Health Check

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    THANKS!!! Wow!

    Yes, headache is pretty normal to me, pretty much all my life...

    I get headache easily, when the weather is too hot, when I overslept, when I don't have enough sleep etc etc...

    I don't rely on painkillers though.

    I massage my temple and back of my neck with heat massaging oil instead.

    LOL, you are right, I should stop worrying, that contributes to my headaches as well.

    Meditation really helps me so far.


    Can I do something for you in return?

    You have done so much for me.

    Let me know!

    Bless you.

  • Hopeternal, I'm sure you already know but animals keep you healthy and happy. You had a recent life as an animal keeper (goats, I think) and the psychic connection you had with them persists in this life. Their state of health affects yours. I also feel you could devote more attention to your nutrition, especially making sure what you eat has all the vitamins you need. Pills are not as good for you as the food.

  • Emergence, I'll have an icecream, thanks! šŸ˜‰

  • Captain...never been anemic. I love animals...and I don't want to know anything about the processing and will not eat anything that I have seen alive. Have a tough time even eating anything off the bones...prefer boneless but I love my meat. I do definintely like a good steak or slab of prime rib.

    Maybe the blood thing you are picking up is I have Type 2 Diabetes? I test my blood sugar frequently.

  • AuntBuck, no it definitely feels like anaemia - have you been feeling tired? I am being told if you are getting enough regular meat, then you need more green leafy veg.

  • Hmmm....I am right I did cut back on the green veggies recently but plan on hitting those again soon. I will have to be more focused on them again. Very successful for weight loss. :0) Thank you!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Captain i am battling depression!need help will not take drugs,or see shrink i prefer the alternative way.I have been burdened for years looking after ailing mother,and an older brother with type2 diabetes,and mentally handicapped complicat things i keep running into mental defectives at work,or where ever i go it seems.

  • Thanks Captain! I have wondered about the organic diet, as you suggested! I forgot too mention, I am a vegetarian, with the occasional seafood, everyones always warning me about anemia, do you think its a problem? also I am suppose too be taking a different med, I'm wondering if mabe I would be fine without any of them? Thank you, I truly hope you get back all you have been giving too us on here!

  • I practically live off starbucks and brownies, if they don't do organic, I may up a creek!

  • Thank you Captain, I have been so astute on what I eat of late, I try to buy as much organic as I can afford, I would never eat any meat that I didnt know it had a good life, I believe that mistreated animals pass on there energies to the ones who eat it....I know this might sound strange to some :)....but thats what I've learnt in the last few years of studying as much as I can about food and trying to find the perfect diet for me, I've always had weight problem since a child....

    I had a little health scare about 2yr ago, made me pull my socks I stopped smoking after 42 yrs on 40 a day :( I feel proud of that, but I now wish to loose all my extra weight Ive gained since stopping, I have piled on the pounds even though I didn't turn to food in place of the cigarettes? I'm not even a chocolate fan!!....I think my metabolism died on me after not having the nicotine fix it was used

    now the "keeper of goats" that maybe I was in a past life made me really I know why I have ended up with my very first CAPRICORN as a partner ;0)....don't you just love this sort of

    once again Thank you, much much love and joy to you!!



  • I'd also like to ask you about the lower part of my spine and eyes. Can you see any problem there?

  • Hello Captian,

    First thanks for your offer, šŸ™‚

    I would love for you to look into my health and tell me what you see. Hopefully you can give me some insight that the Dr's can't?

    again thanks so much for all you have done here!

  • Hello Captain. Thanks for the offer and just for the record you are very talented, you seem to have offers all over this site and you're really helping people (including me) so thanks for that too! I'd love a general health check but also since I had my last child I'm having trouble losing just won't move no matter what I do and I am in general a healthy eater unless I have a bad day, which doesn't happen too often thankfully. Can you give me some insight into this or what I could do that would kick start this or what might be blocking me from being successful. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

  • Hope Eternal how did you quit smoking?

  • OK Captain, I'm game. Thanks!:)

  • Hi, Poetic555,

    I had tried many times in the past without success, but this time because of the health scare it made me absolutely determined to do it, I started the first 3 weeks using the nicotine patches, after that I just stopped using them, I just didn't want to carry on putting them on, I realised all the other times I tried I just wasn't ready and determined enough, we have to really want to stop...

    are you trying to stop poetic?... I send all the love and encouragement to you šŸ™‚ has been the best thing I have achieved in this lifetime!!.....well, that and having 4 beautiful



  • I want to quit but am a chicken! It's so hard, actually I enjoy smoking but know what's coming if I don't quit. Good for you! I had some herbal pills once that worked no cravings but it was mental. I'll try to find them again my list is too long, get fit, eat healthy, quit smoking. AHGGGGGG!

  • I actually quit for 3 years when I met up with my ex. I'd been smoking for 30+ years when I quit. It really felt great to not smoke for 3 years. When the ex broke up with me....I started with one and after 2 months was back to smoking full time. Still am 3 months later. I tried patches in January since they worked so well the first time....this time...I'm allergic to them. So...this time it is definitely a mental thing to quit. I already know how to fill the void. I don't really enjoy it. It's a coping mechanism for me right now. I hate the smell on me. But, I remembered doing yard work and how I loved to enjoy a cigarette after being out there for hours. So...I figure I'm going to do that again a couple times and give it up. haha....

  • Hello Captain,

    I would appreciate any insight concerning my health. What a wonderful gift that you so graciously share with everyone!

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