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  • I meant...ex-husband. Not ex-boyfriend...was happy with him. LOL.

  • Thanks v much Captain! Im mostly vegetarian except fr eating eggs. Maybe being an animal explains why I love animals and they are drawn to me too!

    Love and Light to you

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Captain

    Ive found this whole thread fascinating and am learning from what you and the others are sharing.Understanding the past helps release it...I tried pastlife regression to release tummy ache and it worked to some extent.Also found your perspective on weight loss useful

  • Suramya, if you can stand it, i would advise cutting out the eggs too. Your body revolts when you feed it anything it identifies as being animal-related, even eggs.

  • Thanks captain i have started to make plans to get away in the next are bang on again.

  • Thanks Captain.I will cut down on those.Forgive me for being irritating ,but does this apply to fish as well?Yoghurt is the only cow related product I consume in v small quantity just fr the probiotic bit.On another thread twinsoul has advised me to eliminate wheat,sugar and soy as well.Do you see that on the no list as well?If yes i will have to drastically alter my diet.


  • hi captian i have a really bad pain in my chest and back i cant seem to pinpoint the cause also ive been getting sudden allergies i think or pressure headaches not sure what do oyu thnk

    thankies 😄

  • thanks captian.

    Really haven't had heart problems, lots of lower back, leg problems tho. Now I'm thinking that they are related. Will discuss this issue with the dr next time I go. thx

  • Sorry Captain, Thanks Wenchie! One of my co-workers quit with those pills too, in U.S. they are called Chantix. I actually have a whole box on my dresser that someone gave me. I tried them for a few days and noticed I ready to attack one of my co-workers (smile). I may try them again. Good for you! Yeah I'm tired of being a slave to nicotine. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  • Thank you Cap! I am actually having pin and needles pains in my body right now as you speak and have just mentioned it to my husband this morning. Amazing. Thank you. I have question when ever you have time, I feel this weird sensation in my throat right under the right side of my throat it feels like acid burning sometimes I am going to the doc this morning though. Only happens every blue moon. Bless you and have a great weekend! 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • Big thank you Captain!

  • Captain,

    i feel pretty well but i have been very tired the past month or so. i just don't seem to be feelin rested even when i get 8 hours sleep. i would love any kinda advice you could give me, and not just about my sleeping issue. thanks so much captain

  • GACK Captn u lie I will never grow old! lol

  • Yes Captain, I have been drinking sugarless fruit juice. I do not have a juicer. I have sugarless cranberry juice, and grape juice I have been drinking. I also drink tea. Thanks for your input. Peace and love.

  • Surayma, fish is fine - it is anything from four-legged animals that will hurt. I feel that it is especially dairy products that irritate your gut so no yoghurt. Dairy substitutes like soy milk are OK. Wheat is fine in small doses and cut back on the sugar drastically. But it is the meat and dairy that are the worst for you.

  • Watwudjldo, yes I am getting pressure in my head for you and a squeezing in my chest. The chest problems feel stress related while the head pain feels related to an allergy to very hot food or water.

  • Poetic555, I feel your problem with your throat may be teeth-related.

  • Vixenbeauty82, your fatigue feels to me like it is coming from your spirit - that you are finding it difficult to get excited about your life, that you are very 'tired' of being you. Time for some drastic changes! You have the power to make your life how you want it. Make a list of what needs to be changed and ask the Universe for help with those things. The answers will appear like magic - just be watching for messages that can arrive in various ways eg. through songs on the radio.

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