I would appriciate any factually based information

  • 09-18-1970@11:16a.m.warren,ohio; is the time /date and location i was born.my current "mates" is 02-16-1967@1:25a.m.ogden,utah. both of us have scorpio/rising, as well as taurus/moons@our natal charts . . . our path has been quite the roller-coaster for awhile now!!! i am done using "kiddy-gloves"and she doesn't know that i can see every minute detail of her deceits/dishonest/scheming -etc. actions/ and motives. communication isn't agreeable or enjoyable . . i have told her of my awareness of her misguided/failed attempts deceiving me and still had a civil-tounge (mostly)!!! she hasn't said much and says it's a "mute-point". i've only just begun to externalize to her verbally (and with as much compassion) recently about any of it. she doesn't understand that she doesn't need to say or do anything for me to know everything inside her and where it is exactly she's hiding them . . .she realizes she's hung herself, so to speak .... all the while prior to her "enlightenment" she was disrespectful,angry,unforgiving,distant,etc. to me. arguing/fighting are normal processes she says; true, but i say know your opponent!!! she also doesn't listen to my perspective 75% of the time and accuses me of doing what she actually has. she is clueless about what she has "invited"in. .or that she can't run far enough,fast enough!!! there's so much more, but . . .

  • What do you consider factually-based information?

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