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  • d@mn!+ . I just found this thread and now the fiery people want to take thier marbles and split! I am not an average Capricorn male, I'm really messd up! Cmon t07 and sandran... Let's post it out so I can get this mess off my head. And by the way, some cap males are extremely emotional. We just lashout in dramaqueen type fashion when we get angry or whatever becauswe are so bad at seeing our emotions for what they are. Feelings are tricky for pointy heads. We spread our feelings with verbal knives. It's really juvenile, and I'm the worst.

  • Hithunder. U didn't get my post? I seem to get that a lot lately, lol. Guess I'm not getting more clear or more poignant. Anyway, glad u r still around. I was reading the thread and it kinda sounded like u guys were gonna go post in some obscure place and leave the rest of us to twiddle our thumbs. Lol, how r u and what's sandran712 so perturbed about?


  • LMAO @ Thunder 07 I read the beginning and I AGREE with everything you wrote

    I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE did I mention HATE Capricorn men?? Now if you're born after the 17th of January, I might re-consider it.

    They are CRAZY, possessive (worse than an aries!!), MOODY (omg, depressional moody!!) they do not kiss, they aren't passinate about anything but their job (which will always come first)... hmmmm what else.... they are pessimistic people, need days to themselves just to smile again, then after the second day of being "ok" they're off for another 5 days, the men are ARGUMENTATIVE for NO REASON .. you tell them the sky is blue, they'll tell you it's neon and swear by it. They are stalkers, vengeful, and lol man, let me run into my last cappy I don't know what I''ll do yet, but i'm seeing red as i'm typing so let me stop.

    I don't know which was worse, the first cappy (january 6th) or the second/last one (jan. 14th)

  • @ thunder typical dumb ass Carpicorn... why not jusmp off a bridge and committ suicide? that's what y'all are good for 🙂 you should know by now words don't hurt Aries... I'm better than you 🙂

    Andits called information from experience, did you fail to read I have dated Capricorn males, bitter and agree with abandonment issues like you?? lol

  • @ Sandran maybe he had his Venus in Aries or Leo... the ones I've known were terrible/non passionate. ehh, not a fan.... i'm sure there's a sane Capricorn out there, i'm yet to come across one, even the one female cappy friend I have: depressional issues and everything negative. Ayeee, i can respect peoples' differences BUT some folks just don't like peace.

  • Capricorns, oh I so love it. My Cap was always willing to get very passionate. (But, he always made it worth my while-wink-) On his terms. He was always willing to share his feelings. On his terms. It was always, On his terms.

    But was there love there. Yes. But again, his love was on 'his terms'. He was incredibly interested in Astrology, ghost hunting and the tech side of EVP's and tarot. But because he feels the need to work almost 24/7 and stay up for two days at a time, he would often fall asleep when it came to our time.

    He was also very prone to anxiety issues and would withdrawl from everyone, even when he didn't want too.

    What I say about he and I. (I am a leo sun/pisces moon, he is a Cap sun/Leo Moon.) Anyway, when we were together and on board the Luv Boat -lol- It was fantastic. I couldn't ask for a more astute lover, listener, friend and mate. But when he was wrapped up in work, life, anything else that would slightly pull him off course, it was a horrible situtation that made me feel like he was hanging me out to dry.

    There was no medium ground there. It was either the best, or the worst of times.

  • I'm not an expert or anything but I am a Capricorn woman, and to answer your question I think you're just suppose to listen and listen intently. Capricorn share their feelings just not in a conventional way. Capricorn males do open up when they feel safe and when they feel they can trust their mate. It's okay to ask "how does that make you feel?"

  • Got a point there. Ask a Cap man to put the shoe on the other foot and how would he feel? Once it dawns on him, watch out. Cap men do not like, in the least bit, facing actions they might have taken that's hurt someone they care about. They will do anything and everything to avoid it.

  • Sandran? He would talk some big talk when it came to communication and his skills and intutition were excellent. But on his terms. LMAO. When he felt like it. He was once talking to me and said "I realize how your feeling." and then he set out to detail into words everything I was feeling. It BLEW me away.

    It showed me that he was intune to me, and even from a distance he knew how I was feeling. But he would only face that 'on his terms.'

    What he thinks he wants, and what he really needs are two seperate things. He thinks he wants an equal, a woman to stand by his side in life. A mutual supportive and free love. But he will unfortunetly turn his back on that at any given moment and walk away. And usually, it's cuz someone else has came along and they have what he wants. More-Better social status, More yearly income, ect.. When he would talk about people, he ALWAYS had the need to quote their yearly income.

    And he talked about x's at times, and the most I can tell you about these women was what they did for a living and how much they made a year. No really, That was his main comment.

    Forget when it's perfect, cuz so-in-so makes 120,000 a year.

    But in the end I smile. Because yesterday while I was taking my kids out to play he was at an intersection beside me and couldn't take his eyes off of me. I am working on me, my focas is a brighter tomorrow for me and my kids. I've been through a rough time, but I've worked hard. And one day, all that I'm working on is gonna come together and I will know success. While he'll still be trollen and picken them by the highest income.

    I'm sorry, my soapbox runneth over. But everyday, I get better, I get less bitter and my heart gets lighter. So I remind myself. Love and Light. LOL. XOXO.

  • He made me feel stuck too. For three months strait, I hung in limbo. Fighting back the tears day after day. I sat with my coffee day in and day out, in my bed and just stared into space. I put everything I was away, because I was lost. I took a pill to sleep, and a pill to wake up.

    Then one day I woke up and said "WTF am I doing!" LOL. Golly Get a Move on Girl. I was letting everything I worked so hard for waste away. It broke my heart, because right when the first part of my goals were realized and I could take another step forward, he left and I got totally knocked off my path.

    I see it as this, Over the hills and through the woods (haha) I have painstakenly crawled and clawed my way back to my path. (Kicken and screamen sister) And I still give a leg jerk from time to time.

    All I can tell you, is even if you do it kicken and screaming, get back to your path. PRONTO!

    Anyway, Caps hate it when you succceed without them. So Succeed!

  • I really enjoyed scanning thru this forum! Got a good chuckle out of it 🙂

    Although I have to admit it kind scared me away from Cap males! Which sucks cuz I just met this really nice looking one that seems like he has a lot of qualities I am looking for....however not the ones that were listed in the first pages of this forum hahaha!!!

    I usually find myself attracted to the overly emotional water signs and then end up paying the I figured I would try something new 😄

    I do enjoy reading the banter between you all here and will continue to observe what interesting traits you disclose about Capricorns LOL

  • I think that's something that scared him also. I just 'know' things.......... lol

  • Crab legs? Luv them, so do my kids. Once I work my bum off to get the meat out, they appear at my side like little baby birds.. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. LOL.

  • I know it was a tease, lol, just made me think about my kids at my side with their mouths open... brats. lol

  • Hmmm...Capricorn men....are very caution just like the mountain goat they represent, always pondering their next step lest they tumble down the mountain, adore a woman that is icy, cool and classy in public, but a freak in the bedroom! Women that have a hard time reaching the big O? Find yourself a Cappy, their stamina and drive in the boardroom totally transcends into the bedroom...they will get the job done no matter how long it takes LOL.

    To say that money and status is important to them is putting it lightly! This is one of the few signs I've come across that will definately put $ and a spot in the social register above their heart. They are the type of people that will hire a decorator to do their homes and show them a picture in a magazine and say I want THAT, and when they say THAT they mean THAT! Down to the magazines that are artfully arranged in the ultra modern, sleek magazine perfect pic, forget seeing a wall of cheesy family pics in a Caps house! And what makes them so interesting is that all the Caps I know love their kids fiercely, and would literally die for them, one I know donated her kidney to her son with kidney disease, and would have given an organ that she couldn't live without....I think if they have one spot of vulnerability they are willing to expose, it is their kids, but even then you won't see little Johnny's kindergarten pic displayed in the livingroom. You want financial security, stability, reliability, loyalty,social status, the bills always paid on time everytime then Cappy is for you. But keep in better not f@rt, pee or poop in their presence or anywhere they may have suspected that you did...they are looking for Grace Kelly, not Kelly Osbourne! Oh yeah...don't be a slacker with the pedicures, they have a thing for pretty feet.

  • Yes Thunder07, my first husband 30 years ago was a Cappy, and because I love to observe and learn about people (the most infinately interesting subject on the planet to me) I know Cappys well. Ahhhh.... Sandran712, I only hope that the Crab I sooooo love, digs his crablike pinchers into me as hard as you are doing to Thunder07! There is something so sweet and yummy in that crab shell that makes me want to bust it open, soak it in butter and devour it!

    So sensitive, so moody, so loving, so protective, so sweet and looking for the same thing I am, we have a psychic connection that blows me away, my heart is totally and completely taken with my own sweet crab, so relax the pincers for a more worthy threat :).

  • Always remember Crabs sidle sideways, sometimes moving towards their intended target and sometimes moving away. When they are moving towards you...heaven, and when they are moving away...hell! Mine drives me out of my friggin mind sometimes, because when he's still trying to figure me out and crawling into his tough little shell, he's an @asshole that makes me second guess everything, but when he's exposing that soft little belly that he tries so hard to protect...I'm done. 🙂

  • Sandran712....yes we were talking about you,(for,.... for me...the love of my life) because you are A Cancer, and the fact that we are both obviously smitten with a Crab...well dah! Nobody hates you except people you have given a real reason to hate mentioned that you were depressed in some of your other other Crabs I have known...when you love them you are so connected to them that you feel what they feel, and they can drag you down into the depths with them, which is ok for another water sign like me, I'm used to going down deep and coming up gasping for air saying "bring it!" But for others it's too intense...I know several Crabs that have gotten real help for their ups and downs from a doctor....just something to think about. 🙂

  • This artical sums me up pretty good. I am very well put together person, well I think anyways. I am currently 19, and have a career (got my first year chef)/going in for a teacher. I look at it by the time i become a teacher i will have my red seal, and a home. I dont like crazy people at all very well put together people is where i am at. I dont know about them making me laugh but I rather would enjoy a intellegent conversation then jokes. When it comes to the love life i am passionate and make sure my partner is completely satisfied become i continue. When it comes to me choosing someone to be with, I have to admit i set high standards. I love my partner to compliment me they have to be intellegent enough but not enough to overdo me, so i can still minipulate. I get told sometime by my close friends i tend to do that to my partners / people i first meet. It helps because i can mold my life to how i would like it to be. I tend to be very sensitive at times and like to be the center of attention only when i think the time is right. The people close to me how ever i will treat like gold but i tend to but in thier lives quiet alot. I think just so i can make them seem perfect just in my mind. I will only accompany my self around well mannered/ approprate people. I Want children later on in life i already have made my mind up with that, and to spend the rest of my life with the partner i have it with. I will support the people i love and can endure hell and come out pleasent. I rarely ever speak up when people are crude and non mannered, I will never see them again tho. Some times people say they get scared, when they see me. they tell me sometimes it seems like i have no emotion and a to logical brain for my own good. I tend to look at the whole picture, rarely anything gets past me. I can add 1 plus 2 and beyond, i just like to put the logic together and usually when i think something is up it usually is. People say i am handsome ext but when i get compliments like that i absolutely hate it. I am self conscious about my self to a point where i have to act / look acording to how i see fit. I am a good listener, rarely will i ever open up or let go. I can basically sum myself as once you have me i will treat you like gold, but its hard to get to that point.

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