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  • Hello everyone!

    I hope everything is alright with you guys, it´s like this, I never do readings for myself and friends but I made a exception for a friend in really bad need of one and I need help with the interpretion. This is the reason to why I never do readings for myself or anyone I´m close to but I just couldn´t say no to her, so here we go, I guess you can easily figure out why I can´t do readings for myself or people close to me, only for strangers I never met.

    What she needs to do so it will happen:

    Emperor upside down

    There is a loss, no chance for organization or anything else.

    10 wands

    The person has control of all the many things they wanted control over, he/she is the leader and the boss. But it comes with burdens, trying to do everything will leave you drained. Delegate, put down some of the burdens and find energy again.

    3 wands upside down

    No reward is coming

    Obstacles she must overcome:

    the moon

    A emotional and mental rollercoaster ride is in for them

    7 sword

    Someone is stealing something from them, to catch them you must act like they do, be sneaky.

    10 pentacles upside down

    A fortune or legacy wasted or lost

    Will it happen if all these things are done?

    8 sword

    A situation where you are afraid to move, they must hovewer move because the longer they stay in this situation the worse it will get.

    King cups

    A decision to start a new relationship, may indicate on deciding to propose or is simply motivation to approach that special someone. A new love but a mature one, one that is determited.

    Queen cups upside down

    A woman who uses the emotions to manipulate, make you feel guilty, ashmed or ungrateful, Someone who has been nice and kind but now wants you to pay for what she gave you.



    Two opposite camps, either choices, belief systems, families or friends and no way to unite them. Should and can put them together, but it will take time, care and patience plus experimentation and moderation.

    10 wands

    To have used all your energy, you don´t feel creative or having a driving force anymore. To have control of all the things you wanted to-

    9 wands upside down

    To not have enoguh energy left for the last stand or a waste of energy

    Do to make it happen:

    3 sword

    Love-triangels, but this is a airsign, so what the person in fact believes to be true is more likely something they heard or were falsely told, a wrong idea they got into their heads. No more wating, obessing, wondering, worrying, they can get on with their life and know where things stand and how to act on in instead of beliving false beliefes, gossip and ect.

    emperor upside down

    There is a loss, no chance for organization or anything else.


    Resurrection, a end of something. A time of changes, for something to end but also for something new to begin.

  • My Interpretation...1st-what she needs to do so it will happen.

    The Emperor-reversed, 10of wands, 3of wands-reversed

    Maybe she is overly organized & perfectionist kind, one who likes to keep the control, maybe she needs to let go, just chill & do the work 1st, not worry about organizing the mess side by side.

    Delegate and not bother about how it is done, just should concern herself with that the work is done, who & how shouldn't be important.

    Instead of being the guide be guided for a change do not worry about getting the reward, give it the time. Instead of thinking every step & then doing the work, just do it at the spur of the moment.

    Please let me know if this makes any sense & helps you & your friend. Then I can see the other questions too.

  • Wow, excuse my langue now but damn your good! She is worrying about how to organize it all, how to make it happen and what has to be done. She is very controlling(spell?) and a little bit dominating but trust me, she has had a though life and isn´t really used to not be in control of things, she want´s to know how it will happen, how to make it happen, how to do it ect.

    This really helped, thanks alot!

  • Thanks, I am fairly new to tarot & hope I can keep up.

    Obstacles she must overcome---

    The Moon, 7 sword, 10 pentacles-reversed.

    She must release the fear, phobias. Do not misinterpret anything, do not try reading between lines. She is just deceiving herself, she is feeling confused & loosing it, like giving in, giving it all away. She has to fight this feeling of being lonely, feeling she doesn't need anyone,remember no one can stay alone without anyone's help. Again you have to let go this feeling to control even though not directly maybe from behind the curtains. Do not let money become a big issue. Money comes money goes & Money comes back. She probably doesnt feel secure right now she feels very vulnerable, but these are the feelings she cannot allow to engulf her. Don not be scared to try something new, work around things in a way she otherwise would not, try new, untried methods.

    will follow with other questions soon.

  • Will it happen , if all these things are done----

    8 of swords, King of Cups, Queen of cups.

    She feels she is stuck, she is not seeing a way out, feeling trapped and confused, lacking direction. But she can come out of this, she just needs to relax, take a break & see witha new prospective, she has choices, she just needs to see them. Just be calm in t he crisis, take others view point also. Sometimes you need to be more diplomatic rather be blunt, even though you may not agree with the way. Working in coordination gets better results.Tolerance & understanding are needed. Feel loving, caring. Respect feelings yours & others.

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