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  • I certainly don't want to replace the advice of your medical practioner by changing your medication routine or your health diagnosis by the professionals. This reading in no way should replace a visit to the doctor if you feel unwell. But maybe I can pick up where a change of diet or some sort of variation to your lifestyle might improve your overall health.

    Maybe the doctors can't find anything wrong with you but you know there is something. Maybe there's some food that you might have never tried that could be good for you.

    Let me know if you want help with a particular problem or just a general health suggestion. Or ask for a pet or friend or partner...

  • If you want to keep it private, give me your email address. They only seem to remove mine at this site. I don't know why - I don't work for this site and am not affiliated with it in any way.

  • Alright I'm game.

    Can you give me a health check about the state of my dog's leg(s). Her name is Sarah. We have an appointment this weekend to see how things are going. You can post the response here.

    While I'm at it, do you see any hidden/overlooked issues with my health that Drs may be missing? Or whether I will ever be able to manage things effectively? Seems that no matter what I do or try things do not get any better. I think something else may be going on. You can email this answer to tenchi_love at Yahoo.

    Thanks for the readings.

  • Hi Captain,

    If you can see anything that would help me to get pregnant. My husbands sperm count is low, but it varies. I was pregnant a few months ago but miscarried. Is there anything you see that is wrong with me? Or anyway for us to optimize our fertility? (We've been to doctors)

    Thank you

  • Very sweet Captain to donate your gifts to us through this site! Thank you šŸ™‚

  • Hi Captain, Did you just start this thread today? What a great idea. I would love a general health check from you. I want to know everything good or bad. I can take it lol. I will give you my email and hopefully this site wont erase it. .. Thank you Captain.

  • Manifestdreams, your husband's sperm count varies according to how good he feels about himself and his masculinity. That is, his emotions affect him physically. When he feels less of a man, his body takes a dive. Try and bolster his ego and praise him more if you want to get that count up.

  • Suncrab69, it's nice of you to say so. Did you want a health check?

  • Hi,

    I'd be happy to know anything you can tell me about my health. generally I feel ok but maybe there's sth. I need to know.

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    Thanks for doing this for all of us here.

    You have done so much already!

    I am in!! Please let me know anything you can tell about my health. Anything at all, good, bad, diet etc etc.

    If you feel there is something that you rather let me know in email, please do so ( you have my email add).

    Thanks in advance!!

  • I'd like to know about my health. What a great offer. Thank you!

  • Moonalisa, your system feels rather sluggish to me - time to get moving more and do some hard regular exercise 2 -3 times a week. Get the circulation going and heart pumping.

  • Emergence, i feel tightness in my head for you. Do you get tension headaches? Try some massage and relaxation techniques. And stop worrying so much! I feel your head is fire when it should be cool water.

  • Thank you ThCaptain!

  • AuntBuck, I am feeling a sore spot on the leg with you. Did you bruise yourself or something? I am feeling you're a bit accident-prone. Watch your step - keep your eyes on the ground and less in the clouds. šŸ™‚

  • Wow thanks Captain, your generous threads never cease too amaze me! I have had this question forever, as I've been feeling like I'm almost fading away mentally, then physically more and more each day, been going on for 2 years.I had an allergic, or not very tolerable reaction too a medication a couple years ago, and I've had issues ever since, doctor said stressed induced most likely. I'm on meds now, and weening off, and on too a different one as my doctor has wanted me too, but I have no idea what too expect, its suppose too help with the fatigue, pain, I have weened slowly as I hadn't wanted too get my hopes up, I wonder every day if my life will ever be the same! Thanks again, love and blessings too you!

  • haha....I'm laughing...big time. Yes, I smacked my leg on the door yesterday or the day before. Not paying attention. Head was definitely somewhere else.... Thanks!

  • Oh yes you feel a bit anaemic to me, AuntBuck - are you getting enough meat?

  • Bluecat123, I feel you need a STRICTLY all-natural organic diet as anything artificial or processed is very bad for your system. Fresh food, lots of water, and fresh air will really pick you up, wait and see! It's good you are being weaned off your meds too.

  • Hi Captain,

    I'm really amazed at all you do for us on here!!....I would love any insight you can give on my health...

    Thank you

    much love and joy to you.



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