Past lives/Level at which my soul is? Could anyone give me a heads up, please?

  • Well, I am pretty sure I'm not a very advanced soul, since neither do I have contact with my higher self, nor can I contact with angels, and because I seem to care too much about things a lot of people seem to see as secondary(namely finding someone who loves me...other than my mother and father).

    What I'm looking to find out is how far in the ''path'' am I... perhaps I could draw strenght from things I've done in other lives... well, at least I'd know I'm able to do them.

    And how long do I still need to progress, and is this ascension my time, to move upward, or do I still have to go through another cycle? Or more than one cycle...

    Thanks in advance 😄

  • Oops, forgot to say...

    D.O.B 24/August/1988, Lisbon(Portugal), 12minutes past noon.

    And how can I find out if I'm connected in any way to Atlantis, Lemuria, or Rama Empire? (If any of these, maybe the latter would be most likely since my family comes from Goa, India... even though I'm born in Portugal.

    Thanks, once again... even if you can't answer these questions, I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me how to find out.

    (Since I have just started trying to meditate... and it's having no results so far... I'm not even sure i'm in the right position, and I have to be careful to 1. Not fall asleep 2. Try not to think of anything... and even when I'm not thinking of anything, I find myself focusing my stare on some fluctuations in the illumination or darkness that goes through my eyelids with my eyes closed, undoubtedly a product of my imagination.)

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