• Hello everyone!i am new to this forum but i am very atached to astrology!For a long time i knew i had taurus asc and linked my personality my life with taurus beacause i also have sun,mercury,mars.

    but after a long time i met my grandma and asked her for my birth time.Now i get an another result showing me to be a gemini asc but she wasnt very sure.

    so more than just astrology this is an identity crise transformation i wanna know the truth what i am and know my identity ,higher-self.

    i saw a post here how to reach your higher-self and it helped me for finding inner peace but still not finding my true identity.

    so any post or comment will be very helpfull!

  • an1???

  • I know it’s very frustrating when you’re not sure of your birth time. I spent months trying to figure mine out on my own and nothing seemed to fit. I ended up going to a professional for a rectification, 2 actually because the first one didn’t feel right, but the 2nd one specialized in it and it fits like a glove. One thing you can do is ask your friends what kind of image or traits are openly obvious to them, but the thing is the closer they are the more prominent your sun/moon traits will be. That might narrow it down further. Is there any way you can access your birth records? In some countries the time is recorded on the birth certificate or would be in the hospital records. If you are more serious about finding out, I would suggest you get it rectified.

  • thank you!!i went to the hospital i was born and all the birth certificate have been burnt due to a fire!!

    anyway thank you

    p.s. i also cant find a proffesional astrologer in the web to help me!!

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