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  • They may not be doing so well, just hiding the stress, Marishkaa. Don't compare yourself to others - just do what is right for you. Wherever there is unhappiness or stress in your life, you have to change it.

  • Thankyou ThaCaptain, i agree with you. I just sometimes think i don't understand what is right for me ( there are some advantages in my job, and i am afraid i can regret if i decide to change it ((

  • Marishkaa, maybe it's not the general job you need to change (teaching) but some aspect of it, like to move into another area - counselling kids? - or something that you would like better than what you are doing now.

  • I like to listen to my students when they sometimes start to tell about their problems (it rarely happens though). But i think i want to get back to economics, finance but i am not competitive on this market i think and i already had not so good experience with office job, so that's i don't understand what is best for me(

  • Marishkaa, all your problems come from not knowing yourself well enough to know what will make you happy. You need to find out what you really want - not what you think you should do or what might seem acceptable to other people. For instance, would you prefer to work alone or with other people? Would you like to be helping people or fixing problems or repairing things or somewhere you can make a lot of money...etc? What are your requirements for a career?

  • Thank you TheCaptain. You are right as usual. I don't know myself. I would like a job that i will like but i also would like to have a career that will give me financial stability - and i undertand that i can get it only on office jobs, as on such jobs there is at least a little chance of career progression. Sometimes i want to hide from people. to be on my own, but at the same time there are some people with whom i like to communicate. For example now there are some groups (students) with whom i communicate without pleasure( before the lesson i always wish the time would go fast although these students are normal students, not that they are naughty or something like that) and some wthis whom i feel comfortable. But i think such situation can be in any job.

    But one thing i know what i like - is when they ask me questions (and i know what to answer).

  • Hi Captain,

    Not sure if this is the correct thread.

    Would you be able to tell if person is being 'disturbed' by an entity?

    Yesterday I had a weird dream about a psychic who was trying to contact me. I heard her voice in the background, but in the dream, there was only emails and missed calls. She wasn't there. I couldn't respond quick enough (sleep paralysis) and I felt her grab at me, seemingly out of thin air. It woke me right up. It seemed like a dream but it's creepy. I was actually annoyed instead of scared,which surprised me.

    I've had an increase in sleep paralysis in the last few months. Used to happen once or twice a year, sometimes not at all. For me, it happens when my neck position compromises breathing in some way. So I used to dismiss it as an altered state of consciousness.

    In the past, I used to ignore whatever happened, because I understood it was a dream. Recently, I started to 'push back' against the dream entities. I read that this can deter them (if this is a spiritual thing). But the entities seem bolder? And there's a brief 'light show effect' that goes on overhead in an otherwise dark room. Only started in the last few months. I think it's coming from me. It happened last night too, when I woke up from that 'dream'.

    I've had trouble sleeping lately. And I'm also generally not resting enough.

    Is this possibly a stress and tiredness thing, or my own subconscious playing tricks?

    Or could it be something more?

  • Well, it can be a vicious cycle, Danceur. When you feel tired and afraid, mischievous entities can get through to you more easily. The entities themselves can only hurt you if you let your fear of them overcome you. You need to make sure you have enough psychic protection around you (call on archangel Michael if you like). But mainly you have to get to the bottom of what fear is bothering you so that you feel weakened. Instead of fighting the entity, try searching your dreams for the answer to what is on your mind. Is it work or personal issues, for example?

  • Hi Captain,

    Yes i did do a short prayer to St Michael when I woke up from that creepy dream. I'm not spiritual or religious so I don't have any other things with me.

    Most of the time my dreams are either quite literal or entirely fantastical, like an experimental film montage. These sleep paralysis ones seem altogether separate - they don't fit in to the dream sequence. I'm bothered by all sorts of things in my waking life, but I can't relate them to the dreams. It did occur to me that there are 2 types. One is in a bright room but it's foggy, and it's just me, though I may hear/see a family member briefly. There's no interaction. The other is in a dark/shadowy environment, with the overhead light effect. I cannot see the entity, but it's basically copping a feel. There's no narrative. In both dreams, I'm just concentrating on trying to wake myself up.

  • The 'lights in the dark' thing kinda looks like this picture. Except that I'm not sitting up. I'm seeing it in my mind's eye and it's illuminating the room.

  • Uploading image.

  • Danceur, could your mind be trying to show you some traumatic incident from your childhood?

  • Hi Captain,

    Dunno...but I don't think so.

    I've accepted that I didn't have a good childhood. So there wasn't a need to sugarcoat memories. It's possible I've forgotten stuff, but I've been actively uncovering and working on unacknowledged anger and hurt feelings for a few years. It would have come up.

    It's possible that it's just a manifestation of how I feel in my life - immobilized by dis-empowering circumstances. That I either don't panic and focus on waking up or choose to fight back in some of the dreams, does mirror a shift in perception on personal power. But what doesn't add up is that some of the dreams are creepy now. It never used to feel that way. And the dream scape, with the light effect - that is new.

  • One problem in general, whatever you sense.

  • Daliolite, I am straightaway drawn to your hands. I feel like they represent you having difficulty 'handling' life - are you having any issues in the joints or muscles?

  • Hi Captain, I can somewhat relate to the handling life. Went to community clinic for thyroid testing and my levels are about 6pts higher than what they should be so I'm gonna go to my specialist. Will have new blood work done. I should probably be doing something w/hands like art. That may be spirits message.

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