot from this forum listening to everyones encounters is amazing, so just had to put my 2 cents in :). I love the idea of posting the photo's and connecting with the Mothers chakra centers and sending healing energy. Would love to hear experiences others have had at or near Mother Earths power centers. Thank you Captain for another great topic for us!

  • There are also four vortexes that govern the four elements. These are spinning energy portals where rituals done in a circle can open and heal the Earth, the participants and people at large. These four vortexes are situated at:

    • Earth - Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

    • Water - Lake Rotopounamu, North Island, New Zealand

    • Air - Great Pyramid, Mount of Olives

    • Fire - Haleakala Crater, Hawaii.

    Some believe that certain vortexes are negative or vile in energy. There are 5 areas of the Northern Hemisphere that may be doors to other dimensions -

    Bermuda Triangle (planes & ships disappear in green fog),

    Algerian Megalithic Ruins (South of Timbuktu),

    Karachi (Pakistan) [site of Mohenjo Daro - Rama culture, the ancient origins of Hindu culture],

    Devil's Sea Triangle (near IwoJima,Japan) (planes & ships disappear - Japan officially calls dangerous), and

    Hamakulia,S.E. Hawaii(heaviest volcanic activity) - actually, the focal point is in the ocean, more to the SE of Hawaii. It is in the Ocean, where some ships and planes have disappeared in the past.

    There are 5 areas of the Northern Hemisphere that are Positive healing Energy Vortices:

    Between Sedona,AZ & Sonora, Mexico

    mid-Atlantic - Atlantis (per Edgar Cayce - "the position ... Atlantis occupied is between the Gulf of Mexico ... and the Mediterranean"),

    Egypt - Pyramids (focus Energy)

    Himalayas, N.E. of Lhasa(Tibet)

    Xian Pyramids in China

    Midway Island.

    Further North are some well known Vortices:

    Findhorn, Scotland:

    Kiev (Ukraine, Russia)

    Buffalo Lake (Alberta Canada)

    Hudson Bay, Canada

    Lake Baikal (Northern Mongolia)

    In the southern Hemisphere, there are also 5+5 areas, near 25 & 30 South, (most are in less-traveled ocean areas), some of which are the:

    Megalithic structures at Sarawak (Borneo),

    NanMadol (Pohnpei Island, Micronesia),

    Incan Culture in South America,

    Easter Island - Megalithic Statues, many of evil Cthulhu - culture degraded to cannibalism, then enslaved,

    Gabon(WestAfrica)[alleged natural Atomic Reactor 1.7million yrs ago??]) / Zimbabwe Megaliths.

    (Most of the Southern Hemisphere is under water and distant from ship and plane routes, so less is known.)

  • Ancient people knew that wherever the earth's energy gathered into a vortex was a sacred place. These strongly charged areas of the globe have also been the places where people have chosen to build churches, temples and other centers of spirit and learning. Places like Stonehenge, the Pyramids of Egypt, Easter Island, and so on are well known as vortex spots. There are three main types of vortexes - all three are replenishing and supercharged with high quality energy.The three vortex types are:

    • Electric - stimulates and energizes, activates

    • Magnetic - attracts energy to the area

    • Electromagnetic -both activates and attracts energy

  • Captain you are like the best encyclopedia ever, the info you put out here is some of the most amazing topics I have never even thought of! Well I did read Shirley McClaines story about walking the Camino I think it was called, that was really awesome and I think my first bit of awareness of the earth power grids. Your photo's are amazing, thank you! Thank you! Lots of Love and Light to you! This is so very cool.

  • I feel this is especially relevant with all the floods, earthquakes, cyclones, etc. we are seeing occurring all over the Earth at this time.

  • Perfect beautiful energies!!!!....thats all there is!!...everything is Energy, and to me this is the ultimate perfect flow....thank you for posting this Captain, I love learning all to do with energy and chakras....and like you say, this is relevant at this time....



  • Thank you!!!!!!

  • Captain, love the pics.

    Yes. I have heard some about the earth meridians and vortexs. I live just south of the one at Banaff- Lake Louise in the Alberta Rockies. Also, I am just north of the one in Sedona. This seems to put me in the middle of these two energy fields.


  • TheCaptain,

    Thank you for explaining this in such detail! I've heard of some of the major power centers of Gaia, but never put together in such an easy to understand way along with the minors. I was drawn here by the title thinking, a. ) it was a post by you and b.) the title made me think it would be about quakes, hurricanes etc., as you pointed out on this page.

  • lovingsilverwings,

    I wouldn't have seen this if you hadn't found it. Thanks for posting!

    I'm curious to hear from you

    What do you think living between two of them means?


  • Hey GJAY!

    What a beautiful dream! I've never climbed a mt. as tall as Shasta and the photos make me long to be out there. How I envy you such joy! Is Shasta part of the PCT??

    The Camino de Santiago is the one you were trying to think of. I've looked into it, but don't see myself getting there any time soon. Is it something you plan on doing?

    Hope you see this!

    Peace, Laie

  • Laie4,

    sometimes it can be energizing, as this section is surrounded by these energy forces. There are energy lay lines near Calgary, Alberta. It seems to me as though this whole section has a lot of energy flowing through and around it going to the coast.

    There are times when things are quiet, while at other times, I fell as though I am going crazy, other times, it is null and void. I sense this null-void time is the prelude to a shift in energy.

    The town I live in is on a huge quartz field. Also the area is called "THE VALLEY OF LOST SOULS". What this means, I am not too sure.

    In this area, there are a lot of people who are into metaphysic energy work.

    Hope this helps you somewhat Laie4.

    Have a good time energetically.


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