Dream help......

  • i had this dream some years back that i was on a hospital bed as in surgery lots of docs no faces just blue suits/masks..i popped up on the tble as to say "what is going on" up above i am looking down at me from behind...me back on the bed looking at tubes of bloo both blue/red coming and going fom my body (stomach area)i started to get scared and then i heard a voicefrom my left side side say " it's okay lay back and look into the light" there was a huge white light above once i looked into it i awoke.........can anyone please tell me what this was

  • meant to say tubes of blood....lol

  • Sounds like an out of body experience, where you may have died. Maybe in another life?


    try this website

    Hope this helps!! 🙂

  • thanks poetic and emergence...i will try the website.......funny because i had my appendix out when i was about 6 or 7 they had errupted and i almost died...and this was my second brush with death....

  • I was told yesterday that a brush with death makes you a very special....but we already knew that didn't we? :0)

  • how funny....AuntBuck i just left a message in the intuition post .....wow you just made me smile ....wishing you a wonderful night a beautiful morning and a relaxing afternoon......from me to you....thanks

  • I'll try, MoonRaiz. First impressions: The red & blue tubes may correspond to anger and depression, respectively. Feelings can be very frightening, especially those we choose to repress and when we do repress them--they appear in our dreams. Maybe certain feelings needed to be removed? The tubes were going into your stomach--the center of nourishment. Were you hungry at that time for love & support? Were your troubles keeping someone at arm's length? Someone told you to "It's ok, look into the light". Maybe you were given a prompt to accept happiness and think positively. You woke up after gazing at the huge bright light. Perhaps a premonition of better times? Perhaps a realization on some level that inner work needing to be done? Hope this helps...

  • WOW THANKS Archersbow alot to think about....now when i think about it i had my appenddix out when i was nine yrs they errupted and it was very fatal i even flat lined they had to bring me back...and i was like the walking dead for months after lol but still kicking thanks everyone.....hugs to you all

  • Well that explains it! You actually died and came back. I remember floating up and recall looking at myself from above my body. So you have a special purpose here, Moonraiz. Though when we return like that, we have no memory of what we learned. Wonder if there are others with the same or similiar experience?

  • Just had a thought--are you a healer? Maybe you are/will be the one to nurture, heal and support?

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