Serious situation need advice

  • This is the tue actual facts, I am going to try to make it short as poosible. 14 years ago I met a man at the work place, he was married I was married (I know terrible). We hit it off began cheating.. I divorced right away he stayed married. For one year. I went to break it off he left his wife and came to me. We were so in love..He had two kids 18, 13. I had one 5 years old. My daughter loved him his kids hated me. We married 3 years later and the kids (his) still hated me. The trials of living and life and raising kids took its toal on both of us. He began drinking heavily, introduced my child at the age of 13 to drugs and alcohol. We eventually divorced. He is a good man just made bad choices, I too made some pretty bad choices. We now are divorced for a year now seperated two years. Small town everybody knows everybody, we have a friendship because of my daughter who is 19 now just gave birth to a grandson 7 weeks old, my ex was at the hopistal when he was born and comes and visits him regularlly. I have a problem I have not been able to movve on in a lasting loving relationship because I still love this man very much. He has been sober now for 1 1/2 years and declares he will stay that way and I cant stop thinking about him. I am constantally reading his horoscope and mine, I have even resorted to love spell casting to get him back into my life. We were hanging out and talking and trying to find away to put our love back together. His youngest child had discovered the news gave him a big hard time about it and now he is pulling away. I was always very good to his children never treated them any different from my own, but the thought of me taking him from thier mother has never ceased. Thier mother by the way has remnarried as well and is doing fabulous (shes a real nice person). How do I get this bad karma away from him and I and how do I convince his daughter tht we love each other and will always love each other and it is not fair for us to be two lonely individuals when we can be happy as one again? He has not dated anyone since we split. I have but didnt work out because I wouldnt let it work out because I just couldnt put my heart completely into it. Someone please help me.

  • Love spell casting will always backfire on you - it is very bad karma. The universe responds by moving the object of your desire further away.

    The only way I see this working out is if you and your ex move out of town and cut off contact with everyone in your families who opposes your union. It's either give up everything for each other or let go and remain connected with your families and friends. There is only all or nothing in this situation.

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