TheCaptain, Hans, Blmoon or anyone could you please help

  • I started a topic which was bad luck or witch craft the persons that responded gave me the idea to post this one . It is because for the last couple of months my luck has really been bad, I went to a healer in mexico who said that someone was using witchcraft against me I do not know if I believe her but know that things are really bad. I have lost 3 rings one of which is very important to me these rings were all together and I have searched everywhere. I had my necklace ripped off my neck outside of a church by a thief. My on again off again husband has a girlfriend that is 21 and a baby 3 months old and I am trying to get over the fact that he was with me and her at the same time. I have made my mind up not to go back but my heart is not listening. He left in November of last year and I have had offers to go out with other people and I have tried to get in other relationships but evertime i think I may try he comes back and let him back into our lives.

    I know that I need guidance and prayer, I read in one of the topics that if you imagined a blue light around you that you would give of a positive energy and I have been trying it . I let the healer do a cleansing with flowers,smoke and an egg with alcohol, i felt better but it could have been just because I heard her praying as she did it. I really would like for someone to help me by doing a reading for me or telling me what they see. I know that you all have beuatiful gifts and also that you all are very busy but I would appreciate if even one of you would look at this topic. I could tell you more of the luck i have had but you can see it is bad from what I have already told. I feel alone in my life with out a companion now even more that I know that I may have walked away from other people that may have been right for me only because I had a vision of my family that was only a mirage. my b.o.d is 2/22/73 just in case.

  • You see these things as tragedies - I see them as lessons. The jewellery is surely a lesson not to be too attached to material objects and the lesson of your husband is to learn when 'enough is enough'. Why on earth do you keep taking this cheating scoundrel back? You really should put yourself first and boost your self-esteem which is what this is all about. Stand up against bad treatment and ripoffs from others by saying 'no more'! The universe is trying to send you a clear message about not being a victim.

  • I have loved this man all of my adult life and I just thought we would be together for the rest. I wanted so much to get back what we had. I have one 7year old with him and he really doesnt understand all of this. I hurt for him because his dad left and now is spending all his time with his new one and never bothers to call the old son. the lessons I have learned are painful but one of these rings was my great grandmothers I would really love help finding it I have had it since I was 18 and I am now in my 30's. I am afraid of taking chances because everytime I get to close to someone it seems to fall apart. I keep comparing them. I really want someone in my life and if it is not him then so be it but will there be someone soon. I really miss talking to someone who seems to want to share my day, and heart.

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