Yes/No 3 card spreads

  • I would be very interested to hear different divinations for a simple Yes/No 3 card spread. I do not use reversed card meanings as I find they just don't work for me. I find others' interpretations help me build up my knowledge and give me a better perspective, so thanks in advance to anyone who replies. My biggest headache is always with the court cards!

    The question asked was "Did he have an affair with X"

    The drawn cards (in order) were:

    9 pentacles

    9 swords

    Princess of Cups

    Thanks and have a nice day

    Shannon x

  • Hello Shannon!

    What I learned from a mentor I had was that these two ways of doing it:

    yes:the Fool, Magician, Empress, Emperor, Chariot, Justice, Star, Sun, World, eller 9 of Cups

    No:Strength, Tower, Temperance, Hermit, Hanged Man, Death, or the Devil

    Maybe:High Priestess, Wheel of Fortune, Lovers, Hierophant, Moon, or Judgement

    Or this one:

    Wands and swords are yes

    Pentacles and cups are no

    But the thing is that card nr 2, in your case 9 swords are x2, like if you get let´s say, 7 wands, 7 cups and then 2 sword, then the answer is probably not, because the wands and sword cards are active and the pentacles/cups passive, so if you get like 3 sword, 2 wands and then 7 pentacles then that is a probably yes answer since card number two is active card, the oppsite if it would have been a passive card.

    Do you understand what I am trying to say? And I myself use reversed cards when it is yes/no questiions, they are much easier because if all of them are upright then the answer is yes, if two is upright then probably yes, all upside down the answer is now, two upside down and one upright then the answer is probably not. Very easy

    But the answer to your questions seems to be a fifty fifty, I can´t answer that sorry

  • I have to go through it all in detail as I'm a bit perplexed - but thank you very much for answering! Your answer is exactly what I'm thinking (ahhhhh) and I'm really looking for a definitive yes or no... you don't usually get what you want do you?

    have a nice evening

    Shannon xx

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