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  • I urge all smokers to kick the habit - it really pains me when I see someone smoking because I know that there is someone with a death wish. Everyone knows smoking kills. People who smoke don't want to live - it is a form of slow suicide. Smokers don't care enough about themselves and their health or even the environment. When someone says they 'like' smoking, they mean "I like killing myself so that I don't have to suffer this painful life anymore".

  • Opalten, I am drawn to your feet and calves - do they get tired or sore? I feel your shoe choice doesn't help. You are heading for pain and trouble if you don't pay more attention to your foot care.

  • Surayma, I feel your problem is tied to anything that comes from cows and livestock. A recent lifetime as a domestic animal has given you an allergy to eating anything related to that. I feel a strict vegetarian diet will see your health improve. Things like soy milk are good substitutes.

  • JMartDances, it's called getting older.

  • Patricia1970libra, I feel that white flour irritates your gut.

  • Hi Poetic555,

    (Forgive me Captain for butting in here....)

    Poetic I quit smoking last year, I think my last cigarette was on 2nd January last year. I was smoking a packet of 40 cigarettes in a day and a half, sometimes less than a day and a half. I quit using the Champix tablets, I don't know if they are called the same thing in the U.S but that is what they are called in Australia. The idea is that you start with the tablets while you are STILL smoking and you decide on a quit date (usually within 14 days). It does get to the point that every time you light one up, you feel nauseous, so I was actually hanging out for my quit date to come around. I stopped and honestly I hardly even thought about smoking. I didn't put on weight (I started walking at that time and the weight fell off), I didn't eat any more than I normally did and to be honest, I really didn't miss the smoking (where usually I would be ready to rip someone's head off with the cravings!) MUST take the tablets as directed and not miss taking any.

    It's now been almost 16 months since I stopped, I have not even had one puff and have not been tempted to have even one. It was the best thing I ever did. But I was also ready to give up, so my frame of mind was also there.

    Good luck with it all and I wish you the best for a smoke free is really great not to be a slave to the addiction and I smell so much better! Not to mention the money is better spent on other things. šŸ™‚

  • Happy to make you smile šŸ™‚ Hmmm very interesting...never thought of it that way...but you know I think you might just be right!! Shock horror!! Any ideas on how to get in the "right" frame of mind..... Thanks Captain x

  • CoffeeGem, your guides are trying to get your attention while you sleep because you ignore them during the day. Pay attention to your dreams - have a notebook beside your bed if you forget them after waking. Cravings for salty food mean you are stressed and cravings for sweet foods indicate a lack of enough love in your life. Work with your guides to become happier and get what you want.

  • Hi Captain....just so I don't start to sound stupid and maybe pathetic!!...I have to say how much you are helping me!!! really are "a part of me" ....I know you will know what I mean when I say that!!..and being the wonderful helping energy you are!!!...Oh wow!! you hit the nail on the head again....I have just this last couple of weeks been shown to me why we have these weight problems...I just want to cry, because you know why we put this "shield of weight" around us....I have realised of late that it is SAFE for me to" release" my weight, I no longer need it to shield me from life!....well. that is my conciousness saying this...all I need to do now is convince my subconscious...because my extra weight doesn't serve any purpose any more....also....if we keep saying "I need to LOSE weight"...what happens when we lose something?....we go looking for it

    much love and joy to you!!!



  • Captain,

    Yes I have nerve damage in my feet from MS and they burn 24/7. So far no problem with my calves. Thank you so much.

  • Manifestdreams, you are pushing too hard for the baby you want - pull back and relax a bit and you will then have a better chance of conceiving when you are at ease.

  • Tonib3741, your kidneys need to be flushed out and cleansed more often. That means drinking sugarless fruit juice and water. Can you juice your own fruit? Apple, tomato and carrot juice is also very good for you. A little lemon juice in water is beneficial. You are low in iron, too.

  • Gem71, I am feeling cauliflower for your head area. I also feel a problem or blockage in your throat area that would respond to blue foods like blueberries and dark grapes and plums. Herbs such as borage, hyssop, rosemary, sage can be made into healing teas.

  • StClaire, I feel you heart has taken a battering both emotionally and physically. Red apples and beetroot (juiced or whole) will help make you feel more balanced emotionally. Taking some long walks in nature is also necessary for your overall health. You need to reconnect more with your natural spirit. Too much time around humanity is not good for you. Swimming helps you to regain your emotional balance.

  • Nickolbee, 'talk' to your body and reassure it that it can lose the baby weight and still retain the memory of pregnancy. Try to remember how you felt at that time and satisfy those yearnings in some way that doesn't involve having to be pregnant. šŸ™‚

  • Opalten, can you try soaking your water in extremely salty, warm water for at least half an hour? Keep adding warm water so your feet don't get cold. And keep your feet warm wherever you are because cold makes the problem worse. And of course elevate them whenever possible.

  • i had to laugh and shake my are right, i have had a diffcult loss around this past sept.(but im doing better now) although still affected. swimming is good(i made the swim team) love beets!(thats good) and the reason i had to laugh is because i can only take a lot of people in small that i have a kind of validation of that, i dont need to feel quilty anymore and i do feel better when i give myself breathing time alone now im off to get my apples(i have beets) thanks my favorite aussie!

  • Thanks for the reading, Captain. You seem to have zeroed in on my problem. Very impressed. I'll check with the vet about my little baby šŸ™‚

    Sent you an email.

  • Captain, thank you for the reading via e-mail. Grately appreciated.

    At least now I am able to understand what has been causing this body dicomfort all these years.

    Julianna lovingsilverwings

  • Captain...interesting thought about the smoking. When I was in the relationship with the ex...I enjoyed being with him and liked living my life the way it was. It was easier to quit than I thought it would be. I said, he left and I went back to it. I prefer not doing it...and will quit again but I never thought about giving myself a death wish because I didn't want to live this life. In retrospect....I think that it is true. I wasn't ever really all that a teenager...with my ex...too many dependency issues with him...and then being single and struggling....good insight.

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