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  • Mh83, do you find the time of year affects your sleep, as in are you getting enough sunlight and fresh air? I also feel stress and how you handle it plays a big part in your energy levels and your sleep patterns.

  • Yes! I've always found it odd. My sleep cycle seems to change throughout the year. I've heard about "light therapy" for people that get seasonal affective disorder. Do you think that would help?

  • Mh83, I did get that S.A.D. vibe from you.

  • Hi Captain, I havent been feeling great for quite a long time. Mainly mentally. i feel like my hormone level is not balanced. i gained 8lbs.. It seems like I constantly want to eat.. Never have a moment I dont wanna eat. damn. this is crazy. I am trying my best not to buy any junk food or store up food at home.... I started exercise again a few days. its been great.. not sure how long i could keep this up though.. Could u please take a look and tell what's wrong with my body? thanks

  • Hll, I feel this is all stress related, that you associate feeling better with eating. You simply have to reprogram yourself to associate feeling good with something else, like exercise or relaxation.

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    I would love a Health Check please? Been struggling from many respects lately, overall fatigue/low energy (low Vit D), have some challenges with my throat as well! Thinking about consciousness shifts as culprit but unsure. Can you give some insight?

    Grateful to you!


  • The transformed, I am feeling that someone (or some situation) is draining your energy. You are allowing somebody to take from you without them giving anything back. You need to do something about this before all your energy and health is gone.

  • Thank you for the reading Captain!

    That could be several people/situations in my life right now, in varying ways, unfortunately! I wish I could pin-point who exactly this may be so that I know how to shift my presence! But there is definitely a challenge energetically and vibrationally for me these days. Is there any possibility of Non-physcial presence/beings as the culprits wanting my attention/engagement in some way??

  • TheTransformed, no I feel this problem is being caused by human energy-sucking vampires. I am concerned that you say you have many in your life. Can you distance yourself from them all, since it may be the accumulation of all their efforts that is draining you more than just one of them? Or else just deny them the permission to 'feed' off you. There has to be an allowance from you for this energy drain to occur so withdraw any help, concern or attention you may be giving them.

  • Thank you Captain!

    I guess what I was saying is not so much that I have many 'energy zappers' around me as just friends & family in general that I divide time and attention toward! I'm not certain how to really discern when someone is considered to be "energy-sucking" really; perhaps you could give me some insight into that. I am however, devoting a great deal of time and focus into a personal development program that requires a load of introspective/inner work; very intensely emotional conscious work; that does become a challenge occasionally. And how does one go about 'cutting off' friends and family without damaging relationships??

    I do find that I am very empathic and I tend to carry the emotional burdens of others unconsciously, but when I become conscious that I am doing so, I make every effort to shift my focus/perspective.

    Any advice/insight is welcome!

  • TT, all empaths need to learn how to shield themselves in order to stop too much of their energy flowing out to or being sucked out by others. You must use some sort of protection technique every day, like praying to the angels for protection, or imagining yourself surrounded by white light etc. Taking a shower is one way to lose all the negativity that gets attached to you every day as running water is very emotionally and spiritually cleansing. Is there any particular person you feel very drained by after being with them?

  • Hello dear TheCaptain.

    I need your advice.

    I have menstrual cramps, they are painful, i usually take lots of drugs, but this drug is not healthy( i want to change it, tried these time other drug, less harmful, but they do not help. The doctor says that i have spasms and retroversion of uterus also.

    TheCaptain, could you give me advice please. Can i help myself somehow? Recently i have had zlso dizziness before my period started and i had to take sick leave ( i guess it may be connected with my period, but not sure). Thank you!

  • Marishkaa, of course you should follow medical advice but as this trouble is connected to your feelings about being a woman or lack of ease expressing your feminine side, you could try listening to daily affirmations. Youtube has many good affirmation videos such as -

    You can download them onto your portable music player if you have one. Affirmations take about 3 to 4 weeks to work, but they do work.

  • Yes I would love a reading in regard to my teeth.

    I have been suffering from Abscess for many years now.

    I was recently told that I need major work done on my teeth.

    Do you see me getting Dental Implants of some sort? ?

    Thanks In Advance!

  • StandingTall, if you remove the emotional issues behind the physical problem, you will heal without the need for surgery.

    A tooth abscess indicates that something has affected you and is now creating an infection - there may be grief or guilt connected to a mother-food-love issue ie. the nurturing/nourishing you received - or not - from your mother. Did you feel rejected or undernourished as a child? Do you feel properly cared for by anyone in your life now? Teeth can also represent decisions, so problems indicate an inability to make them - indecisiveness, fear of being wrong, or procrastination. If you make decisions based on your inner truth, you will never go wrong. Teeth also improve communication - was there something you wanted to say to your mother or a loved one or hear from them? An abscess is an eruption of negative energy at the very gateway of your being. It shows you have unexpressed - festering - feelings such as aggression, fury, revenge, frustration or fear that must be released.To heal, you must make peace with your past and let all old hurts and rebuffs go. Don't brood or obsess over what is over and gone and cannot be redone. Move on to a brighter future with hope and peace in your heart.

  • Thank you TheCaptain. I just can't open your links, they return to Could you give please the names of these videos, so that i can google it

  • Just search youtube for daily affirmations, Marishkaa. There are many so you can just pick and choose the ones that suit you best.

  • TheCaptain, hello!

    May i have yoy advice again please? I don't understand what is hapoening with me( somethin with stomach or intestine. Doctors say this is stress, at first i thought the same, but now i am not sure. I do not feel well, it is difficult to work for me when i feel myself soi feel so depresse..

  • Mariskaa, your gut is all twisted up through stress and tension. You really need to sort your life out so that you become happy, even if it involves making drastic decisions or simplifying your life. Otherwise your health may not improve.

  • Thank you, theCaptain. Do you mean drastic decisions about job? Cause i think that it is the cause of troubles, but not sure. I just can't understand why my organism react so. There are a lot of people who are doing job they don't like and they are fine. Maybe i am just weak?

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