Captain can i get a reading?

  • hi thanks in advance

    I am really desperatly searching for a job and i put in applications everywhere but i cant find anything is there specific field i should go for? or maybe a company i live in colorado so not a big city..

    Ohh also (sorry) i am taking a trip to egypt soon and i have a friend there i really like i just wanted to knowif you had any feelings on how our relatioship might end up 😄

    thanks soo much again i really appreciate it im kinda in a depression slump

  • Hmm there could be a clash between your love life and your career here. If you get a job you love, it will put your overseas relationship (which could be very solid) in trouble. You do tend to wander a bit before you finally settle down in life. You need something or someone to devote yourself to but you must choose whether it is a job or person. If you choose a person, then you must take a job that won't take up much of your energy. If you choose a career, then you must be happy with someone who doesn't need so much of your time.

    Your empathy and compassion for others should draw you to occupations where you can help others. If you do look for a job, look for something where you could work alone or have a good deal of autonomy. Something like delivering mail or packages, perhaps. Have you thought about studying for a profession - you would make a good teacher or trainer or an organizer. You would also be good at designing, or writing, or architecture or acting/performing. You would excel as a receptionist or human relations/PR worker. You could also look into self-employment, running your own business as in party or wedding planning. Working in the cosmetic industry or selling them or any other product in sales would also be good for you.

  • Hiii

    oh thanks so much yes i guess thats always been my biggest cross roads im such an idealists i really want to help people and would love to work for some type of humanitarian organization.. but at the same time i really want to be a family woman and both of those would be full time jobs.. hmm teaching would be nice.. i was considering getting one of those teofl certificates to teach over seas i do so love to see the world. hmm your right i am a total wanderer i want to see everything and that may be keeping me back because i cant concentrate on getting on track.. hmm can you see if i might get an offer anytime soon?? i am really desperate for a job right now i think at this moment i would take anything just to pay the bills but i havent gotten one lousy call 😞

    thank you again for the reading i appreciate it veryy veryy muchos

  • I think the overseas teaching is a great idea. In the meantime, walk around your neighbourhood or nearest commercial area and go from business to business asking for work. I feel a face-to-face request will be more successful than ringing or writing if you can get across your sincerity to work hard and be a good employee.

  • Oh thanks very much i will get started on that soon i really appreciate the advice again have a bless week 🙂

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