Hanswolfgang - would you read my future? Early mid life crisis?

  • really desire to make this my livlihood and life...is this possible for me to do? no.

    if so do it all - be the wife, mother, and fulfil my dream and what i feel is my destiny? no.

    am i going through an early mid-life crisis? no.

    Is a connection between me and this Leo (I)? Yes.

    Is the universe trying to tell me something? No.

    Is it my destiny to be happier elsewhere? Yes.

    but i do feed my family?? no.

    Do you sense anything? You are identified with money, matter and security.

    I am 38 yo Taurus female 5/17/71: This represents both mastery of your environment and your self. You can bet that you will experience good fortune and results.

    It is especially good for legal matters and business but can be applied to any area of life for success. It is truly 'success in all things' but brings the most blessings to you if you are ready and willing to take responsibility for your life and work and if you can take a leadership position in your work.

    Be prepared to take a leadership role and to live by your own wisdom. Success is yours for the taking, but you have to stand up and claim it.

    Now is the time to make sweeping changes, not only in your consciousness, but also in the circumstances in which you live. Conditions that have been developing slowly will force major changes upon you now. If you are flexible, you will be able to start a whole new phase of life, even though you may have thought that the time for new starts in your life is past. You will have a new birth of awareness, and you will be able to deal with your life unhampered by old patterns of thought that have limited you.

    But if you cannot adapt and be flexible, this will be a period of great turmoil and stress as you try desperately to hold on to circumstances, possessions and relationships that no longer have any real function in your life. What you are trying to save is not something real, it is only an illusion.

    The impetus for change may come through persons who present you with many upsetting surprises, all of which show that your life is no longer what is was. The key point to recognize is that this process is not bad for you, it is just upsetting at first until you get into the flow of events. It can be quite exciting and will certainly inject an element of youth into your life again, with the advantage that now you will have the wisdom to handle it properly.

    If something is given to you which can make you

    awake, you will use it to make yourself more sleepy.

    That is why for millennia teachings were kept secret --

    because it was thought to be useless to give techniques

    to a sleepy man. He will use them for sleep; he cannot

    do otherwise. So techniques were given only to

    particular disciples who were ready to shake their

    sleep, who were ready to be shattered out of their


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