Does anyone know what this was or meant or means?

  • I may not be in the correct forum im not to sure 😕

    Okay so i've been trying to find htis answere but have never really known where to look and if ihave looked i've never found it and i've just realised this is probably the best place to ask.

    Okay so when i was very young probably less than a year old or sometime around then. i remember very vividly and always have done ever since the experience. so at this very young age i remember my mum putting me in my cott and going down stairs, some point after this i remember looking out of my cott and a ring of (what im guessing is angles or something i'll try my best at describing them) okay so they all looked identicle they had no face very bright blonde hair and blue robe there face's had no features no eyes no nose no mouth though there may of been grooves where these features usualy are. all i remember is them standing around me in a circle and i cant remember for how long and what happend afterwards. but i did not feel scared, i just watched them and i cant remember any thing else. I'm really hoping someone on here has had a similar experience or can tell me what they where?



  • We all have the ability to see angels and other supernatural phenomena as babies and children but as we grow older, the ability goes into hibernation if it is not used regularly.

  • indeed, count yourself lucky to remember so vividly, in case your belief in the supernatural ever starts to waver.

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