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  • Hey Captain!I have a chronic health problem related to food sensitivity of some sort.If you can identify anything it will provide me direction...Am currently avoiding milk products only.Also ,do you see me getting cured of it completely?

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  • Hi Captain

    I'm having issues that are cramping my dance groove. What do you see?

  • Hello Captain,

    I would love a health check,I get so mad at doctors cause they seem to give me a,"well let's wait awhile and see what happens". You see i have alot of problems with my stomach,upper,lower. and just can not seem to get it fixed?

    Thank-You and Many Blessings and Much Love and Light 🙂

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  • Thanks Captain,

    I'll be sure to boost his ego. Did you pick up anything with me?

  • Hi Aunt Buck, I hear it takes 3 days to get the Nicotine out of your system, I made it to 2 days once and by 5pm, I was ready to kill the whole family, my husband ran to the store to get me some cigarettes. I'm a fiend! If I think about quitting I smoke more. Hopeless in Fl. 🙂 Thanks for your prayers I need them. I'll pray tonight for everyone.

  • Hi Captain. I have several things wrong with me can you help me in any way? Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Wenchie, welcome back.

  • Hello Captain. I like to know anything about my health, the good and the bad. Thank you in advance.

  • My heart goes out to those of you trying to kick the nicotine habit.

    When I was a teen, I tried smoking. Each time I did , I would get laryngitis and a sore throat. It turns out I was / am allergic to the NIGHTSHADE family of foods.

    Tomato, potato, all the peppers (red, green, yellow, spice black/white, etc), eggplant, and tobacco.

    It was easier not to attempt smoking.

    My son smokes and when I inquired to assist him with quitting, I was told even though he does want to quit, it is a smoke screen for him to hide behind. Until he realizes what it is he is hiding from, he will have difficulty quitting permitly.

    I wish each of you the best of luck. Prayers and energy to all.


  • Notshy2bme, I feel you whole system is very run down but especially your spirit which affects your physical health. You feel so tired to me. A holiday would be really beneficial but if you can't get away then you need to add some things to your diet. Lots of sparkling water, cucumber, eggs, green leafy vegs, nuts, and milk added to your meals will be of great help. Take out as much sugar as you can. Also you need a lot more sunlight. Do things that are fun to raise your spirits and nourish your inner child. Sitting or walking in the park is a good idea. Don't isolate yourself.

  • Thinder07, first you must accept that ailing people are drawn to you because you put out the message that you will help and care for them. That is your calling. But you don''t give yourself enough credit for what you do or enough time for yourself. Also you must ask for help when you need it. Arrange for others to care for your loved ones from time to time so you can get out on your own and have the day to yourself. Travel if you need to (and I sense sometimes you would like to get right away.) There is also far too much salt in your diet. Drink more water and cut back on sodium. No, you don't need drugs to help you. You can easily help yourself by understanding that it is wisdom, not selfishness, to get away and replenish your energy and spirits from time to time. There is not enough joy or play in your life.

  • Hi Captain, hope you are well, your advices are always good, so you may try one on me, thanks for all that you do! blessings!

  • Bluecat, you will be up the creek if you don't go organic and all-natural. Starbucks products are no good for you. Make your own organic cookies - you tend to go for what is easy and available but you will get real satisfaction from making your own cookies. If you truly want good health, you will have to have willpower and discipline which comes from really caring about yourself. Stay on your meds until you have given yourself over to a more healthy lifestyle. Then you can think about giving up the meds.

  • Hopeternal, the extra weight is for protection against a harsh world but there are other less physical ways to deal with your over-sensitivity. Understanding why things happen is the way. Releasing the 'sandbags' of pain and suffering from your past will help you lose weight but you must face your demons and not push them down in your mind. I tried every diet under the sun until I realised the weight I was carrying was to protect me against men like my alcoholic father who set a very bad lasting example for me of what men were like. The instance I saw what the purpose of my extra padding was, I started to lose it. And I have no trouble now staying slim because the purpose of the weight is gone. Sometimes you don't even have to do anything to heal the past - just understanding why we do things is enough to kickstart the healing process.

  • Moonalisa, your spine suffers from the inflexibiity of some of your thoughts - tradition is not always best to adhere to, follow your instincts instead. Your eyes suffer when you refuse to see what is in front of you. Your physical health is very much tied to your emotions and thoughts. But I don't sense anything too serious yet. A general relaxation of mind and body is needed here so look into all and any relaxation techniques available to you. Stretching is very good for you to loosen all the kinks so yoga would be excellent.

  • KittyCathy, I feel there is a weakness or sluggishness in your heart. The blood pressure in your veins feels unbalanced because of it. I feel you need to get serious about hard regular exercise and much more fresh air. Your vitality is generally low. Also there is not enough fresh food in your diet.

  • Nickolbee, your post made me smile - I feel you are clinging to your baby weight to remind you of the wonderful experience you had during pregnancy. Carrying the child inside you was very moving and healing for you and you want to cling to that experience, even dreaming of another baby. But you have your memories and the actual baby - you don't need to keep the physical weight around as a reminder.

  • Poetic555, this is a bit odd but I feel you have issues with your arms. You don't like them. There is a past life affecting you when your arms caused your death in that you weren't able to swim fast enough away from some danger - a crocodile, I believe. I feel you may have poor circulation (pins and needles) in your arms and legs because of this. Actually swimming in this lifetime would be great for you and help you overcome that past life fear. Any extra weight you carry for protection is also tied to that past life trauma of being eaten.

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