Bad luck or witch craft

  • I have the worst bad luck in the last month I had 3 rings (one that was very special to me) come up missing and my necklace ripped off of my neck by a thief. I went to a curiendeda in mexico (healer) and she told me that someone was using witchcraft against me. I don't know if it is true or not but I know that I can not explain all of the really nastey rotten things that are happening to me, I found out that my husband has a girlfriend that is 21 and a baby of 3 months. I cannot seem to get him out of my heart or head and do not know what to do. I have tried to keep my self busy and working but even if I try to find a new love in my life, the life I had with him and the feelings I have for him come back strong. I need guidance and maybe some one to tell me if there is someone close that will help me forget him or will we return as a family.

  • borra001,

    I've too had really bad luck this month!

    lost 3 rings, got an ticket, not talking to any friends

    usually im out having fun or something...

    however witchcraft is aligned with your believe

    if you choose to believe you have bad luck or witchcraft has been formed

    against you, bad things will be drawn to you as a result.

    im so sorry to hear about your husband...i dont know what to say about that,

    all this may be a sign, perhaps your not doing something right or something isnt

    right in your life, or someone.

    i recommend you speak to Hanswolfgang, Or Captain.

  • My life haven't been a bed of roses since a few months ago.

    Financial, relationship, death - all happened at once..

    Last month, I went to a fortune teller with my sister.

    The fortune teller shuffled the deck of cards and told cut in two and choose 1 card.

    We tried it 3 times but it seems that the card I picked weren't good.

    Then he told me I need to get some fresh flowers and conduct the flower cleansing ritual.

    I was worried! He told me nothing to worry about, I was surrounded by too much negative energies because of what I have been through the last few months.

    When one is feeling depressed due to all the sad events that is happening in their life, they tend to attract more negative energies towards them.

    I am not a superstitious person but I figure there is no harm buying some flowers and have a bath with it. If that will help me remove all the negative energies from myself, why not? So I did.

    During the bath, I focused on all my problems and told myself that I must be strong and things will change for the better.

    I don't know if the flower cleansing ritual works but I feel a lot better since. I even went back to the fortune teller a few days later, he saw me coming from far and he told me - Come here, let's read some cards! LOL . Indeed, he was able to read the card after the 1st pick 🙂

    I agree with addictedtoriches - try to ask guidance from TheCaptain, Hans, Blmoon etc.

    Start a new topic - type all their names in the header ( exp: Captain, Hans, Blmoon or anyone, I need some guidance please)

    I am sure one (if not all) will respond to you.

    Good luck and stay strong!

  • Thank you both, I was not sure of how to approach the all of the bad luck but the healer in the secion with me also had me buy some flower and did a cleansing with a unbroken egg and alcohol. Afterwards I felt better somewhat but still un easy about what is happening in my life. My husband and I have been off and on again for four years I am trying to stay away and I have met other people but I just cannot seem to let go and I am trying, we were together 12 years before it all fell apart. I really appreciate the advice and I will try to start a new topic.

  • You are welcome, glad to help 🙂

    I am having issues with letting go too so I know it is hard.

    My younger brother who passed away 2 months ago came to my dream, waving and smiling at me, from then on, I found peace. I was ready to let him go. I know he wants me to do that.

    I am still having difficulties with my ex, I can't seems to let go. We are friends now and I know I should cut all ties in order to move on but it is tough. Through all the guidance and advice I received here, I am just following my heart now. But one thing I am sure, I am not sad or desperately hoping a future with him anymore. Instead, I am leaving it to the universe, if it is meant to be, we will be together again. If not, I wish him all the happiness life has to offer and hope he will be with someone that loves him as much as I do.

    I am just trying to be positive 🙂

    Wish you all the best and hope that you will find the peace and the answers you need.

  • Letting go is not easy. Especially if you are still talking with them. My exhusband and I had been together for 13 years when I found out that he was having an affair with another woman when my daughter was 6 months old. Needless to say, we split and it took me a long time to heal. The resentment was so great I cannot even begin to explain it. He ended up marrying her and she became my children's step mom. But...somehow....after being told to pray for him and forgive happened. I had to pray for the willingness to have the willingness to forgive was that bad. 13 years later, we are friends, I am now still friends with the woman that he married who is now his ex wife. She is still in contact with my children and still loves them.

    My newest ex...only serious one since my ex husband...just broke up with me because his high school sweetheart decided she wanted him back. Long story short...we're talking and I didn't wait years to forgive him. I decided that after reading the post about when you put up walls to protect yourself you are blocking love also, I let the walls come down and opened myself up again. He actually came back after I did that. We've been talking for a week now and I too am leaving this to the universe. I know now that I don't hurt anymore. I had to spend time blessing and releasing him too. It worked. I can now carry on a conversation with him and not hurt. He's still seeing if this new situation will work out. No resentment on my part. If he comes back permanently, great...I still love him. If he doesn't, I really hope that he finds what is best for him. As Emergence said, leave it to the universe and now I'm not sad or desperately hoping he'll be back. Either way? I'll be fine....I found this place and this has been the most healing place I could ever find. Stay here, this place works wonders.

  • I am glad to hear that there is light at the end of this dark road, I have been this mans wife for 15 years and one beautiful son. I just guess I thought that he would come to his senses and come back home and I guess I was going to pretend like nothing ever happened and go on in my fairy tale life. I guess as the captian told me I do not value myself enough but I think that the real reality is that I am in my mid 30's and 4 kids and scared to start over. But since I have read all of your alls replies I have new faith that I can find myself again and someone to love me like I should be loved and the rest is just lessons to get my attention. I really do fill better and I absolutely enjoy this sight, I have learned so much from it. Bless you all.

  • Well i will tell you it just does not happen to women it happens to us men to.Iknow its been hard own me but i found a lot of help from the people here .One of the things i found out i had a hard time letting go of is what we had accrued over the years that tied us together we were married for 21 years so just to end it i become willing to give up everything a 3 bedroom brick that i had completely remodeled over 100,000 dollars worth of tools but i did get some of them what bothers me the most is me being in denial all them years she is the one that filed for divorce i had that women up own a pedestal boy was i ever wrong it still blows my mind how any one could be so vindictive and mean don't get me wrong i am no saint right now i can say she done me a favor and the Captain helped me realize i needed to inventory me and see what part i played and work on my short comings and i had to remember i do not have the power to change anyone not even myself except with my powers help and i call him Father i had to hit an emotional bottom but it getting better now i will be sighing papers next couple of days its been over a year and today i had a thought i do not need her she done me a favor in my life today i try to remember John Wayne died a long time a go other words i try to drop the macho bull . Delbertc

  • what strong people we all are to have come through all we have done !!

    all your stories strike a chord in my heart, which is healing at the moment . My love left a year ago, after 8 wonderful years ! no fights, just love and kisses every day! he was always telling me he loved me and we were very close ! then last year he went home to south Africa by himself for a couple of weeks and a month after he got back he told me he wanted to leave ! i could not understand why, every day he said he loved me ! even after he moved out ! he swore there was no one else! and because he has NEVER even looked at another in our 8 years and has very strong morals( because of what his father did to the family when he was young) I believed him --- for a whole year !! after 6 months apart he even said we should try getting back together again he then went on holiday home again and

    boom suddenly there is another woman !! 3 weeks ago thanks to a post an her facebook page i find out they had been together BEFORE he left me !! and therefore all this last year when i have been loving and supporting him he has been lying to me time and time again!! i cannot believe it from someone who once loved me so much !!

    This b++++ moved here last week ! ( know she just wanted a ticket out of SA, his best friends told him this and have both been very angry with him ! ) he has cut himself off from all friends and family and for the last 4 months has only spoken to her now he has paid to have her come here. she has given up her job and s just living her off him !!

    I was so angry when i found out about the cheating and therefore all this last year has been a lie between us . wish he could have been honest so i could have moved on sooner !

    i am afraid i really hope they split up, doing that to start a relationship they do not deserve to be happy ! however after reading the posts on this thread i am going to try and let the universe and karma do its work and try and move away and forgive and let go .I don't know how you guys do that though it makes me angry just thinking of them but i will try and hope it will let me be happier sooner !!

    Thanks for letting me talk ! it feels good to get things of your chest !!

    good luck and happiness to all of you with healing hearts xx

  • spalma,

    It is not going to be easy my husband has been in and out of our lives for the last 5 years and I am just now finding the stregnth to say enough is enough, this topic. You and I have to much value in ourselves to let the people who just want greener pastures or new lives to shove us to one side. My husband now is in Mexico living his other life and this time when he comes back to what once was his home there will be no one to welcome him. Sooner or later the man that left you for the other will see what he has lost but by then your heart will be healing and you will not want the past back but be looking to a brighter future. I hope that you find peace and someone someday will be that special companion for life for you. Do not give in to the hurt only look toward a better tomorrow. Since I posted this I have started talking to someone else and I feel so much better nowing that no matter what there is a good possibility that someone is out there looking for me too. bless you and i wish the best for you.

  • thanks borra001,

    I have had some very strange. almost rude, replies to requests and post on this site and was beginning to get a complex !! to have such a nice caring post renews my faith that there are some lovely people out there ! I like you am trying to talk to new people and move in different circles ! lets hope that someone comes along soon to give a little boost to our self esteem and make us smile again!! xxx

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