Hanswolfgang - would you read my future? Early mid life crisis?

  • I am 38 yo Taurus female 5/17/71 12:23 am PROV RI; married to 36 yo Virgo male (J) 9/13/72 7:55 pm...we have been married 10 years this May; lately i am restless....family life and responsibilities have got me down...I am a musician (as is my husband) recently started going and playing my music out again and really desire to make this my livlihood and life...is this possible for me to do? if so do it all - be the wife, mother, and fulfil my dream and what i feel is my destiny? I do feel i have natural songwriting ability and get extremely good feedback for my music. My marriage has been under strain since my husband's layoff in the fall...i have been kind of obsessing over someone else - a fellow musician (I) I is a Leo 7/24/74 12:10 a.m. and is married but going through similar "growing" pains as mine....am i going through an early mid-life crisis? Is a connection between me and this Leo (I)? Is the universe trying to tell me something? Is it my destiny to be happier elsewhere? I know no matter where life takes me I will always be a good mother to my children and I will always play music...this i know deep inside...but lately my home life is lackluster....I am really feeling a shift...a pull...and my job is good in computers but i don't feed my soul that way, but i do feed my family?? Do you sense anything?

  • Hanswolfgang, Would please give me a reading. I'm new to this sight. I can give readings but not for myself. As you already know. We must all pay attention to our gut feelings. My questions: Am I wasting my time with Randy? Is he coming back? Is it really over between us. He wont let me go and is all over the place . Thank you Cathi

  • cathi56,

    sorry for interrupting you here. I do not want to hijack this thread so if I may, can you answer a few questions in this thread pls? Thank you so much


    Much love and blessings to you.

  • cathi56,

    Ironically, my questions are the same as yours.

    Am I wasting my time with J? Is he coming back? Is it really over between us. He wont let me go and is all over the place .

  • Emerqence, As I was reading your reply to me, the very first thing that came to me me was a BIG yes., He will come back, He does love you,He.s just very confussed at this time. Sure likes his freedom. I saw the munber 6. Now that could mean 6-days, 6-hours,or 6-months. I'm feeling 6-months. I know that does seem like a long time because you would like it now. Dont keep telling him you love him, He already knows this, Dont always answer the phone and be there when HE decides to call you. Keep in contract with him. Should as once a week giving him a call just to say hi, and let him know whats new with you. Always be cheerful and no-matter what kind of mood he,s in just take it to heart. Just act cool with him.Best of luck. Keep me posted.

  • What r your Questions?

  • Hi cathi56,

    Thank you so much for the reply. I have the same strong feelings too about my situation. The word PATIENCE keep on coming to me. I need to have patience with J. I believe he is searching for answers too, just like me. Also, his fear is the obstacles. Maybe this temporary break up is good for both of us in certain way.

    Surprisingly, my heart keep on telling me that by FALL (Sep - Dec), things will be all right between us. I want to move on,let him go, forget him and cut all ties with him and focus on my financial situation but something in me is telling me not to. Somehow I feel that he needs me in his life as much as I need him.

    My questions - Is it really over? Is he in love with someone else? My guts keep telling me NO.

    Thanks cathi56.

    I wish someone will give you the reading you wanted. Try xxTarotxx, look up his thread - Readings? He will provde you with a quick reading if you post your questions in his thread.

    I will keep you posted, keep me updated with your situations too please.

    Bless you!

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