Could someone help me with a reading,please?

  • Hi, My name is Paulette my DB is 22/05/66 I'd like to know if I should be planning on moving out or staying? And if it is urgent or not? And or is this the best for everyone concerned? Thank you.

  • You should be plannung on moving out.

    And or is this the best for everyone concerned? No.

    my DB is 22/05/66: This indicates a change in your financial condition, up or down, money coming in or going out. This can also indicate changes within your present business such as changing locations or the way in which you do business. Another possible manifestation would be taking one or more business trips.

    At its deepest level, it signals a time when you will undergo a change in values. If your values, or what you really want from life, changes, it is likely that many other changes will occur at the same time. You could move to a new location, get a new job or even change relationships. In other words, all things valued are susceptible to a big change.

    Get rid of both optimism and pessimism, get rid of duality.

  • Hello, Thank you so much for your response. I am very grateful. About getting rid of optimism,can you elaborate? please. How can I leave if it's not for the best? I am confused.

  • About getting rid of optimism,can you elaborate? Start meditating on death. And whenever you feel

    death close by, go into it through the door of love,

    through the door of meditation, through the door of a

    woman dying. And if some day you are dying -- and the day

    is going to come one day -- receive it in joy,

    benediction. And if you can receive death in joy and

    benediction, you will attain to the greatest peak,

    because death is the crescendo of life. Hidden in it is

    the greatest or-gasm, because hidden in it is the

    greatest freedom.

    Death is making love to God, or God making love to

    you. Death is cosmic, total orgasm. So drop all ideas

    that you carry about death -- they are dangerous. They

    make you antagonistic to the greatest experience that

    you need to have. If you miss death you will be born

    again. Unless you have learned how to die, you will go

    on being born again and again and again. This is the

    wheel, samsara, the world. Once you have known the

    greatest orgasm, then there is no need; you disappear,

    and you remain in that orgasm forever. You don't remain

    like you, you don't remain as an entity, you don't

    remain defined, identified with anything. You remain as

    the whole, not as the part.

    How can I leave if it's not for the best? You are full of grief and hardness. Leave that.

    To be nor not to be? Either/or. To leave or not to leave. That has been your whole way of life.

  • Thank you, This is very interesting. but I do need guidance on how to meditate on death.My nephew died suddenly in an accident. He was 27 years old. when that happen the thought of the pain his mother was going through and that I would miss him deeply gave me a sense of caring more for my family and wanting to connect with them more. When you say " that has been your whole way of life" I don't know how to change and I want to so much , I want to feel alive again. And I'm afraid of not being able to get by on my own.

  • This feeling that comes to you is not anything wrong;

    it is just a natural indication from your unconscious

    that you have to meditate on death now. The unconscious

    is sending you a message of tremendous importance --

    that if you can learn how to die consciously, you will

    know what life is. And man comes to know life only in

    utter death, never otherwise. The total death is the

    beginning of resurrection.

    In the mind, you are miles away from being. The more you think, the less you are. The less you think, the more you are. And if you don’t think at all, those are the moments when being asserts itself in its totality.

  • Thank you ,I understand now,

  • I have read a beautiful anecdote. Meditate over


    The letter from Sean to his old, old mother was

    heartening. Dear mother,' he wrote,I am sending you

    some pills that a witch doctor gave me and if you take

    one, it will take years of your life.'

    He came home a few weeks later, and there was a

    beautiful young woman outside his house rocking a pram

    in which a baby lay sucking a bottle.

    `Where's my mother?' he asked.

    Arrah, don't be silly,' she said.I'm your mother

    and these pills were marvellous.'

    Imagine!' said Sean.One pill, and you're as

    beautiful as anyone could be -- and what's more, you

    were able to have a baby. Lord, but they were


    You madman!' she cried.That's not a baby, that's

    your father. He took two.'

  • Hello, yes that was refreshing. It put a smile on my face. thank you

  • The whole world is suffering. The day you start

    enjoying your bliss you will start feeling for others

    too. They can also enjoy; they are just standing at the

    door of the shrine and are not entering in, and are

    rushing outwards. They have the treasure, the same

    treasure that you have attained; they are carrying it,

    but they are not using it because they are not aware of


  • Hi didn't realize you had replied again. I let myself feel the world's pain but not for long I couldn't.but it is hard for me to enjoy my bliss, the man I share a home with won't let me. he is in my face daily remending me of my falses and dissapointments I give him. What treasure have I attained?

  • What treasure have I attained? None, but the day you start

    enjoying your bliss, you will have attained the treasure of your open heart. Now it is still closed, and you think that would be a treasure. It is not. It is frustration, utter frustration.

    But there is someone behind watching this; this watching one is without illness, without birth and without death: this is your greatest treasure, and you do not know it.

  • Is it my son?

  • Dear Hans, I want to thank you for what your doing, it is helping me. Thank you so much, mscurious.

  • No, it is not your son, it is your own awareness.

    Right now you need a closed door. Love won´t be of much help. Love will be too cool. It is already there so there is no need to seek it. So about that there is no problem.

  • Thank you Hans.

  • Hans means a gracious

    gift of god. We take our life for granted, that's why

    ;we never become aware of its immense value. We take it

    so much for granted that we never thank existence for

    it, we never feel grateful. On the contrary, we are

    full of complaints.

  • Yes that is so true. Can you tell me if I have lots of time left here on earth?

  • Can you tell me if I have lots of time left here on earth? No.

    Whomsoever you come across, you always come across God. But you have great ideas, and even God could not fulfill those ideas. Thus you remain empty, doubtful, untrusting, and the search continues.

  • No What?You can't tell me or No I don't have lots of time left?

    I'm sorry Hans but you keep telling me indirectly that I am ungrateful for my life and that I am cold and so on, I know that already.I need something that will make me want to live and be happy and be grateful. I don't know how.

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