For Captain

  • Sorry it took me a while to figure out how to start a topic and I'll be surprised if you find it?! : )

    Thanks for your response. And here we go...

    My situation is full of abundance, although I am starting to hesitate on the path I have gone down. Not knowing if I will feel complete - if something is better? I am in a personally awkward but manageable limbo.

    I have started up (some only so far in my busy busy imagination) a bunch of creative adventures which I'm hoping fulfill me long run.

    I also heard you have a website and was wondering if you could leave me with some info. regarding so I can keep touch!

    Peace Love Light

  • They keep deleting my website and email address here so can you give me your email adress and I will send you the location of my site.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I noticed this is quite tricky!!

    My gmail is m s s d c k with no spaces...

    Hopefully this works!

  • Did you get my email?

  • Yes I did!! Thank you so very much!

    I will have some fun browsing...

    Will you still be willing to provide some advice regarding the aforementioned?

    Peace Love Light

    Thanks again

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