Hans could I trouble you for a reading

  • I need a reading on a guy I barely know. I feel a connection to him and don't know why.

    I use to see him often but now every few months. The attraction isn;t physical. But I think about him all the time. Is this karmic energies I;m experiencing.Can you give me a reading please

    me..2-26-53 his...2-10-54

  • Hi Hans, I am new to this forum and I can see how popular your readings are. I am stuck in this "whirlpool" of confusion.Sometimes I feel like Mr. Aquarius (2-10-54) is destined to return and be in life. The confusion comes from the fact that we have never been lovers or even friends for that matter. The best I could call our "relationship" is casual aquaintances. I use to see him once a month. Now maybe once a year. I always sense a energy there that went beyond the "regular". He 's never said anything to make me feel like he was attracted to me,and yet...... .I feel like we've had connection before. Whenever he's around me ,he acts 'skittish' for lack of a better word. nevous like. I live with an another man who is the father of my son. We have been together over 20years. He is Leo(8-6-43). I am content with my life with him and have never been unfaithful. Please if you can shed any clarity on this . This has been going on for over 7 years. I should also tell you that I have able to tap into his life force. I sense or dream about events that are going in his life with an uncanny accuracy. I know this because I know people who know him. Any help would be appreciated. (me.2-26-53) Thanks

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